Is Idle-Empire Legit or Another Massive Scam?

Welcome to my Idle-Empire review!

GPT sites are one of the hottest things online.

They provide members easy money by doing simple tasks such as watching video clips or answering surveys.

As you’re searching for legit GPT sites, you may have encountered the platform Idle-Empire.

Because of this instance, you may be wondering—is Idle-Empire legit or another massive scam?

Before I start, I’d like to congratulate you first by taking the initiative to background check this site.

Doing so allows you to save time and effort, and continue searching for more legitimate sites.

In this review, I’ll make my best effort to provide you answer on whether you should even consider this platform.

So once again, is Idle-Empire legit or another massive scam?

 Let’s begins…

Idle-Empire Review

  • Name: Idle-Empire
  • Website:
  • Founder: Undisclosed
  • Price: Free-to-join
  • Recommended?: Maybe, as a source of extra-income only.
Is Idle-Empire Legit or Another Massive Scam

What is Idle-Empire?

Idle-Empire is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) platform. Like any site with the same theme, it pays you for completing a given task and many more.

Some of the paid tasks include—paid surveys, curated offers, video watching, mining, offerwalls, and referrals.

In exchange for finishing certain tasks, you are paid small amounts of cash. Or you may earn free skins, cryptocurrencies, or gift cards.

These free skins are applicable in some steam games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Idle-Empire was founded in 2016, or four years and eight months ago, to be exact.

Unfortunately, like any GPT platform, founders or co-founders or current owners were not specifically stated.

Knowing such basic information is important to some because it is one way they check the credibility of its owners.

With this being said, you might question—is Idle-Empire legit or another massive scam?

Well, you don’t have to necessarily worry.

It’s a common practice among GPT sites, but it doesn’t imply any fraudulent activities.

But in any case, I would not recommend any GPT or PTC sites. This is because I don’t think they’re worth your time, plus they yield low-income.

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How does Idle-Empire work?

As mentioned, you earn a small amount of income when you complete a given task.

Like any GPT and PTC platforms, earnings are initially in the form of points. And then, you can convert them into cash, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies.

These tasks include:

  • Paid surveys
  • Offerwalls
  • Watching promotional video
  • Idle on Servers
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Promotions
  • Referrals

Now, let’s take a look at how each of them can help you earn some cash or digital currencies.

Paid surveys

Before you can do paid surveys, you need to fill out personal information first.

This process may take a while to determine whether you are the right fit for the survey.

As soon as you’re done, you can select from various surveys to work on.

But take note that the surveys are from third-parties. Idle-Empire is only the middleman between you and the primary company.

 What this means is that they will take a cut from your commissions.
Is Idle-Empire Legit or Another Massive Scam


For this feature, the member will choose from any tasks enlisted in their offerwalls

The tasks you have to complete may vary depending on your profile.

For example, some of the paid tasks offered to me are as follows—

Is Idle-Empire Legit or Another Massive Scam
Is Idle-Empire Legit or Another Massive Scam

The task normally lasts for minutes.

Watching promotional videos

Yes, watching videos to earn is a thing!

I know everybody has annoying experiences with video pop-ups—they’re everywhere!

They’re short-promotional clips that interrupt your video watching experience that tries to sell you products or services you don’t even want.

But do you that you can actually earn from these annoying pop-ups?

Yes, they do.

Visit and remain idle on a server

It’s an extremely easy task.

All you have to do is to remain idle in a certain server.

That’s it!

But as easy as it may sound, the pay is not the great either. So you have to manage your expectations.

Mining for cryptocurrency

This feature allows you to make some cash by mining for cryptocurrencies.

For this to work, you also have to download an application that specially designed for mining cryptocurrencies. And after installing the application, you need to configure it.

In some instances, you may need to have a powerful system to operate in cryptomining.


They also offer tasks where you simply do daily promotions.

It works by doing the following activities:

  • It includes the use of “Idle-Empire” at the end of your steam username.
  • You are to change your profile picture to an Idle-Empire image.
  • And many more…

You can also promote them through your blogs or vlogs.


Recruiting new members is a common feature in any GPT site.

You can also use a special link when inviting people to join. In this way, you earn 500 points.

In addition, you also earn 20% commissions every time your personally referred member completes a survey.

How to join Idle-Empire and how much it’ll cost me?

Registration for Idle-Empire is free, and signing up is pretty basic.

 I have done it myself, and it only took me less than 5 minutes.
Is Idle-Empire Legit or Another Massive Scam

Just provide your name, email address, create a password, and then confirm your password.

And then, put a tick mark on the “I’m not a robot,” to prove that you’re not a bot.

Lastly, click the Create Account button.

You will also be asked to confirm your email address. If you didn’t receive any, then you may have to check our spam folder.

Afterward, you will be notified that you have created an account successfully.

That’s it!

You may also use your social media account to sign in, like Facebook or Twitter.

But I don’t really trust random sites. I am more comfortable just creating an account.

But that’s just me. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t trust them as well.

Is it a reliable source of income?

You have to take note that although the tasks for doing GPTs aren’t difficult, the pay isn’t great as well.

You’re making a mistake if you’re thinking of quitting your day job and doing GPTs instead.

Even if a member does a lot of tasks in a day, and your recruits do the same way, I doubt that you can even break into the hundreds.

Income from such platforms won’t be enough to support your monthly expenses.

I think Idle-Empire is only advisable if you intend to use it as a source of extra income. 

You may also find other GPT reviews I’ve written—Azobux, JustAnswer,, Gain.GG, Lazybucks, Rebatesme, Rebatest, Gamermine, LuxSurveys,, and GG2U.

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What I Don't Like About Idle-Empire

Low earnings

It’s a common issue among GPT and PCT sites.

You really can’t make any significant income even if you finished a lot of tasks in a day.

Growth is referral-based

The potentiality of earning a little higher income may depend on growing your referral list.

As mentioned, one way you’ll earn is through finished survey tasks from your referrals.

You may annoy a lot of people by asking them to use your referral links.

Also, you have to be sure that your referrals are also making money for you to earn income.

No BBB credentials

Despite being in the business for more than four years, they don’t have a BBB profile.

It’s a common observation among GPT or PTC sites, but that doesn’t mean fraudulent business.

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB is one way people check the credibility of a company.

 And not having any profile with them may affect the decision making of any potential member.

What I Like About Idle-Empire


The user interface is very easy to use.

The websites’ loading time doesn’t take that long.

They don’t have a mobile application yet, but you can use your phones’ browsers without experiencing any problems.

Various payout options

You can choose payout transactions that include PayPal, bitcoins, gift cards, or any forms of cryptocurrencies.

Is Idle-Empire legit or another massive scam?

No. Idle-Empire is not a scam.

They are a legitimate GPT site that allows you to earn some extra cash.

Final thoughts

I hope my review has provided you enough information to determine whether you should even consider Idle-Empire.

Although they are a legitimate way to earn income, the reality of low-income potential is still there. And I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

If you’re searching for a better way to earn income, then continue to the next section of the review…

A better alternative in earning income online

Idle-Empire isn’t really a terrible way to earn income online, but it may not as reliable as what I am about to offer.

GPT sites, in general, are a good source of extra cash, but that’s just about it.

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