GG2U review: Legit Or Dangerous Scam? (Updated For 2021)

Welcome to my GG2U review! (Updated For 2021)

If you’re a gamer looking to convert your hobbies into cash, then you may have come across GG2U.

If you’re contemplating whether you should invest time and effort into them or whether the website is legitimate or a scam, then you have come to the right place.

I have prepared a thorough review to provide you the information you’ll need to save time and earn more income through other means, which I’ll be explaining later in the article.

So, let’s begin my GG2U review…

GG2U Review

  • Name: GG2U
  • Website:
  • Founder:  Undisclosed
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended?: only as a source of extra income
GG2U review

What is GG2U?

GG2U is a GPT site that allows you to earn income through paid surveys, offer walls, and gaming tasks.

Although the game seems to draw gamers alike, it is not entirely so because their interface is like any traditional GPT and PTC sites. Thus, anybody who wants to earn some extra cash can join their platform.

The terms and agreement of the online platform were recently modified, and there is limited information about the basic information of the company.

For this reason— we could probably assume that the company is relatively new.

Basic information like founders, CEOs, and date of inception was not indicted on their website or anywhere online.

But the only conclusive information I could only get is that their base of operation is in 20 Sterling Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States.

Although this may be the case, it seems that they’ve earned a fairly positive overall rating in sites like Foxy Ratings, Trust Pilot, and Site Jabbar.

Garnering positive ratings on various credible sites is a good sign of legitimacy.

However, we shouldn’t entirely rely on them, and we still have to do our homework in background checking the sites we want to invest our time and effort.

Therefore, let’s dig deeper into my GG2U review.

How do GG2U works?

It is to be noted that GG2U is only the third party between the member and another company. This also implies that you won’t be getting your full pay since it has to go through the platform first.

GG2U works like any typical GPT/PTC site around, they give you tasks or surveys and you earn income as soon as you’re finished.

I’ve also reviewed other GPT/PTC sites that you might find interesting. It includes platforms like Azobux, Gamermine, LuxSurveys, Test IO, and, to name a few.

Yes, doing GPTs and PTCs is that easy, but don’t expect that the pay is high either.

In general, such platforms are low paying that won’t really amount to anything that would help you settle your monthly bills.

If you’re contemplating leaving your regular job for GPT works, then you’ll be making a huge mistake.

What are the income streams of GG2U?

How much you’ll earn depends on who is conducting the research and how quickly you’ve answered the questionnaires.

Initial earnings are in the form of coins, and every 100 coins are equivalent to $1.

You can request either cash transfer to PayPal or cryptocurrency conversion once your earnings reached $7.

But remember that PayPal, in particular, has service fees so you won’t be getting your exact earnings.

Other methods include Gift cards from Steam, Amazon, Amazon, Target, iTunes, and Google Play.

When you have a total of five cashouts, you’ll get a golden ticket and have a chance to win another $7 via spin-a-wheel.

The following are some of the income streams of GG2U.

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Paid Surveys

GG2U is in partnership with various marketing research firms like AdGem, YourSurveys,, and Jungle Surveys.

Online surveys are self-explanatory, really. You get paid by answering a few questionnaires.

But the letdown for these types of platforms is that you have to pass the screening test first before you can actually answer.

Although finding the perfect fit is completely understandable, it can be such a waste of time when you’ve undergone this tedious screening process and find out in the end that you’re not qualified.

Another thing I find annoying is they send you emails telling you to grab the opportunity. With this in mind, you’re expecting good things to happen, right?

But in the end, you find out that your profile does not meet minimum requirements.

It is a hassle, really. They already have your basic information and have asked questionnaires on various topics, so they should know if a person is qualified, right.

Offer walls

It’s also a straightforward feature—they give you tasks, and you earn after you’ve completed them.

Some of the offers in this feature include trying out applications, playing games, answering quizzes, signing up to websites, watching promotional videos, and so many more.

Click ads usually run for at least 10 seconds, and then a captcha appears for you to address to prove that you’re not a bot.

Referral programs

If you have experience with other GPT/PTC sites, then you may have encountered referral income.

It is a feature that allows users to earn through referrals. It works when you are able to persuade someone to use your referral links, and they become a member of GG2U as a result.

You gain a 5% commission every time your recruits make earnings.

5% is pretty low if you ask me. There are many options out there if you’re diligent enough to look around the web.

To broaden your choices of GPTs or PTCs, then I recommend that you check out my other reviews. It includes Azobux,, Gamermine, and many more.

You can visit our site for more reviews.

But if you want a way-way better alternative than GPTs and PTCs, then tickle the description below.

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How to become a member of GG2U, and how much will it cost me?

GG2U offers free membership, and anyone over the age of 13 years can join the platform.

However, you have to be at least 18 years old to use PayPal. This is because PayPal has an age limit for you to use their application.

Registration is pretty basic and very typical for an online site.

You just have to provide your full name, email address, and create a password.

GG2U review


And then, you’ll be brought to another page and asked to complete the process.

You’ll gain a $1 bonus upon completion of your registration. Sweet!

Is GG2U a reliable source of income?

Like any other GPTs and PTCs out there, GG2U is not a good source of income.

The amount of money you earn depends on how much time you’ve spent with the platform and how well your recruits are performing.

If you’re thinking of quitting your day job for these types of platforms, then you’re positively making a huge mistake.

Even though they have referral programs, I doubt that it will be sufficient to cover your monthly expenses. It is that low.

What I Don't Like About GG2U

Low payment and low referral commissions

Low income is common in any GPTs and PTCs. These platforms are only as good as a source of extra income only.

Not only, but commissions on referrals are also extremely low.

Not all features are available

There are specific perks that are only available to specific regions like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

No BBB Profile

Although they gained a positive overall rating in some rating sites, the Better Business Bureau is still the go-to rating agency for most people.

Not having a BBB profile does not immediately indicate that it’s a scam or fraudulent, because there are companies who chose not to disclose such information.

However, not having a credential in BBB is a bit turn-off, considering that most people refer to this agency for legitimacy.

What I Like About GG2U

Free membership

You can join their platform for free.

Low cash out minimum

To transfer cash to your PayPal or convert to cryptocurrency, all you need is 700 points or $7.

Is GG2U a scam?

No. GG2U is not a scam. They are a legitimate business that indeed pays you for specific tasks.

Although the business is legitimate, it doesn’t mean they are a reliable source of income.

Doing GPTs or PTCs, in general, is only a good source of extra income only.

Final thoughts

I hope my GG2U review has provided you valuable information and helped you in your decision-making whether to consider this platform.

Although you may hear somebody that they are earning significantly, I believe that such an instance is rare. And any potential for higher or sustainable income is very low.

If you want a better way to earn income online, then you have to check out my #1 recommendation to learn how I went from a broke college student to someone who actually makes a living online!

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