Is Ascira A New Massive MLM Scam? (Ugly Truth Exposed!)

Welcome to my Ascira review!

Ascira is an MLM that has supposedly launched last March of 2020.

Although still at their pre-launch stage, they are already accepting memberships.

If you’re into MLMs, then you might have heard of them. But you might also be asking if they are legitimate or is Ascira a new massive MLM scam.

They are new and untested, and it’s perfectly normal to speculate their legitimacy.

If this is your concern, then you have to the right place.

In this review, I will give you a thorough analysis of this company’s background and help you realize why it’s best to invest your money somewhere else.

But they’re new, right? Why not give them a chance? After all, don’t judge the by its cover.

So, is Ascira a new massive MLM scam or a legitimate way to carve your path to financial freedom?

Let’s find out why you should look for other investments instead of Ascira.


  • Product name: Ascira
  • Founder: John Sachtouras (CEO)
  • Price: $499 (Pro Pack) and $4,999 (Founders Club)
  • Product/Service Type: Discount Travel Portals (flights, hotels, and car rentals)
  • Recommended?: No.


What is Ascira?

Ascira is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business that specializes in offering discount travel portal that includes booking flights, hotels, and car rentals.

is ascira a new massive mlm scam

The company was founded by its current CEO John Sachtouras. It has supposedly launched on March 1st of this year (2020), but the signup and front page still imply that they’re still in its pre-launch stage.

is ascira a new massive mlm scam

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Ascira business opportunity and its income streams

The main income stream of Ascira is through recruitment and creating a network of lower levels.

It’s not really about selling the products—it’s about getting as many people to join your network.

Also, since they are new, not all information is fully disclosed or clearly stated. Thus, I will only cover information that was conclusively stated by Ascira.

As of now, Ascira offers seven income streams—and you earn higher income as you advance in rankings.

I also like to point out that the ranking is derived from how you recruit people into the MLM.

The following is a summary of their income streams:

Retail Commissions

Apparently, Ascira pays a 20% commission on retail sales of Smart Travel and Ascira Academy.

However, it’s unclear whether it includes booked travels.

Sponsoring commissions

It’s essentially a 15% commission from your recruits’ performance.

Residual commissions

Like any other MLMs, Ascira also pays monthly residual commissions.

Ascira employs a scheme they call the 3X12 matrix.

The first level accommodates three paying members, while the second level fills in nine lower lines.

As you descend into your network, multiply them by three to figure out how many paying members are within the level.

The company disclosed that the first three levels earn 5% commissions, but the commission rate for the following levels wasn’t disclosed.

It was mentioned that the commission could go up to 35%. Which depends on the sales volume generated by the member.

Matching Bonus

It’s a feature that we commonly see in any MLMs we encounter.

It is the uni-level part of Ascira’s business opportunity.

You earn a bonus as a result of your recruits’ residual income up to three levels.

But you have to take note that your earnings still depend on your rankings.

Here’s the summary of the feature:

  • Associate – members under this rank earn a 10% matching bonus on your 1st level recruits.
  • Premium – 20% matching bonus on your 1st level recruits. And 10% on 2nd level recruits.
  • Superior – 30% matching bonus on 1st level recruits, 10% on 2nd level recruits, and 5% bonus on your 3rd
  • Ultimate – 30% bonus on your 1st level ad 10% bonus your 2nd and 3rd

Rank achievement bonus

Ascira offers a one-time bonus when you are promoted starting from the bronze membership.

As to how much a member would earn is not stated.

Lifestyle bonus

It’s a reward given to members for reaching the Silver ranks or higher.

Again, no specifics as to how much each rank would earn. I will update this review as soon as new development occurs.

Global Diamond Bonus Commissions

Only Diamond member or higher is eligible for this commission.

Ascira shares 3% of its global profits to such members.

The 3% bonus is proportionately divided among diamond members or higher-ranking affiliates.

How do you signup with Ascira?

The initial signup is online, through the Ascira signup page.

is ascira a new massive mlm scam

The membership ranges from $499 to $4,999 for Professional Pack and Founders Club, respectively.

There was a mention of affiliate packages of $199 to $2,499 in an official presentation from Ascira.

This option, however, is not available as of the moment and wasn’t clearly explained.

Pro Pack

With the Professional Pack, you are eligible for one convention ticket.

It also includes three-month access to what they call Smart Travel and Ascira Academy.

Founders Club

For this package, you get four VIP convention tickets.

You are also qualified for a twelve-month Smart Travel and Ascira Academy.

Can you make a reliable income from Ascira?

The success rate in MLMs is rare. You might argue that Ascira is relatively new and why not give them the benefit of the doubt.

Although MLMs are unique in some way, they all operate the same way.

MLMs are more concerned with recruitments than selling the actual products.

In Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked,” he revealed that those who join MLMs don’t earn anything or, worst, lose money.

In the book, it was mentioned that 99% of people lose money instead of earning after joining MLMs, which leaves only 1% attains success.

He further explained that MLMs fail because of two reasons—recruitment and capitalization.

For you to ever succeeding in MLMs, you have to continuously recruit and make sure that your lower lines are active as well.

Also, advancement is based on a pay-to-play scheme. It encourages incentive payouts and recruitment minimums with the member as the primary buyer.

During the application process, the member has to pay for the starter kit and then have to avail monthly purchases to improve sales volumes.

What this means is that it seems you’re purchasing your own commissions. This often leads to not earning or losing money as a result of the member desiring to improve PV and advance in ranks.

Is Ascira A Scam?

I really don’t know how to answer this. Given that they are new and some of the founders’ background is not good, some might question their credibility.

So is Ascira a new massive scam?

Well, only time can tell whether the business is honest.

But either way, I do not recommend any MLMs for that matter.

What I strongly suggest is Affiliate Marketing.

The reason why I think Affiliate Marketing is far better than MLMs is that it’s risk-free, free to start with, and you don’t need to recruit to make money.

Are you interested?

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Negative notes

They have a very costly membership fee

Joining them would cost you $499 or $4,999 depending on whether you choose the Pro Pack or Founders Club, respectively.

I don’t recommend it if it’s your first time doing MLMs

For MLMs, there will be a lot of upsells.

If you’re not confident with your marketing skills, then you may find it difficult to sell their product or recruit.

Since they’re relatively new, you might also find it hard to prove that the products are effective or their business opportunity is feasible.

Success is recruitment-based

For a person to be successful in MLMs, they have to be really good at recruiting new members to improve their personal volumes.

They have no BBB credentials

Although we shouldn’t entirely rely on the Better Business Bureau or simply BBB, most people rely on this agency to test whether the company is legitimate or not.

Positive notes

As of the moment, I can’t find any positives for this company.

I’ll update this content as the company develops.

Final thoughts

Ascira is a relatively new company, and it’s really difficult to conclude its legitimacy.

If you’re looking for a legitimate and reliable way to earn income, then doing MLMs is not the way to go.

As mentioned earlier, people who try MLMs actually lose money than earn income.

If you want a much better alternative, then continue reading…

Do you want to know a better income stream than MLMs?

If you’re looking for a much better option than MLMs, then Affiliate Marketing is what might you’re looking for.

I strongly recommend Affiliate Marketing because of the following reasons:

  • It’s Free To start.
  • Newbie-friendly.
  • No risk.
  • You don’t need to harass your friends or family to make money.
  • Cheaper, and more profitable.

Thanks For reading my “is Ascira a Scam” content!

And if you have any thoughts about this company, please feel free to drop a comment below!


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