Is HB Naturals a scam? Another MLM Scam?

Welcome to my HB Naturals review!

Is HB Naturals a scam? Or is it a legitimate way to earn income?

This may be going through your head as you contemplate whether to invest in this new company or not.

In fact, when you search the web about this company, you wouldn’t find many reviews.

If you’re searching for answers regarding the company’s legitimacy, then you have come to the right place.

In this review, I will give you a thorough analysis of the company and help you decide whether they’re worth your time and money.

So once again, is HB Naturals a scam? Are they another pyramiding scheme you should avoid?

Or Are they a legitimate MLM company that provides a reliable source of income?

Without further delays, let’s find out…


  • Product name: HB Naturals
  • Founder: Paula Scarcella
  • Price: Free membership, but you have to make monthly purchases to remain active and improve Personal Volume.
  • Product type: Health and Wellness
  • Recommended?: NO.


What is HB Naturals?

HB (Heart and Body) Naturals is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that offers health and wellness products. Their primary product, however, is hemp or CBD oils.

Other product lines include hemp herbals, hemp coffee, weight loss supplements, dietary supplements, essential oils, biomineral supplements, and personal care products.

The company was only recently founded in 2018, by Paula Scarcella.

I have reviewed other MLMs if you’re interested. It includes businesses such as ACN, Stella and Dots, Usana, Univia, VeloVita, Longrich, and Farmasi US, to name a few.

Is HB Naturals a scam
Source: HB Naturals website

The HB Naturals Incentive Plan and its income streams

HB Naturals adopts a pyramiding network model of providing compensation to its consultants. It means that a significant portion of a consultants’ income will be coming from recruitments.

But take note the difference between a pyramid scheme and MLM—pyramiding is illegal in most countries, while MLM is sort of the same but with the exception of legality.

MLM is technically legal because you receive items for resell in exchange for your money.

HB Naturals is currently offering seven income streams to its consultants—it is as follows:

  • Retail Commissions
  • Fast Start
  • STAR
  • Matrix Commissions
  • Binary Commissions
  • Binary Match Commissions
  • Rank Advancements

Now, let’s explore them one-by-one.

Retail Commissions

A consultant is entitled to a 50% commission based on your commission value.

Commission value is directly affected by the products you sold.

For example, a 1,000 mg CBD oil product is $129.95 per piece and 100 worth of CV. The commission is computed by multiplying 100 CVs with a 50% rate.

Fast Start

It’s a 20% bonus on every purchase your personal referral makes within the consultants’ first 90 days.

It’ll go up to 30% if you avail of the value packages from $245 to $429.95. In addition, you also need to maintain an auto-ship of 100 CV per month.


When a consultant avail 100 worth of personal volume and your two referrals also do the same, you’ll get a $50 bonus from your 1st level network.

When your referrals’ lower network also purchases 100 worth of PV, then you’ll earn a $75 bonus from your 2nd level network.

And when these referrals avail 100 PV, the consultant shall earn a $300 bonus from the 3rd generation.

Matrix Commissions

HB Naturals employs a 2×17 matrix—it’s a scheme that provides payout from $0.25 to $1 on order from 50 CVs and above.

This commission depends on your level and goes 17 levels deep.

Binary Bonus

Every time your left and right network gathers 200 CV, you gain 4% to 12% commissions depending on your current PSV.

Binary Match Commissions

Bronze consultants or higher rankings are the only ones eligible for this commission.

The consultant shall earn 5% to 50% commissions any time their lower network earns Binary Bonus.

Also, the percentage bonus depends on how much commission the network is earning through Binary Bonus.

Rank Advancement Bonus

As the term suggests, it is a bonus any time you are promoted or advanced in rankings.

However, only Pearl consultants and higher ranking are eligible for this commission.

The consultant shall gain a one-time bonus of $5,000 to $100,000 each time they advance in rankings.

Here’s a summary of what the consultant may earn when they do advance:

  • Pearl – $5,000
  • Sapphire – $10,000
  • Ruby – $25,000
  • Emerald – $50,000
  • Diamond – $100,000

Does it sound enticing?

Well, don’t be…

According to Dr. Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked,” almost 98% of people who join MLMs lose money than earn anything.

And the reason is that MLMs are more focused on recruitment than anything else.

The problem with recruitment or building a lower network is that your success will depend on how well you recruit, which will become progressively challenging as time goes by.

If you want a more reliable and higher source of income, then you have to check out the description below to know more.

How to sign up for HB Naturals?

If you’re locked on joining HB Naturals, then signing up is typical, as shown below.

Is HB Naturals a scam
Source: HB Naturals website

Just fill out the necessary information and choose the package you desire.

You have to settle the amount immediately, though, because the application process won’t move forward if unpaid.

However, before you can start the application process, you need a consultant first.

The MLM is said to be free to join—it is implied that there are no annual or monthly fees.

However, if you want to access their bonuses and commissions, you have to buy their products.

And you improve your rankings by buying products regularly.

So, it’s not free after all if you think about it.

Can you make a reliable income from HB Naturals?

Complicated compensation plans are the hallmark of MLMs. It seems to me that they’re intentionally doing so to confuse or mislead.

When investing, it is important to have a concise understanding of what you’ll be earning.

You will find an Income Disclosure statement on the first page of their Incentive Plan. But let me remind you that those are only projections and does not mean that it guarantees anybody to earn as such.

In the Income Disclosure, it was mentioned that the yearly income of consultants is within $500 to $2,000. But this doesn’t include the expenses or purchases the consultant has to make to improve their personal volume.

If you want a less risky investment, then you may just have to turn to Affiliate Marketing.

It’s free to start with and possesses no risk.

Is HB Naturals a scam?

HB Naturals is a legitimate MLM company that specializes in the niche of health and wellness products, particularly CBD oils.

Although HB Naturals is relatively new, I don’t see any indication that they are a scam.

However, I do not recommend HB Natural or any MLMs for that matter.

There are better opportunities out there that yield more profits than MLMs. If you’re interested, then you have to check out my best work-at-home recommendation.

Negative Notes

Success is recruitment-based

Although the membership is free, and they advertise that you shouldn’t purchase products, in reality, the consultant has to improve personal volume to earn a significant income.

Improving your personal volume includes retail sales and recruitment.

Not suitable for beginners

Unless you’re an excellent salesman, then it’s going to be really difficult for anybody to make a sale.

For newbies, they may try to make their first sales on their friends and family members.

It’s awkward, to say the least, and may become a source of resentment in some instances.

If you’re not comfortable experiencing these instances, then I suggest you look for other opportunities.

Besides, there are far better options out there. One popular example is Affiliate Marketing. It’s a platform that allows you to earn income through affiliate links.

“F” rating in the BBB

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB is one way most people checked the credibility of a business.

Although HB Naturals gained 5-star ratings from retail customers, it still has an overall negative rating, and it is not accredited by the rating agency.

Is HB Naturals a scam
Source: HB Naturals website

Expensive products

Yes, they do not have membership fees or recurring charges. But you have to avail of their expensive products to remain active and become eligible for bonuses and commissions.

Negative customer experiences

HB Naturals also received complaints like shipment issues or spams. Some examples are as follows:

Is HB Naturals a scam
Source: HB Naturals website
Is HB Naturals a scam
Source: HB Naturals

Positive Notes

A wide array of items

They have a lot of products to offer besides CBD oils.

Membership is free

Unlike other MLMs, you can become a member for free. However, to remain active in the business, you have to make retail sales and recruit new members actively.

Final thoughts

I hope my HB Natural review has provided you sufficient information and helped to answer important questions like “is HB naturals a Scam” or “is a legitimate way to earn income?”

But personally, I do not recommend HB Naturals or any MLMs for the matter.

The risk is high, and you have to actively recruit to earn your way to financial freedom.

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