(Opportunity) Review: Another MLM Scam?!

Welcome to my (Opportunity) review!

There’s little information about, and they are receiving a lot of complaints.

To me, when I invest in a certain business opportunity—basic corporate backgrounds must be disclosed, and the compensation plan is clearly stated.

I was browsing the internet for the longest time but unable to locate any compensation plan if there are any.

All they say on their website is that their compensation plan is ridiculously easy.

But when you go to the FAQ section, all they say is that you have maintained $400 of personal sales to keep the members’ active status and become eligible for advancements.

It sounds too convenient, and I don’t buy it.

In this review, I’ll discuss the littlest information I’ve managed to gather and explain why you should seek other opportunities.

There are much better MLMs than (if MLMs are your thing, but I don’t recommend them nonetheless).

I’ve reviewed other MLMs like —ACN, Usana, Stella and Dot, Longrich, Zilis, Univia, and VeloVita.

So without further delays, let’s begin my (Opportunity) Review.


  • Product name:
  • CEO: Amanda Brunson
  • Price: Starters’ Kits are from $100 to $270.
  • Product type: Fashion accessories
  • Recommended?: NO!


What is is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that specializes in custom fashion jewelry.

On their website, it is said that they are a party plan company that sells through online live feeds, opens houses, or in-home parties.

But it is just a gimmick. It is still an MLM that does direct selling and tries to recruit as many people as possible

The company seems to have been incepted in 2016 (I’m basing on the websites’ story section). Its current CEO is Amanda Brunson.

I had a hard time researching this company because there was little information about them.

However, I discovered that is registered as Reveal Parties, LLC, in the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

There are a lot of complaints about the company, and so far found no positive feedback.

In fact, they have an overall negative rating with the BBB and another rating website called Site Jabber. I’ll elaborate on this later in this review.

The Opportunity and its income streams

There was no mention that Reveal is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business, but the way that they operate suggests that they are.

If they have a compensation plan anywhere online, I wasn’t able to locate any despite browsing the web for long hours.

They claim that they have a “ridiculously simple business opportunity,” but it’s too convenient for me.

Since they are an MLM, I’m certain that the idea is the same as other MLMs like ACN, Usana, and Stella and Dots, to name a few.

In general, the only way for a direct seller to succeed in MLM is through recruitment and improving personal volume.

There was also a mention of:

  • 25% commissions on every sale.
  • They offer free products when a member hosts a party.
  • Incentives through paid trips.

I believe the 25% commission is the retail commission. It is where the member earns a 25% commission rate from their Personal Volume.

And Personal Volume is connected with the items you were supposed to sell and recruitments.

Members are also supposed to earn a 6% bonus from Commission Volume or wholesale from their lower networks—which also depend on the packs they purchase.

A member may also become qualified for a specific bonus every time they reach a milestone.

However, there was no mention as to the mechanics of the feature. stated that there are no minimum sales requirements for a person to become eligible for a commission.

But they added that for you to keep your active status, you have to at least maintain a $400 personal sale monthly. By doing so, the member qualifies for team commissions, certain bonuses, and promotions.

How to join

The following is the signup page of (Opportunity) Review

As you can see, you need to have a referral from a consultant first before you can begin the application process.

Your online application by choosing your starters’ kit.

The starters’ kits are as follows:

Reveal Starters’ Kit

The membership fee is $99.99, which retails for $269.91. In the package, you’ll get:

  • Three-ring bombs – SZ 7, 8, and 9
  • One scent sample pack
  • Two bling necklace bombs
  • Two Grab Bag – One for each gender
  • One Bath Bomb
  • One Sugar Scrub
  • Reveal hand towel
  • Jewelry cleaning cloth
  • Three-month free website access

Reign Beauty

The membership fee is $99.90, which retails for $230.97. In the package, you’ll get:

  • Reign sugar scrub
  • Magnafy liner
  • Magnafy lash set
  • Reign candle
  • Magic eyeliner pen
  • Wanderlash set
  • Sample of eye shadow shade
  • Glaze for days lip gloss
  • Three-month free access to the website

Reveal and Reign Combo Pack

The membership fee is $189 that retails for $269.91. In the package, you’ll get:


  • Three-ring bomb – SZ 7, 8, and 9
  • Two bling necklace bombs
  • Two Grab bags – one for each gender
  • Bath bomb
  • Sugar scrub
  • One scent sample pack
  • Jewelry cleaning cloth
  • Reveal hand towel
  • Three-month free access to the website

Make it reign

The membership fee is $39.99, which retails for $82.00. In the package, you’ll get:

  • Magnafy liner
  • Magnafy lash set
  • Starters’ guide
  • Glaze for days lip gloss
  • Sample of eye shadow shade
  • Three-month free access to the site

Can you make a reliable income from

The success rate in MLMs is extremely rare, and the reason for such is that these types of businesses are too concentrated on recruitment.

They observe this practice because it allows them to save costs from hiring additional workforce and advertising. Thus, it enables them to earn higher profits as well.

In Dr. Jon Taylors’ book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked,” he revealed that people who actually join MLMs do not earn or even lose money in the process.

It was further explained that MLMs fail to meet expectations because of two things—it is recruitment and capitalization.

For you to succeed in MLMs like, you have to constantly bring in new members for you to be able to remain active and advance in rankings.

You also have to remember that you have to improve your personal volume to become eligible for promotions. And for you to not lose your position, you have to actively engage in retailing and recruiting.

Advancement in such a setting is a pay to play scheme—meaning, it encourages recruitment minimums and incentive payouts with the member as the main buyer.

Think about it. You have to pay for the starters’ kit in the beginning. And then you also have to settle monthly membership fees to maintain status and improve sales volume.

With this in mind, it seems that you’re paying for your own commissions. Thus, it might lead some not to earn at all or end up losing a lot of money.

I can’t let this happen to you.

Although I do not recommend MLMs in any way, you can check out my other MLM reviews if you’re really into them.

But if you want a better way to earn income online, then you have to check out the description below to know how to access this opportunity.

Is a scam?

No. or Reveal Parties, LLL is neither a scam or pyramid scheme.

They are a legitimate MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business that offers custom fashion accessories.

Negative Notes

Expensive startups

The membership fee would cost you from $100 to $270.

Success is depended on your ability to recruit

A person needs to be good at recruiting to advance in ranks and become eligible for commissions.

Lots of complaints

They have an ample of customer complaints. Well, it indicates many things—like internal management, quality of products, and customer service.

Some examples of the complaints are as follows: (Opportunity) review
Source: (Opportunity) review

Poor product line

Many customers are complaining that the products of Reveal are substandard. (Opportunity) review
Source: (Opportunity) review

Not suitable for beginners

There will be a lot of upsells for sure.

If you’re not comfortable with your selling skills, then I do not recommend this platform.

“F” rating in the BBB

For most of us, the Better Business Bureau is one of the standards we use to check the credibility of a company.

If they have an F rating to sites like the BBB, then it says a lot about how they do business and handle customer service. (Opportunity) review

Positive Notes

I don’t see any positives for this business. I think it is best that you should put your money somewhere else.

If you’re into MLMs, then you might find my other MLM reviews interesting—ACN, Usana, Stella and Dots, Univia, and Ascira.

But if what you’re looking for is a much better source of income, then you need to check out #1 recommended way to make money online

Final Thoughts

I hope my (Opportunity) Review has enlightened you on important issues and helped you in your decision making.

This is the shortest MLM I’ve written. The primary reason is that they lack information to properly background check them.

When researching for an MLM company, what I normally do first is to check their compensation plan.

But isn’t that revealing at all.

This was also the concern for some of the customers they had.

They mentioned that they wanted to do background checking before investing, but has little information to provide. You can check one video testimonial here.

I will update this review as soon as developments occur.

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Thank you for taking time off to read my (Opportunity) review, until then…

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