Is Heal Worldwide (Discover Heal) a scam? Ugly Truth Exposed!

Welcome to my Heal Worldwide Review!

The health and wellness industry is so saturated that you may still hear new ones sprouting from time to time.

One such example is Heal Worldwide or Discover Heal.

You might have heard of this company as you’re searching for a place to invest and earn some income.

If you’re searching for answers such as “is Heal Worldwide (Discover Heal) a scam?” or “are they a legitimate business?”  Then, you’ll have your answers here.

I will give you a detailed analysis of the company, and help you answer whether you should even consider them or is it best just to leave them alone.

So without further ado, let us begin…


  • Product name: Heal Worldwide (Discover Heal)
  • Founder: Stephen Munson
  • Price: $9.97 to $49.97 per month
  • Product type: Health and Wellness
  • Recommended?: No.


What is Heal Worldwide?

Heal Worldwide is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that specializes in selling nutritional supplements and digital products that are supposed to help anybody to gain profits.

It was founded by Stephen Munson, Eric Sharpp, and Vincent Webb. But Stephen is mostly handling the company’s marketing and promotions.

Is heal worldwide (discover heal) a scam
Source: Heal Worldwide website

Stephen, in particular, has an interesting story. It is mentioned that he reached rock bottom in 2014—he’s homeless, and his health is declining.

He claims that he also worked for another MLM company, and claimed his way up to regain himself and become successful.

But we are not here to explain his story or their products. This review aims to help you determine whether their business is feasible or not.

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So, is Heal Worldwide (Discover Heal) a scam?

Let’s further investigate…

Is heal worldwide (discover heal) a scam
Source: Heal Worldwide

What is the Heal Worldwide Business Opportunity? And what are its income streams?

The hallmark of MLMs is its convoluted compensation plan, which is often very confusing and misleading.

Compensation plans are relatively easy if you think about it. MLM income streams primarily depend on personal volume.

Personal volume is improved via recruitment and retail sales. But you have to remember that you access a higher source of income when you have an extended lower network.

Having an ample lower network should mean more retail sales. But this is not always the case, because the member would be focusing on recruitment.

I doubt that the company would be selling as much if they depend on their products alone. If their products are indeed profitable, then why concentrate on recruitment?

But unlike other MLMs, Heal Worldwide somehow made an effort to simplify its compensation plan.

The following is the compensation plan of the Heal Worldwide:

Retail Commissions

Heal Worldwide have two different types of products—physical and digital products. Thus, commission rates for the two also vary in some way.

Physical Product Commission Rates—

It is a two unilevel compensation plan. The summary is as follows:

  • The member would earn 20% on their 1st level generation if they managed to make retail sales from $1 to $1,000. However, it is only applicable to sponsored recruits and retail customers.
  • If the member is able to produce $1,001 to $3,000, they should gain 25% on level one and 5% on level 2.
  • A member earns 30% on their 1st level and 10% on their 2nd level if they managed to make retail sales of $3,001 or more.

In the compensation plan, it’s stated that members’ income increases as soon as they reach a specific sales volume. But it is was not explained further on how this mechanic works.

Digital Product Commission Rates—

The compensation plan for digital products is also two unilevel deep.

The commission rates per level are as follows:

  • 1st level commission is 50%.
  • 2nd level commission is 10%.

There’s a mention of a fast start bonus of $100 when you referred to five Gold members, and $1,000 if you ten Gold members. However, it was unclear as to the mechanics of the feature.

Residual Commissions

A representative of Heal Worldwide earns income from their lower network—ten levels deep.

The commission percentage is 1%.

Heal Apparel

It’s a supposed 20% commission that a member shall earn on every product they sell.

Global Events

There’s not much information about this feature, but it’s stated that the member shall earn between 15% to 50% commissions on live Heal Events.

How can I sign up with Heal Worldwide?

The membership fee for Heal Worldwide will cost you $9.97, which you also have to pay monthly.

You may also opt for Premium membership and apply for the $49.97 per month.

Premium packs have its advantage. They mentioned that members who avail of this package gain VIP access to additional marketing tools, which should help them boost their business.

Although basic membership is only $9.97, it’s clear that the business is advertising their premium packages.

Is heal worldwide (discover heal) a scam
Source: Heal Worldwide website

If you want a better source of income, then you have to check Affiliate Marketing.

I recommend Affiliate Marketing over Multi-Level Marketing because of its low-risk and income is more reliable. You don’t lose anything because there are no initial investments.

Can you make a reliable income with Heal Worldwide?

Like any other MLMs, I think Heal Worldwide is not a good source of income.

The reason why MLMs fail to meet expectations is that the success of its members is based on the recruitment.

Sure, they make retail sales, but I find it hard that anybody earning significant income just by selling the products of the business.

Therefore, your chances of succeeding, heavily rely on your network and how they recruit and make sales.

If their products are profitable, then they should focus more on product sales than recruiting members.

Doing MLM is sort of their way to cope with competition and improve visibility while saving costs. By doing so, it enables them to save expenses from additional workforce and advertising.

You may also notice the high price tag in their products. One reason for such is that it is where commissions for the upper network are coming from.

Yup, it’s also why you may find it hard to sell such products. There are other products that are cheaper and as or more effective than theirs.

According to Dr. Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked,” he revealed that those who join MLMs don’t earn anything or worst, they lose money.

Is Heal Worldwide (Discover Heal) a scam?

No. Heal Worldwide is neither a Pyramid Scheme or a scam.

Heal Worldwide is a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing business that offers Health and Wellness products.

Although some may argue that MLMs are scams or some form of Pyramid Scheme, they are somewhat different from each other.

Multi-Level Marketing is technically legal because the member receives something of value in return for his so-called investment.

On the other hand, the Pyramid Scheme is illegal in most countries because it is purely money. The only thing you receive in return is a promise that you’ll be gaining profits as a result.

Either case, I wouldn’t recommend them altogether. If you want a more reliable source of income, then you have to try my best work-at-home recommendations.

Negative Notes

Members’ success relies on recruitment

For a member to access higher income, they have to recruit continuously. Also, their lower network has to do the same.

They do not have a BBB profile

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB is one of the first things potential investors do before they make any transactions.

Heal Worldwide didn’t provide any information for us to review. So, does this indicate that the company is fraudulent? Is Heal Worldwide a scam?

Well, not necessarily, because there are legitimate companies that opt not to provide such information.

Not advisable for beginners

Unless the newly recruit member is good at selling, then they’re likely to fail.

For newbies, they may probably turn to their family and friends to do upsells—which is very uncomfortable, to say the least.

It could cause awkwardness and even resentment in the future.

If you’re willing to take that risks and the desire to earn cash is your priority, then by all means.

Expensive products

The cheapest package they have cost around $69. This is also the monthly purchase a member has to make for retail selling.

You also have to bear in mind that it doesn’t include marketing and business courses that cost thousands of dollars.

Positive Notes

It’s fairly cheap to join, but…

Membership is only $9.97, but you have to avail of the $49.97 package to have a higher chance of succeeding.

User-friendly compensation plans

Their compensation plan is not as complex as other MLMs.

Final Thoughts

I hope my review has helped you in answering important questions like, “Is Heal Worldwide (Discover Heal) a scam?” that you should stay away from. Or is it a legitimate business opportunity?

Either case, I do not suggest investing in Heal Worldwide or any MLMs for that matter.

There are better opportunities out there that are less risky and provide higher income.

If you want to know more, then continue to the following section…

Why Affiliate Marketing is a better alternative than Multi-Level Marketing?

There are several reasons why I recommend Affiliate Marketing over Multi-Level Marketing.

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • NO RISK!
  • UNLIMITED EARNINGS because you can market as many brands as you like.

In Affiliate Marketing, what you’ll basically be doing is to promote a business by employing affiliate links via your website.

You will earn profits as soon as someone uses the affiliate links you’ve provided.

The best part is that you’re earning an income while doing what you love.

If you don’t have a website and don’t know how to begin or have one but struggling with how to make it a money-making site…

I got you covered…

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Until then…


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