Gamermine Review: Legit or Another Ugly scam?

Welcome to my Gamermine Review!

Nowadays, you hear a lot of easy money-making schemes online.

But there are online platforms that are not truthful, and some are even just trying to scam you.

You might have ended here as a result of background checking Gamermine—whether they’re a legitimate business and your identity is safe in case you actually joined them.

In this review, I will help you determine these factors and whether Gamermine is even worth your time.

So without further ado, let’s start my Gamermine review…



What is Gamermine?

Gamermine is a GPT platform that was incepted in 2017.

Unfortunately, this is the only information the company is willing to disclose.

There were no names of CEOs, founders, or anything related to their company background that is available on their official website or in any online sites for that matter.

Well, it’s a common issue we find in newly constructed online website

They recently launched a new called Gamermine V2—which probably to attract more people to sign up to their platform.

But overall, their website seems unfinished. Aside from the undisclosed company information, if you visit their website, its feature isn’t clearly defined.

But GPT and PTC site are pretty much self-explanatory and straightforward—they’ll provide you tasks and then pay you after the work is completed.

Joining the platform is free and promises certain perks such as follows:

  • Free 5% to 20% boost upon registration.
  • Unique daily bonuses.
  • Real-time minigames.
  • Competitive payouts.
  • Active community.

You earn gold points as a result of accomplishing certain tasks. And then, you can convert those points into cash and transfer them to your PayPal account or convert them to Bitcoins, Steam Gift Cards, OPSkins, or Ethereum.

I’ve also reviewed other similar sites if you like to broaden your perspective on these platforms. Some of my reviews that you may find helpful are as follows,,, Rebatesme, Azobux, and Rebatest. review

How does Gamermine work?

There are various ways how you can earn money with Gamermine, and I’ll explain some of them in this section of the review.

Of course, their main income stream is through paid tasks like watching online videos or doing surveys.

Or if you want a less boring task, you can try minigames. You can earn specific bonuses as you reach the top of the leaderboard.

These in-game competitions are supposed to entice signups and current users to stay within their platform. review

Another way is through a referral program by which others use your referral link to sign up with Gamermine.

It’s a common practice in most GPT/PTC sites like SwagBucks, by which your recruit earns a signup bonus. And you get commissions also anytime your recruits make earnings. review

Now, let’s take a look at their main income streams:

Paid Surveys

It’s pretty much self-explanatory—you get surveys to answer, and you get paid afterward.

It is as easy as it sounds, but don’t expect to get high payouts as well. Paid surveys, in general, are relatively low paying that can only provide you a few dollars.

However, before you can unlock this feature, you have to reach an earning milestone of 5,000 gold points first.

Offer Walls

It’s a feature where various companies post specific tasks for members to tackle.

How much gold points you earn depends on the company and tasks accomplished.

Video Watching

It’s another simple task common to GPT and PTC sites, wherein you get paid by watching promotional videos.

It’s a practice employed by businesses to improved publicity.

You get five coins per three advertisements in

But you’ll gain ten coins per 20 minutes of promotional clip in VideoFox. This platform, however, is only available to those residing in the United States.


As mentioned, Gamermine also promotes online competition by which you earn bonuses when you become among the top of the leaderboard.

For the daily bonuses, you’ll earn 2,000 coins for finishing first, 1,000 coins for the second, and 500 for third place.

For the monthly reward, it includes 10,000 coins for first place, 5,000 for the second, and 2,000 for third.


You earn a commission when you get someone to use your referral links. Also, you earn a 10% commission anytime your recruit earns.


You can earn bonuses by doing simple, specific tasks.

However, for you to qualify for this bonus, you need to have a Steam account.

It’s a feature that rewards you by doing specific tasks on the following online games:

  • Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2
  • Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Rainbow Six Siege

These are only some of the many examples of online games, and you can find more when you join them.

For you to obtain the bonus, you need to login to your Steam account and edit your profile that should include the tag By doing so, you’ll earn 50 gold points per day.

If you want to gain more bonus—replace your profile picture with an avatar from Gamermine. And then, you get 25 gold points as a result.

Gamer Wall

It’s a gaming-related GPT, I believe. But as of the time of this writing, this feature isn’t available.


This feature is also not available as of yet. But it supposed to reward you by being an active user of Gamermine.

How to join and how much it’s cost me?

Registration is quick and easy.

As you can see, you just have to provide your Gmail account, Steam, or any personal Emails.

like most GPT/PTC sites, joining Gamermine is completely free.


They primarily provide incentives through gold coins, and you can convert them into cash and transfer them to your PayPal account. Or you can opt to convert them into BitCoins, Amazon Gift Cards, Lootbear, OPSkins, or Ethereum.

This is also somewhat similar to other GPT/PTC platforms like,,, Rebatesme, Azobux, or Rebatest.

A positive side of this platform is that they offer a minimum payout threshold of $0.25.

Is it a reliable source of income?

The short answer is no. As you see, the earning potential isn’t that great.

This is not unique with either GPTs or PTCs—they are essentially low paying in general, and the opportunity for gaining financial freedom is extremely rare.

If you want a higher and more reliable income, then Affiliate Marketing is what might you’re looking for.

I say this with confidence for three main reasons:

  • It is FREE, to begin with.
  • Higher-income.
  • Unlimited income because you can promote as many businesses as you want.

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Negative Notes

Locked features

As you see, some feature requires you to reach a certain point before you can use them.

It could be very inconvenient, especially when you’re expecting to earn some cash, and not having to work first before you can use the feature.

If I were you, I’d use other platforms like SwagBucks, which doesn’t necessarily require you to be in a certain position to access its high paying features.

Lack of gaming options

When I first heard of them, I thought they were a GPT site specially dedicated to gaming, but it turns out to be somewhat misleading.

Most of their games are related to gambling, like dice and flip coin.

Low payments

It is not uncommon for GPT and PTC sites to have low paying incomes.

These types of gigs are only suitable as a side hustle.

No BBB Profile

The Better Business Bureau or simply BBB is one way we check the credibility of a company.

Gamermine doesn’t have any profile. But it doesn’t mean that they are automatically a fraudulent business. There are many legitimate companies around that don’t have a BBB profile.

However, it does raise a few concerns like why are they not willing to disclose even the simplest information.

The BBB is one of the most reputable rating agencies out there, and I believe that this agency won’t do anything to compromise the interest of the business.

Positive Notes

User friendly

The user interface is really simple and straightforward.

Low withdrawal threshold

You can withdraw as low as $0.25 and transfer them in your PayPal account or convert them to bitcoins or gift cards.

Spend only a few minutes, and you could earn income

For 30 minutes only daily, you can now earn some extra cash. But you have to remember that spending these few minutes won’t give you a substantial income.

Even spending 8 to 12 hours won’t give you that much.

Is Gamermine a Scam?

So far, I find no signs that Gamermine is a scam, but since they’re relatively new, only time will tell whether they are an honest business.

My verdict, for now, is that Gamermine is a legitimate business that allows you to earn extra income by doing GPT and PTC tasks.

Although they are legitimate, it doesn’t mean that they are a good source of income.

If you want to know where to earn a higher and sustainable income, then you have to check out my best work-at-home recommendation.

Final Thoughts

I hope my Gamermine review has enlightened you with some of the issues surrounding this platform.

But if you ask me whether I would invest my time and effort with Gamermine, I’d say NO.

Although they are a legitimate business and tasks are relatively easy, if you value your time, I think you may find this platform a waste of your time.

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