Is JustAnswer a Scam? Get Paid To Answer or Pure Scam? (2020)

Welcome to my JustAnswer review!

You might have probably heard of the question-and-answer platform called Quora.

It’s a fun application to use because you can ask anything and someone will provide you answers.

JustAnswer has the same idea, but you have to pay them a certain amount because you’re getting professional advice.

It sounds fair, right?

If you’re a professional and wanted to contribute to this platform, you might be wondering if they’re a legitimate way to earn income or is JustAnswer a scam.

If you’re looking for answers to these important questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this review, I’ll provide unbiased opinions on whether this platform is worth your while or should you avoid them altogether.

Before we begin, I’d like to disclose that I am not in any way affiliated with JustAnswer. This is an independent review regarding the services offered by JustAnswer.

So once again, is JustAnswer a scam?

Let’s find out…

JustAnswer Review

  • Product:
  • Founder: Andy Kurtzig
  • Price: Free-to-join for contributing experts
  • Services: Question-and-answer platform
  • Recommended?: If you're looking for a side income, then JustAnswer might be okay.

is justanswer a scam?

What is JustAnswer?

If you’ve used Quora, then JustAnswer resembles the popular question-and-answer website.

The only difference is that Quora is free, and you don’t have to be an expert to join the platform.

JustAnswer has the same concept, only that an expert gets to answer your questions. It includes fields in medical, veterinary, automotive, legal, and technical support.

JustAnswer was founded in 2003 by its CEO, Andy Kurtzig. It was then known as ExpertAsk.

The name changed to but rebranded again to JustAnswer later on.

The story was that it came to him during his wife’s pregnancy. He has a lot of questions during this period but finds it difficult to get a doctors’ opinion.

He then decided to create a website that caters to the important questions that we have and let a certified expert provide you the answers you need.

They're also offering a 24-hour accommodation and served in several languages.

In 2012, the business made headlines when they were funded by Glynn Capital and Charles Schwab, who also became their board of directors.

How does JustAnswer work?

JustAnswer is not a free-to-use platform.

Because you’re getting an experts’ opinion, you also have to pay a certain amount for any questions that you have.

These fees are how expert members earn income, which is through commissions.

JustAnswer works like a sort of bridge that easily connects people with an expert.

But before you can ask any questions, you have to settle a security deposit of $5 first. This is to ensure that you are serious about getting an answer from experts.

As a professional or expert, you have to look out for questions you are knowledgeable about and provide your opinion to gain income.

The transaction doesn’t end when the questions are addressed. The client has to review the answer provided first.

Once it’s approved, it is only then that the expert is paid. If the client is unsatisfied, they can communicate back and forth until the needed answer is provided.

But they get no payment if the answer is rejected altogether. And the client has the option to search for another expert.

How much will it cost you to use JustAnswer?

As a client, the pricing per question is about $12 to $90, depending on the level of expertise of the professional who provided the answer.

As mentioned, you have to place in $5 first as a security deposit before you can search for an expert to address your queries.

However, the client can also choose the paid membership fee, which would cost them around $18 to $46 per month. This feature enables them to ask unlimited questions.

If you opt for the above feature, you can have a seven-day free trial first before moving on to the paid membership.

But be sure to cancel the free subscription before it expires.

Now, this is where some of the complaints are coming.

JustAnswer will automatically credit charges from your account if you don’t cancel the subscription right away.

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The earning potential of JustPaid

As an expert, you will earn a 20% commission from the total payment charged to the client.

However, you can earn up to 50% commissions if you regularly answer questions. Also, you must consistently obtain high ratings to qualify for the increased commissions.

A professional can earn an average of $2 to $5 per approved answer they provide.

For you to withdraw your earnings, you need to have $20 in your account, at least.

Again, the commissions you earn will depend on the number of questions answered and clients’ ratings.

This type of business setting has some major flaws. For example, the volume of questions coming in is not that high.

Thus, promotion to the next level can be very challenging.

Not to mention the number of competitors you have in just a few questions available for answering.

Reaching the $20 threshold before you can withdraw your earnings can be extra-challenging as well.

With the small income and all, it can take a lot of time and perseverance from your part to get the $20.

How to become a contributor to JustAnswer?

For you to become a JustAnswer expert, you have to be a certified professional in the field of medicine, health, law, engineering, tech support, etc.

For a complete list, check here.

However, you need to prove that you’re indeed an expert or professional.

For this process, they will ask documents that’ll validate your qualifications and experiences.

is JustAnswer a

The first step in becoming a JustAnswer contributor is to fill out an online application. Once you’re done, you’ll be asked to provide the following documents:

  • A Curriculum Vitae or Resume in PDF or Word format.
  • Your most recent photo
  • Passport or Driver’s License
  • Professional License
  • Certificate of Employment

The business uses specialized software, so the processing should take only 10 minutes.

Once approved, then you can now start browsing for questions.

Providing your confidential information online, such as your credentials, can be uncomfortable at times.

If you feel doubtful, then you don’t have to join the site.

There are other sites you can check out these Get Paid To sites that don't ask for such information.

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What I Like About JustAnswer

1-Payment through PayPal

PayPal is the most convenient way to transfer money worldwide and by far the most secure.

2-You’re earning money by sharing your knowledge

I think there’s no better feeling than sharing to others your expertise and skills.

You get to help people while earning some extra cash.

3-Positive BBB rating

JustAnswer garnered an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.

A positive rating in the BBB means that the business is doing something right.

So does this mean that they are a credible business overall?

Well, not necessarily.

There are businesses accredited by the BBB and have an A+ rating despite a history of malpractices. This was detailed in an online article published in the CNN portal—“Slammed by the Government, A-rated by the Better Business Bureau.”

So yes, you mustn’t entirely rely on the BBB. You still have to research before investing in any business.

What I Don't Like About  JustAnswer

1-Getting verified can be tough at times

Although the verification process only takes minutes, getting verified is another story.

There are complaints that even though the documents presented by the professional are legit, for some reason, the system would invalidate them.

2-You don’t get paid if the client rejects your answer

There are options when your client can ask follow up questions. But if they reject it altogether, you don’t get any payment.

It can be a waste of time when you provided them with a thorough answer but reject it like that.

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JustAnswer is suitable as a part-time gig only. Do not expect to earn any significant income when you join this platform.

Although they’d pay you a 20% commission, there aren’t a lot of questions to answer.

Also, you have competitors, which means that the volume of questions you’ll be answering isn’t that high.

There are also complaints that experts have to wait for about two weeks before they receive their payout.

If you’re looking for a better option, then you have you try Affiliate Marketing.

Is JustAnswer a scam?

No. JustAnswer is not a scam. They are around for several years, which means that they are relevant.

JustAnswer is good as a part-time gig only because you won’t really make any significant income by just answering questions.

Final Verdict plus a better way to earn income online

If you want to earn extra income, then JustAnswer is an excellent platform to use

Also, it’s a platform only designed for experts with degrees or certificates. And you have to prove your identity by providing the necessary credentials.

However, providing your personal information online can be risky because such information can be used against you.

If your information gets into the wrong hands, they can use it to steal your identity or use it for other illegal activities.

With this being said—is JustAnswer a scam? Can we trust them?

Well, as of now, no comments are stating them as so.

But what I’m telling here is be careful on where you provide your personal information.

If you are not comfortable giving them your information, then you don’t have to.

There are other opportunities out there to earn side income. like answering surveys.

But if you want to earn significant income without giving any confidential information, then you have to Try affiliate marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing? You might ask.

Here are a few reasons why I highly recommend this business model:

  • It completely free to start
  • Newbie-friendly
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5 thoughts on “Is JustAnswer a Scam? Get Paid To Answer or Pure Scam? (2020)”

  1. IT IS a SCAM!! The initial response from their site made a lot of sense, until the last portion of their text was blocked by their ads. I responded to their request for me to rate them and everything went haywire after that. So I did not complete my response then and today I got charged $50, along with $1.00 initial payment.When I called them to complain they said that my response to not completely reading their text might have resulted in the $50 charge. THIS IS A SCAM AND THESE PEOPLE ARE DISHONEST SHYSTERS. DO NOT FALL FOR ANY OF THIS.

    • Justanwer is all dressed up to look official. My experience was the most horrendous I could have experienced. The initial 69 dollar charge was fine if they helped resolve the problem. On the phone for over 3 hours with bizarre solutions that didn’t fit the problem presented. At first, the text time was around 5 minutes. Then 10. Then 15. There was a transfer to other experts (as they were called). Then a virtual connection didn’t work. Then no response forever. After many more texts from me. Someone else took over and said I would get a new technician for no charge. So there he was on the fancy screen. If I accepted, another charge for 69 dollars. I told them I was reporting them to authorities. I will be at my bank tomorrow. Don’t do it.

  2. i contacted one of their attorneys, he immediatly transferred me to just answer after i paid the $1.00 the said i had to pay they immediatly billed my credit card for three chargs One for $1.00 and also two for $55.00 each for a total of $100.00

    don ruffing

  3. they wouldn’t even answer my question after they got my credit card info and now I can’t cancel When I asked how to cancel they tried to get me to sign with a lawyer and would not give me any information All I wanted was a IRS question and now I’m scared they’ll rip me off I’m elderly and they’re trying to send me to my grave


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