Is QuiAri a scam? Is it Legit or a Huge MLM SCAM?

Welcome to my QuiAri review!

Is QuiAri a scam? Or is it legit?

These questions might be going in your head as you contemplate whether to invest in this company, or you ought to be looking for other investments?

If you want to know the answers, then you have come to the right place.

I’ll provide a thorough analysis of QuiAri’s compensation plan.

And at the end of the review, it should help you make the right decision.

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QuiAri Review

  • Name: QuiAri
  • Website:
  • Founder: Bob Reina
  • Price: $25 (Annual fee), $125 (Kickstart combo), $250 (Starter Pack), $500 (Lifestyle Pack)
  • Recommended?: Nope.
Is QuiAri a scam

What is QuiAri?

QuiAri is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that specializes in selling health and wellness products and centered around their main product they call Maqui Berry.

According to its BBB profile, QuiAri was incepted on September 12, 2016. They are currently headquartered in Kingsway Road, Brandon, Florida.

Is QuiAri a scam

It was founded by Bob Reina, who was also formerly involved in another MLM company called Talk Fusion. It’s a totally unrelated business which focuses on communication packages.

Is QuiAri a scam

Reina’s Talk Fusion is thought to be a pay to play pyramid scheme, but still in business as of today.

We won’t be talking about their retail products since our focus here is their compensation.

Is QuiAri a scam? Or are they a legitimate source of income?

Let’s continue…

The QuiAri business opportunity

Complex and sometimes incomprehensible compensation plans are the hallmarks of Multi-Level Marketing businesses.

It seems like they intentionally do so to evade potential members from asking many questions. And to completely save them from such questions, they’d just show you the money.

The compensation plan for QuiAri is no different. It’s complicated and hard to understand that you might even need an expert to somehow get the gist of what their compensation plan is saying.

Also, their compensation plan is not user-friendly and not organized well.

Like any typical MLM, QuiAri adopts residual binary commissions as its main income stream to their members.

Of course, you also earn privilege special bonuses and commissions as you rank higher in the organization. Still, research shows that only about 1% of people reach the top ranks and become a success.

Also, every member has to reach and maintain a minimum of 50 personal volumes to qualify for commissions and bonuses.

To save you time, I summarized the compensation plan so you’ll get a better understanding of its features.

When registering, the potential new member has two options—whether to be a customer or promoter. A customer is one who only wants to benefit from the product with no intention of reselling.

A promoter isn’t only buying the products, but also promotes it to acquire customers or new promoters.

The income streams are as follows—

  • Refer two, and it’s free
  • Customer Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Matching Bonus
  • Speed Bonus
  • Lifestyle Bonus

Now, let take a look at each of the commissions and bonuses.

The income streams of QuiAri

Refer two, and it’s free

You don’t actually get cash in here. What you get instead are free products upon signing two customers.

However, you also have to make them use your personalized website to sign up.

Not only that, but you and your customers must generate an auto-delivery of at least fifty sales volumes.

After you accomplish these requirements, you get your free QuiAri products.

Customer Bonus

A promoter shall have a gain of 10% on every purchase the customer made. It includes new orders and auto-deliveries.

Fast Start Bonus

The promoter shall earn a one-time bonus of 20% when they are able to acquire new Promoters or Customers.

The bonuses are based on initial orders.

Team Commissions

As mentioned earlier, the business adopts a binary compensation model.

It means that your commission for this feature is based on Group Sales Volume (GSV) or the total sales you and your lower network make.

If you’re able to accumulate a total of 75 Group Sales Volume generated from Kickstart combo on your left and right legs, they state that the member could earn a team commission cycle of $10.

If the promoter is able to accumulate 150 Group Sales Volume generated from Starter Pack they sold, they will earn $20.

Lastly, if they make 300 Group Sales Volume derived from Lifestyle Pack, then the promoter gets a $40 commissions.

They also mentioned a ceiling, which would be the maximum earnings of a promoter could avail. They limit the earnings and would not exceed $50,000 per week.

Matching Bonus

The promoter shall earn the following bonus percentage upon reaching a certain rank—

  • Ranks 5k to 10k would earn 10% based on the team commissions generated by their personally recruited promoters.
  • Ranks 25k, 50k, to 100k would earn 20% based on the team commissions generated by their personally recruited promoters.
  • Ranks 150k, 250k, to 500k would earn 25% based on the team commissions generated by their personally recruited promoters.

To become qualified, however, the promoter has to active and qualified.

As mentioned earlier, they have to maintain at least 50 personal volumes to qualify for bonuses and commissions.

Speed Bonus

This is a common scheme in MLMs, wherein they would promise bonuses to a new member for a specific volume.

It is their way of encouraging them and building the momentum if you will.

For the first 30 days, they promise a bonus of $500 if the promoter is able to generate 1,000 Sales Volume from personally sponsored Promoters and Customers.

Does the potentiality of earning $500 excite you?

Well, hold your horses!

Remember that 1,000 Sales Volume is a lot. And they only give you a limited time to accomplish it.

I’m not saying that it’s not possible, but that’s just of sales you have to make.

If you’re looking for a better to earn income, then you have to check out my best-work-at-home recommendation.

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Lifestyle Bonus

It’s a cash bonus give to specific ranks such as the following—

  • 50k would earn $500.
  • 100k would earn $1,000.
  • 150k would earn $1,500.
  • 250k would earn $2,500.
  • 500k would earn $5,000.

If you want to see their actual compensation plan, click here.

Ranks and Advancements

Each promoter, regardless of ranks, must maintain at least a personal volume of 50 to remain active in the business.

To advance you have to do the achieve certain milestones, such as the following—

  • Promoter – you immediately reach this rank upon registration.
  • VIP 500 - the promoter has to recruit and maintain two promoters on each leg. And they must accumulate 500 total group volumes.
  • 1k- the promoter has to recruit and maintain two promoters on each leg. And they must accumulate 1,000 total group volumes.
  • 2k – the promoter has to recruit and maintain two promoters on each leg. And they must accumulate 2,000 total group volumes.
  • 5k - the promoter has to recruit and maintain two promoters on each leg. And they must accumulate 5,000 total group volumes.
  • 10K - the promoter has to recruit and maintain two promoters on each leg. And they must accumulate 10,000 total group volumes.
  • 25K - the promoter has to recruit and maintain one promoter in the ranks of 10k or higher ranks. And they must accumulate 25,000 total group volumes.
  • 50K - the promoter has to recruit and maintain one promoter in the ranks of 25k or higher ranks. And they must accumulate 50,000 total group volumes.
  • 100K - the promoter has to recruit and maintain one promoter in the ranks of 50k or higher ranks. And they must accumulate 100,000 total group volumes.
  • 150K - the promoter has to recruit and maintain one promoter in the ranks of 100k or higher ranks. And they must accumulate 150,000 total group volumes.
  • 250K - the promoter has to recruit and maintain one promoter in the ranks of 150k or higher ranks. And they must accumulate 250,000 total group volumes.
  • 500K - the promoter has to recruit and maintain one promoter in the ranks of 250k or higher ranks. And they must accumulate 500,000 total group volumes.

You have to take note that starting from the 150k. The promoter has to maintain for two consecutive months to qualify for bonuses and commissions.

How to register to QuiAri?

You have two options for joining the company. You either be a Customer or Promoter.

Is QuiAri a scam

As a promoter or customer, you will need first to put in the details of your sponsor.

Is QuiAri a scam

Click here to redirect to their signup page.

Registration is free, but basic membership has an annual fee of $25.

The promoter has the option to choose from the following packages—

  • Kickstart Combo Pack - $125
  • Starter Pack - $250
  • Lifestyle Pack - $500

Can you make a reliable income with QuiAri?

Earning any reliable income from Multi-Level Marketing, in general, is extremely rare.

According to research, about 98% of people who join MLMs lose money than earn a reliable income. This was elaborately discussed in Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

It was further added that there are two explanations for this, and it is as follows—

  • Recruitment – you have to recruit people to maintain their status continually. If some of your lower networks become inactive or quit altogether, you have to replace them immediately, especially if you’re trying to reach or maintain a rank.
  • Capitalization – have you heard of Qualified Garage? It’s a special term used to describe MLM agents who purchase company products excessively. This is just to improve or maintain their personal volume. As a result, they lose money that may lead them to quit altogether.

Apparently, if you want to earn significant income, then doing MLMs isn’t the best of ideas.

If you want to earn a more reliable income, then you have to check the description below and learn how you can become closer to financial freedom—

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Is QuiAri a scam?

No. QuiAri is neither a pyramid scheme nor scheme.

They are legitimate Multi-Level Marketing that primarily sells nutritional supplements.

However, some of you might argue that MLM and pyramid schemes are just the same.

Although I agreed to some extent, they are only different as to its legality. MLMs are technically legal because you receive value in return for your so-called investment.

These values are in the form of retail merchandises, which you can resell for profits and improving your personal volumes and sales volumes.

Pyramid schemes are illegal, but you don’t receive anything return. You only get a promise of returns in exchange for your investment.

Thus, it is extremely high-risk, and the likelihood of losing is more probable.

What I Don't Like About QuiAri

Success is recruitment-based

Rankings and commissions are based on personal and group volumes.

With this being said—you have to recruit a lot of people under your line to advance in rankings and potentially earn a higher income.

Cheap annual fees, but…

Yes, the annual membership fee is only $25, but you have to purchase their more expensive packages for you to gain higher income.

What I Like About QuiAri

Appealing website

They have a user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate.

Positive BBB rating

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB is one way people check the credibility of a company.

However, having a positive overall doesn’t conclusively indicate that the company is entirely a good investment.

There are companies in the BBB with A ratings despite having a background of malpractices.

This was explained in an article published online by CNN—“Slammed by the Government, A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.”

Final Thoughts

I hope my review has helped you in your decisions and provided an answer to the important questions—is QuiAri a scam? Or are they a good source of income?

Although they’re technically legitimate, I do not recommend QuiAri or any MLMs for that matter.

Such a business model is so flawed where the probability of losing money is more likely than earning any cash.

Go to the next section and discover a much better way of earning income…

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That is it!

Thank you for taking the time off and reading my QuiAri review.

Until then!

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