Juuva Review

Welcome to my Juuva review!

A friend of yours or a loved one might have introduced Juuva’s products to you.

They tell you how amazing their products are and how it could change lives.

And then, they introduced you to their business opportunity as well.

You might have become slightly interested and became curious whether this company is legit or another pyramid scheme.

If you’re looking for answers, then you’ve come to the right place.

I will help you determine whether this company’s business opportunity is right for you or not.

So without further delays…

Let’s begin…

Juuva Review

  • Name: Juuva
  • Website: juuva.com
  • Founder: Grant Pace and Frankie Kiow
  • Price: Basic membership of $49.
  • Recommended?: Nope.
juuva review

What is Juuva?

Juuva is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that sells health and wellness products.

They also sell ionizing products like Cation Shields and Anion Emitters, to name a few.

juuva review

According to its BBB profile, it was founded on March 20, 2013, by Frankie Kiow and Grant Pace.

I won’t be explaining their product furthermore since our main focus here is whether their compensation plan is a good investment or not.

With that being said—let’s continue with my Juuva review.

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juuva review

The Juuva business opportunity and its income streams

Complex and hard-to-read compensation plans are the characteristics of MLMs.

But Juuva has somehow simplified their compensation plan for better understanding.

In fact, too simplistic that it’s unclear what the mechanics are.

In any case, how you earn income with MLMs is all just the same.

They even called their compensation plan as unmatched and mentioned that it’s unique. Well, not really.

The distributor has to primarily improve their personal volume to advance in rankings, and eventually earn a higher income.

And personal volume is increased through recruitment and retail sales—but mainly recruitment.

In an MLM setting, you basically earn by making retail sales. But if you want to make more money, then you have to recruit new members into your lower network.

And then, make those networks work for you by retail sales and recruiting as well.

When you visit Juuva, there’s no detailed explanation about their compensation plan.

All you get is a summary of their following four income streams—

  • Retail Profits
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Multi-Leg Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus

As mentioned, there’s no detailed explanation of the business opportunity they offer.

But let’s briefly take a look at them anyway.

Retail Profits

Retail profit is the commission you get from retail sales.

Fast Start Bonus

It’s a one-time bonus that rewards a distributor upon persuading someone to join your network.

The income you receive also depends on the membership package purchased by the potential new member.

  • Basic membership package – if the recruit chose this pack, the sponsor shall receive $20.
  • Advance membership package – if the recruit chose this pack, the sponsor shall receive $50.
  • Professional membership package – if the recruit chose this pack, the sponsor shall receive $100.

Multi-Leg Bonus

The basis of this bonus is the point value that’s accumulated by the distributors’ lower network.

Juuva claims that the distributor could earn as much as $15,000 weekly on each of their lower legs.

Leadership Bonus

The bonus is based on the total earnings of the distributors’ team earnings.

There was no detailed explanation about Juuva’s compensation plan.

This may be the case—I don’t recommend them anyway.

Like in any MLMs out there, the success rate is very low, and your likelihood of losing money is much greater than earning. I will explain this in the following sections.

If you’re looking for a better and more reliable source of income, then you have to check out the description below—

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Juuva currently awards nine rankings.

To remain active in the company, a distributor must fulfill the following required monthly MPV (Maintenance Personal Volume)—

  • Silver – the distributor, must maintain at least 70 MPV.
  • Gold - the distributor, must maintain at least 70 MPV.
  • Platinum and Double Platinum – the distributor, must maintain at least 140 MPV.
  • Triple Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond, and Triple Diamond - the distributor must maintain at least 210 MPV.
  • Crown, Double Crown, and Triple Crown - the distributor must maintain at least 280 MPV.

It is unclear, however, how the mechanics of advancements work.

How much will it cost me to join?

To become a distributor for Juuva, you have to pay the basic membership fee of $49.

The distributor also has the option to buy additional products to aid them in their careers as an independent distributor supposedly.

Some of the products are—

  • BioIntense costs $83.
  • Allwater stick costs $50.
  • Energy and Allwater stick combo costs $115.
  • Anion Emitter costs $180.

As a member, they also receive samples that they can use for demonstration or personal use.

Aside from products, they receive, such as succeed packets, expense tracker, and a personalized website.

Distributors also have the privilege of 10% on all products when they sign-up for auto-ships.

Lastly, distributors gain access to business events, web meetings, seminars, and training.

Can you make a reliable income from Juuva?

Succeeding in MLMs is extremely rare.

In a study, it was found that about 98% of people who join MLMs experiences lose than gain any reliable income.

This was elaborately discussed in Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

It was explained that MLMs fail to meet expectation because of two main reasons—


In order for any distributor to earn reliable income from MLMs, they have to maintain and keep on recruiting people into their lower network.

They have to make sure that their lower line is active and meeting their own personal volumes.

Anytime someone becomes inactive or quit altogether, you have to replace them immediately. This is especially necessary if you’re on top ranks or attaining a certain rank.


Have you heard of Garage Qualified?

It is a special term used to describe MLM distributors that tends to purchase company products excessively.

The purpose is for them to improve personal volume.

As a result, they often run out of funds and end up losing money.

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Is Juuva a scam?

No. Juuva is neither a pyramid scheme nor a scam.

Juuva is a legitimate MLM company that offers health and wellness products.

However, some may argue that MLM is essentially a pyramid scheme.

Although I agree to some degree, MLMs and pyramid schemes only differ in terms of legality.

Multi-Level Marketing is technically legal because they exchange value in return for your so-called investment.

Now, this value is in the form of tangible or digital products that the distributor has to resell in order to gain commissions.

In the case of pyramid schemes, you receive nothing in value except for a promise of returns.

It’s high risks, and the potentiality of losing is almost probable, which is why it is banned and illegal in most countries worldwide.

What I Don't Like About Juuva

Success is recruit-based

For you to succeed, you have to create a large lower network.

And not only that, but you have to make sure that the people under your network must be performing well also.

The success rate is low

As repeatedly emphasized earlier, it is hard to make any reliable income with MLMs.

The business model is so flawed that research found that only about 2% makes any significant income.

What I Like About Juuva

Positive BBB rating

The Better Business Bureau or simply BBB is the go-to rating platform most people rely on.

Although this may be the case—we shouldn’t entirely depend on this site.

The reason for such is that there are businesses in the BBB with A+ rating despite having backgrounds of malpractices.

It’s an issue reported by an online article of CNN—“Slammed by the Government, A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.”

I am not saying that the company is fraudulent. What I am implying is that we should not entirely rely on the ratings of BBB alone.

The BBB is one way we check the credibility of a business, but we still have to do our homework and research more about the company.

juuva review

Positive product feedback

The company’s products are receiving a lot of praise—

juuva review

Final thoughts

I hope my Juuva review has provided you sufficient insight into the company and help you in your decision-making whether to invest or not.

Although the company is legitimate and has some great feedback about their products, I still don’t recommend the business opportunity offered by Juuva or any MLMs.

The MLM business model is flawed that you may end up losing money like the rest of the 98% who already did.

Also, although testimonies suggest that the products are what, as advertised, how would they compare to more popular products like Herbalife or Amway?

Juuva is in business since 2013 but seems not still gaining any traction.

If you want a more reliable source of income, then continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom…

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Until then!


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