VeloVita Honest Review – I’m Not Promoting It! (2022 Updated)

Welcome to my VeloVita 2022 review!

So is VeloVita just another pyramid scheme? Or is it a legitimate way to earn income?

This may be going through your mind as you encounter this relatively new MLM business.

If you want to know answers on whether they’re a scam or legitimate? Or should you invest in them or stay away? Then, you have come to the right place.

In this 2022 updated VeloVita review, I’ll provide you with all the answers you need to make the right decisions and save time and money.

So, without further ado, let's begin!

Velovita Review

  • Product name: VeloVita
  • Founder: Kosta Gara (CEO) and Jeff Mack (President)
  • Price: $49.95 (Basic), $64.95 (Advocate), $324.74 (Promoter), $649.50 (Influencer), and $1,299 (Ambassador)
  • Product Type: Health and Wellness
  • Recommended?: No.

velovita review

What is VeloVita?

VeloVita is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that specializes in health and wellness products that include dietary supplements.

They are founded by Kosta Gara and Jeff Mack—CEO and President, respectively. Their base of operation is in Miami, Florida.

It was indicated on some sites that the company has just recently launched in April of 2020—just a month old, if ever.

velovita honest reviewSource:

Gara was involved in another MLM company that collapsed and ended up being sued.

velovita honest review

On the other hand, Jeff Mack was also involved in another MLM company that shut down.

With these backgrounds in mind, can we trust them? Or maybe they’ve turned things around and may indeed be truthful and honest.

To answer…

Let’s take a deeper look at my VeloVita honest review…

velovita honest review

The VeloVita Business Opportunity & Its Income Streams

The landscape or the companies promoting it may differ, but the structures of MLMs are all the same.

Of course, you can gain profits when you sell products, but ultimately you earn significant income if you are able to recruit and build a huge lower network.

The following are ways how you can earn with VeloVita:

Retail Commissions

Typically, a new recruit is required to maintain at least three retail customers to become eligible for a commission.

Usually, the retail commission is the difference between the retail price of the products and wholesale prices.

However, VeloVita isn’t clear as to the other specifics of the feature.

Referral programs

You earn income anytime your lower lines generate sales volumes.

The summary is as follows:

  • Advocate and promoter – earn a 10% commission.
  • Influencer – earns a 15% commission.
  • Ambassador – earns a 20% commission.

Residual Commissions

Now, this is where its likeness to pyramid schemes comes into full view.

It’s supposed to provide earnings based on your initial effort and those efforts exerted by your lower lines.

For example, you get commissions from repeat (cycles) orders either from your personal customers or your lower lines’ customers.

Each cycle is based on 200 volumes from you and your weaker network. And it is matched against your stronger legs with 400 volumes.

Each cycle provides $30.

The commission is based on rankings and sales volume. The rate that a member can earn is as follows:

  • Stars – 200 cycles provide $6,000 per week.
  • All-Stars – 400 cycles should yield  $12,000 weekly.
  • Rock Stars -900 cycles are equal to $27,000 a week.
  • Super Stars – 1,800 cycles provide $54,000 per week.
  • V-stars – 4,000 cycles should yield  $120,000 a week.

Sounds exciting?

Well, don’t be.

Because before you can even reach the Star level, you have to get a lot of customers and be able to maintain them.

In addition, you have to recruit a lot of new members and they too, have to get repeat customers and be able to maintain them.

Yup, you have to work your butt off to get such a bonus.

But if you want a higher and more sustainable income, then you have to check out my best work-at-home recommendation.

Royal Matching Bonus

The member also earns a matching bonus based on the residual income earned by their lower lines.

The matching bonus qualifies up to seven levels of the members’ network.

  • Star – the member earns a 5% matching bonus on the 1st level (note: these are the personal recruits), 4% bonus on the 2nd level, and 3% on the 3rd
  • All-Star – 6% matching bonus on the 1st level, 5% on the 2nd level, 4% on the 3rd level, and finally, 3% on the 4th
  • Rock Star – 7% matching bonus on the 1st level, 6% on the 2nd level, 5% on the 3rd level, 4% on the 4th level, and 3% on the 5th
  • Super Star – 8% matching bonus on the 1st level, 7% on the 2nd level, 6% on the 3rd level, 5% on the 4th level, 4% on the 5th level, and 3% on the 6th
  • V-Star – 9% matching bonus on the 1st level, 8% on the 2nd level, 7% on the 3rd level, 6% on the 4th level, 5% on the 5th level, 4% on the 6th level, and 3% on the 7th and final level.

You can view their compensation plan in full here.

Lifestyle Bonus

Members with ranks of Star and higher are eligible for a lifetime bonus. It’s a bonus given to such members weekly.

The summary of the bonus is as follows:

  • Stars - $125/week
  • All-Stars - $250/week
  • Rock Stars - $500/week
  • Super Stars - $1,250/week
  • V-Stars - $2,500/week

Quarterly Partnership Bonus

If a member reached V-Stars, then they also qualify for another bonus that allows them to earn a 1% share of the profits of the company.

The 1% is divided among the V-stars and given every quarter.

Retirement Bonus (5-year)

If a member maintains VeloVita’s standard for five consecutive years, then the company will no longer collect annual fees, and ranked volume requirements are waived.

How do I become a member of VeloVita?

If you want to join VeloVita, you have to pay a specific membership fee of your choice.

Membership will cost you $49.95 a month.

In addition, new members are also required to buy Bran products:

  • Advocate – 1 Bran package worth $64.95.
  • Promoter – it’s a 6 Bran package worth $324.75.
  • Influencer – 12 Bran packages worth $649.50.
  • Ambassador – 25 Bran packages are worth $1,299.

It’s to be noted that the annual fee for the first year is waived for a new member that avails either the Influencer or Ambassador Pack.

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Can I make a reliable income from VeloVita?

I am sure that there are people who may tell you that they made a fortune with MLMs.

Well, let’s say that they’re credible. However, according to statistics, 98% of people who join MLMs actually don’t earn or even worst lose money.

This was clearly stated in Dr. Jon Taylors’ book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

MLMs are focused on recruitment because it is their way to cut costs and earn more profits.

By employing network marketing, they allow themselves to save money from hiring additional workforce and expenses for promotions and advertisements.

Also, although their compensation package may sound enticing, remember that the commissions you’re receiving are already included in the membership and products you pay for.

In addition, your upper lines also receive commissions anytime you make a sale, and your lower lines sold products.

What I Don't Like About VeloVita

Expensive startup cost

Although the membership fee is only $49.95, you have to buy boxes of Bran as a sort of your membership package—and these packages range anywhere from $64.95 to $1,299.

Also, the membership fee is not a one-time payment; you have to pay them monthly.

They’re more focused on recruitment

If the products selling by a company is that profitable, then there’s really no need to concentrate on recruiting.

Employing network marketing is a convenient way to save money and improve profitability.

Not recommended for beginners

Unless you’re confident with your marketing skills, then I do not advise MLMs to those with no experience.

This is because you’ll be doing a lot of upsells. And if it’s your first time, then most upsells are probably going to be with your friends and family members.

No BBB Profile

For most people like me, one of the first things I do when background checking a company is to visit sites like the BBB, Foxy ratings, Site Jabber, and Glassdoor.

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB is probably the most trusted rating agency around.

Not having a BBB profile doesn’t immediately indicate that a company is fraudulent. This is because there are legitimate companies that do this practice.

But having a BBB profile or credentials on other rating websites gives you a sense of confidence in the company.

Their products are not approved by the FDA

Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not safe, health and wellness products with a seal of the US FDA (Food and Drugs Administrative) provides assurance and comfort that the products are safe.

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What I Like About VeloVita

Maybe Decent products

Although the products aren’t FDA-approved, it seems like they have fairly decent products.

A wide array of products

They have various products to offer.

Is VeloVita a scam?

No. VeloVita is not a scam. nor a pyramid scheme.

VeloVita is a legitimate MLM company that offers healthcare products.

But I don't recommend them because they have expensive start-up costs and in order to actually make money you need to recruit, recruit and recruit!

Final Thoughts + A Much Better Way To Earn Income Online

I hope that my honest VeloVitareview has enlightened you on important concerns and helped you decide whether to invest in them or not.

If you ask me directly, I don’t recommend VeloVita or any MLMs, for that matter, especially if you’re aiming to earn a more sustainable income.

For this reason, what I strongly recommend is Affiliate Marketing

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