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  • Product name:
  • Founder: A&K International, Inc.
  • Price: Membership is Free
  • Product/Service Type: PTC (paid-to-click)
  • Recommended?: Maybe, as a source of side income only.


What is LuxSurveys?

LuxSurveys is an online business that focuses on marketing research. They provide paid surveys as their main income stream to its members.

The company is generally classified as GPT (get-paid-to) platform because they mainly provide compensation through the completion of a given task.

In addition to this, they have other features such as the poll of the day and so many more.

LuxSurveys is owned by A&K International, Inc. They are headquartered in 157 Barlow Drive South, Brooklyn, New York.

We can safely assume that the website is relatively new because we can’t conclusively identify basic company information like founders, CEOs, or the date of inception.

But insufficient information as such doesn’t immediately rule LuxSurveys as fraudulent, because there are legit companies that chose not to disclose such information.

But it does raise concern on questions like why they aren’t willing to disclose even the most basic of information.

Other than my review, I also have reviewed other similar sites that you may also find interesting. Some examples are JustAnswer,,,, Rebatesme, Azobux, Rebatest, and Gamermine. review

How do LuxSurveys work?

Although the business is American owned, for some reason, the British pound is consistently used on their website. Thus, it is the currency that will be used for the duration of the review.

The platform is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory—you take surveys, and you get paid.

However, it is to be noted that LuxSurveys is only a third party agency that caters to the needs of marketing research firms like Peanut Labs, Samplicio, Yuno, Opinion Surveys, and YourSurveys.

What this means is that you only get part of the payment because it is processed through LuxSurveys.

You’ll initially earn points, which you can subsequently convert into cash and transfer into your PayPal account.

But their withdrawal threshold of £25 is rather high and may take time before you can withdraw your hard-earned income.

Also, processing may take four to five days to complete.

The platform is available worldwide, but some perks are only available to people residing in the United States and the United Kingdom.

What are income streams of LuxSurveys?

There are five ways how you can earn with LuxSurveys. It is as follows:

Sign up bonus

Upon signing up with LuxSurveys, you immediately receive a £3 bonus. So in US dollars, it would be around $4—not much really of a difference.

Paid Surveys

Surveys are the main income stream of LuxSurveys.

You get paid by answering questionnaires that could be particularly essential to a business. Your answers to these questionnaires may significantly affect the company’s profitability.

However, some members reported that it is hard to qualify for some surveys. And you may have to wait for the right survey that fits your profile.

You’ll receive regular emails on surveys that suit, but make sure to act fast if you receive an invite to increase your chances of landing the survey.

How much you’ll earn isn’t clearly specified—but I’m sure that it depends on the marketing research firm.

Offer Wall

Another way for you to earn is to complete a specific task posted on your offer wall.

There are much better GPT sites out there that somehow pay more decent payouts than LuxSurveys like Swagbucks

Or, if you want a reliable source of income, then you have to check out my number one recommendation on earning income online.

The poll of the day

It’s somewhat similar to surveys, but the only difference is that you participate in a daily poll.


This feature is also common in GPT/PTC sites, wherein you earn income by persuading others to use your referral link.

Also, you receive a 10% commission anytime your recruits earn.

How to join them and how much it’ll cost me?

Membership for LuxSurveys is free, but you have to be at least 16 years old to join them.

Registration is very typical and easy-to-follow, which would only last for a few minutes. review

After providing the above information, you’ll be taken to another page to complete your registration. review

After completing the registration, you’ll be asked to confirm your email.

After verifying your email, they’ll provide you your £3 sign up bonus.

Is it a reliable source of income?

As easy as it may sound, the compensation you’ll be receiving isn’t going to be sufficient to meet your monthly expenses.

As a side hustle, yes, but it is not ideal as a full-time work.

Also, how much you earn from taking surveys vary depending on the topic and how quickly you tackle the questionnaires.

The potential earnings in paid surveys typically range from less than a dollar to $20. But the average is only $1 to $5.

If you could find high paying clients consistently, then maybe (just maybe), it’d help you with your monthly needs.

Let’s say that although there may be people who are earning sufficiently with paid surveys, I believe that it is only a rare few. And most people taking online surveys don’t actually earn that much.

  • First of all, it’s low paying.
  • You have to compete with other members.
  • And you also have to pass the screening test first before you can even begin.

LuxSurveys is legit, but it is not a reliable source of income.

Negative notes

The screening test may be inconvenient at times

Surveys can be tedious and time-consuming at times because you have to take the screening test first to determine whether you qualify for the survey.

You have to pass the screening test before you can proceed. This procedure can be a waste of time, especially when you didn’t pass the test.

They won’t tell you how much the potential earnings until you pass the screening test

As mentioned earlier, your earnings per survey will depend on the business conducting the research. And LuxSurveys won’t mention it until you pass the test.

High withdrawal threshold

Unlike SwagBucks you have to reach the threshold of £25 before you can cash out.

Withdrawal takes four to five days to complete

Yes, taking that long for a few bucks is really inconvenient.

You can also check out my reviews on other GPT/PTC sites to broaden your choices. Platforms like, Azobux, Gamermine, Rebatesme, and Rebatest.

But if you want to earn a higher and sustainable income, then tickle the description below.

Some features are locked

Some of the features in LuxSurveys are only available to people residing in the United States and the United Kingdom.

No BBB Profile

LuxSurveys doesn’t have a profile on the BBB website.

The Better Business Bureau or simply BBB is one way we check the credibility of a company.

Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that the business is fraudulent in any way, it does raise some concerns if the business is unwilling even to provide basic company information like founders, date of inceptions, and CEOs.

Positive notes

Free membership

You can join LuxSurveys for free and with no recurring charges.

Sends an email when a new survey is available

LuxSurveys alert you whenever new opportunities pop up. It can be especially convenient when you don’t have time to look into your account often.

Pays cash directly

Unlike most GPT/PTC sites, they give you cash directly instead of points.

Cashout via PayPal

You can transfer them into your PayPal account.

Sign up bonus

They provide a £3 bonus upon registration. It’s not that much, but still.

Is LuxSurveys a scam?

No. LuxSurveys is not a scam. They are a legitimate business that operates a GPT site.

This may be the case—they are only suitable as a side hustle only. The pay is not great, and it may potentially waste your time.

Final thoughts plus a better alternative way to earn income

I hope my review has enlightened you on some specific issues, but more importantly, help you decide whether to invest time in them.

Although they do indeed provide income, I look into other opportunities if I were you.

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