Opinionspay.cash review: A Scam Survey Site?

Welcome to my Opinionspay.cash review!

Are you searching for answers if Opinionspay.cash is a good source of income and worth your time and effort?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Opinionspay.cash is a relatively new business. This means that their reputation and overall credibility aren’t that established yet.

Thus, I think it would be better to stick with time-test GPT sites like Swagbucks or Fusion Cash.

But don’t judge the book by its cover, right? And maybe they are a good source of income if you just give them a chance.

In this review, we’ll tackle these issues and help you determine whether Opinionspay.cash is a legitimate business or just another scam to avoid.

So without ado, let’s start my Opinionspay.cash review…


  • Product name: Opinionspay.cash
  • Founder: Undisclosed
  • Price: Free membership
  • Product/Service Type: Get-paid-to (GPT) site
  • Recommended?: As a source of extra income only.


What is Opinionspay.cash?

Opinionspay.cash is a GPT (get-paid-to) site that pays you in exchange for answering a survey or specific tasks completed.

The idea of this platform is pretty much self-explanatory and, in some way,

You may also find that there not many Opinionspay.cash reviews online, and there’s a good reason why this is so.

The company was founded just this year (2020).

They are relatively new, as you may have surmised, which may also explain why there’s no sufficient information regarding company history, founders, date of inception, or CEOs.

Not disclosing such information is a fairly common practice in newly established businesses. However, these are basics, which should be the first thing that a company discloses.

Thus, not providing such information may become a source of suspicion to some and end up turning the other way.

So does this indicate that the company is practicing fraudulence?

Well, not necessarily. There are legitimate companies that run their business without ever disclosing such information.

However, it is somewhat suspicious because if they are a legitimate business, then why don’t they disclose even the most basic of information, right?

What are they hiding? Or whose identity they are protecting?

If you’re looking for other legitimate GPT/PTC sites, then you may find other reviews I’ve made interesting. It includes LazyBucks.co, Azobux.com, Gamermine, LuxSurveys, and Test.io.

Source: Opinionspay.cash

How Opinionspay.cash work?

Like in any GPT or PTC platforms, Opinionspay.cash employs the same idea—they give you specific tasks, and you earn as soon as you’re done.

It is as simple as that.

But if you’re thinking of quitting your day job and do GPT tasks instead, then you’re making a huge mistake.

Although it is that easy, the payout from these platforms won’t amount that much as well.

Also, it is to be noted that Opinionspay.cash is a third-party member. They act as the middleman between you and another company.

What this means is that you don’t get the payment in full, and some portion goes to the middle party.

As you earn, you are initially given points that you can, later on, convert to cash and transfer to your PayPal account or through TransferWire.

But note that if you use PayPal or TransferWire, there are service fees you have to shoulder.

A cryptocurrency is also an option if you want to redeem them via bitcoins. Or Amazon gift cards if you want to use them as a store credit.

The withdrawal threshold is as low as $1, which you can cash out at any time and get it in a few hours or days.

What are the income streams of Opinionspay.cash?

Your earnings mainly depend on the company giving the surveys or tasks and the time you’ve spent answering the questionnaires.

Currently, Opinionspay.cash has three income streams. It is as follows:

Paid Surveys

Yes, it is Opionionspay.com’s main income stream. This feature is pretty much self-explanatory—they give you surveys to tackle, and you earn when completed. Easy peasy!

Cash offers

There are various tasks that you can try with this feature. It includes:

  • Trial run of mobile applications
  • Trial offers
  • Watching advertisement videos
  • Online games


A referral program is common to GPT and PTC sites. It is where you get a person to use your referral links to sign up.

The commission is about 20% on referral earnings.

Membership bonuses

Also, you gain specific bonuses as you advance in level. Your chances of reaching a certain level depending on factors like how active you are and how many tasks you regularly tackle.

Source: Opinionspay.cash


Here is a summary of what you can earn:

  • First level – 100 EXP for every survey accomplished. 1 EXP for every task completed on cash offers on your wall.
  • Second level – 1,000 EXP for every survey accomplished. 1 EXP and 2% bonus per task completed. However, this excludes paid click videos.
  • Third level – 10,000 EXP for every survey accomplished. 1 EXP and 5% bonus per task completed.

How to join Opinionspay.cash and how much it’ll cost me?

Opinionspay.cash is Free to join and available worldwide, but you have to be at least 18 years of age to join.

Becoming a member is pretty basic and very similar to any typical GPT/PTC platform.

You create an account by providing your email address and creating a password on the signup page.

And then, you’ll be asked to complete your profile afterward.

Is Opinionspay.cash a reliable source of income?

Like any GPT/PTC sites, Opinionspay.cash is not a good source of income.

GPT sites, in general, are low-paying and not sustainable.

Although there may be people claiming that they made a fortune, it is only a rare few, and most are actually receiving low payments or aren’t earning at all.

I doubt that income from these types of platforms is sufficient to meet your monthly needs.

The average compensation for paid surveys is less than a dollar to $20. But the average is within the ranges of $1 to $5.

If you can find high-paying clients consistently, then maybe it could help you with your monthly expenses.

Also, they are relatively new, and with only limited information about them, only time can tell if they are truly an honest business.

As of now, I can say that they are legitimate. But if you’re aiming for a much profitable online platform, then Opinionspay.cash or any GPT sites isn’t the way to go.

There are a lot of options out there if you know where to look.

Negative notes

Low paying

It is an issue not unique to Opinionspay.cash. PTC and GPT sites, in general, are low-paying. If you want a better alternative, then you have to try my best work-at-home recommendation.

The screening test is inconvenient at times

Before you take the survey, you have to undergo screening first to determine if you’re the right fit.

This could become a waste of time, especially when you go through this test but ends up not qualifying.

No BBB Profile

Although understandably, the business is relatively new, it’s quite off for me if the business doesn’t have a BBB profile.

The Better Business Bureau, or simply BBB, is one method most of us do to check the credibility of a business.

However, a business not having a BBB profile doesn’t immediately indicate that they are fraudulent in any way.

But it does raise questions of why they are unwilling even to provide even the simplest of information.

Positive notes

Membership is free

You can join them for free and with no recurring charges.

Signup bonus

There’s a bonus of $0.10 upon signup. Although it’s not that much, a bonus is still a bonus.

Available around the globe

You can join the platform no matter where you’re from.

Low withdrawal threshold

You can transfer your cash through PayPal or convert them to cryptocurrency once you’ve reached $1.

20% referral bonus

Another upside is you can earn a 20% referral bonus anytime your recruits earns.

Is Opinionspay.cash a scam?

No. Opinionspay.cash is not a scam—they are a legitimate GPT site.

However, doing GPT or PTC tasks is only as good as a source of extra income.

Final thoughts

I hope my Opinionspay.cash review has provided you valuable insights on whether you should even give time and effort to this platform.

The potential of earning higher and reliable with GPT sites is extremely rare, and you may have to think twice when considering leaving your day job for them.

Earning a higher income and attaining financial freedom through these sites are unlikely.

If you want a greener pasture, if you will, then read through the last pages of my review to discover a much better option than Opinionspay.cash.

Do you want to learn how to make a reliable income online?

Instead of GPTs or PTCs, I recommend Affiliate Marketing. I highly regard this platform over other money-making schemes online for a few obvious reasons.

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