What is Damsel in Defense? Is it another MLM Scam? (A 2020 Review!)

Welcome to my Damsel in Defense review!

As you’re searching for a legitimate source of income online, you might have come across a company called Damsel in Defense.

It’s an MLM company that may have aroused your interest because they offer a unique product line of self-defense items.

In addition, you might have questions about their business opportunity—is it an MLM scam, or are they legitimate?

If these are questions, then you have come to the right place.

In this review, I will provide you an analysis of their compensation plan and help you determine whether they’re a good investment or not.

So without further delays, let’s begin my Damsel in Defense review…

Damsel in Defense Review

  • Name: Damsel in Defense
  • Website: damselindefense.net
  • Founder: Mindy Lin
  • Price: Basic membership fee of $99
  • Recommended?: Nope!
Damsel in Defense
Damsel in Defense

What is Damsel in Defense?

Damsel in Defense is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) specializing in selling self-defense products, especially for women.

Damsel in Defense

Some of the items you’ll find include pepper sprays, stun guns, tasers, and other alarm devices.

Damsel in Defense

It was founded by Jimmy Lin and Mindy Lin in 2012. The company is currently headquartered in Jacksonville, Texas.

I also reviewed MLM companies in the past focuses more on women audiences. You can check them out if you like—Paparazzi Jewelry, Ring Bomb Party, Stella and Dots, RevelProducts.com, Everra, Jewel Sanitary Napkins, Bellame, and Tastefully Simple, just to name a few of them.

I won’t be discussing their products any further since our main focus here is the business opportunity—is a good investment, or are they a scam MLM?

Let’s continue…

The Damsel in Defense business opportunity

The compensation plan of Multi-Level Marketing is hallmarked by their complexity and almost incomprehensible nature.

It is so convoluted that it seems like you’d need an expert finance person to decipher the entire thing.

In dealing with MLMs, you only have to put two things in mind—

  • Retail commissions – it is the income that’s based on retail sales.
  • Recruitment – it is the bread and butter of MLMs because it is where their bonuses and commissions are based from.

Some MLMs make their compensation plan as complicated as possible to confuse potential recruits and prevent them from asking many questions that could expose the business model’s flaws.

I will explain in the next chapters why the business model of MLMs is flawed.

And to completely save their selves, they would just show you the luxurious lifestyles of their representatives. Does this sound familiar? It’s a common strategy employed by most MLMs to lure new members.

It may seem a little misleading but effective nonetheless.

Anyway, Damsel in Defense currently rewards nine rankings—

  • Recruit
  • Protégé
  • Junior Mentor
  • Mentor
  • Senior Mentor
  • Director
  • Crystal Director
  • Pearl Director
  • Diamond Director

There are several ways how you can earn income from the compensation plan offered by Damsel in Defense, and it includes the following—

  • Retail commissions
  • Recruitment Commissions
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Party Bonus

I will try to simplify them in the next section so that you could have a better overview of how their compensation plan works.

What are its income streams?

Retail commissions

The representative of Damsel in Defense earns a 25% commission from retail sales.

The commission rate goes up to 30% once they begin advancing in ranks—starting from Protégé and higher.

Recruitment commissions

A 25% recruitment commission is earned based on the first starter’s membership package, the representatives’ personally recruited affiliate availed.

Fast Start Bonus

This bonus qualifies representatives who are able to reach the ranks of Protégé within their first month of registration.

In addition, they must also have a personal volume of 1,000 and attain specific requirements to become eligible for a fast start bonus.

Once qualified, the representative shall earn a 5% fast start bonus, an incentive of $300, marketing paraphernalia, etc.

Party Bonus

As the term implies, the representative earns a specific bonus every successful Tupperware party they host.

The usual incentives are discounted price of company products.

Does this sound dandy? Does their compensation plan make you excited to join network marketing?

Well, you shouldn’t be!

According to the FTC, only 1% of people who join MLMs succeed. I will explain more about this in the next sections. So, read on…

How much will it cost me to join them?

To become a representative of Damsel in Defense, you need to pay the basic membership fee of $99.

This membership package includes items like catalogs, sales scripts, personalized business cards, invitations, and hostess guides.

You may also add $60 if you like to include pepper sprays and a stun gun.

In addition, you have to maintain a specific personal volume per month.

The required personal volume starts at 50 or $50. And as you advance in rankings, you will need to maintain a higher personal volume as well, which goes up to $500.

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Is it a reliable source of income?

Success in Multi-Level Marketing is extremely rare. Just ask the Federal Trade Commissions about it.

According to a study conducted by the FTC, they found out that 99% of people who join MLMs are more likely to incur losses than gain any profits as a result of investing in their business opportunity.

This instance was elaborately discussed in Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

It was further added that this business model is flawed and fail to expectation because of two factors—


Have you heard of the term Garage Qualified?

It is a special definition used to describe MLM representatives that tend to over-purchase company products for the sake of improving or maintaining personal volume.

This will eventually lead to losses if the representative isn’t earning anything but still has to maintain their personal volume to keep their status in the organization.


Recruitment is the bread and butter, or to put a more accurate term, the lifeblood of MLMs. It is so because the entire structure will collapse without it.

Imagine this—if the representatives at the very bottom of the network were not able to recruit sufficient people under their network, it will cause them not to earn anything.

As mentioned, there’s a specific personal volume that the representative has to reached and maintain monthly.

Again, this instance can become problematic if they aren’t anything but still has to meet their monthly quota.

As a result, they would become inactive and quit the business altogether.

This cycle will continue up to the next level and then the next and so forth and so on.

It will continue up until the entire structure finally collapses.

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Is Damsel in Defense a scam?

I did not find any reason to believe that Damsel in Defense is a scam. They are neither a pyramid scheme as well.

I believe that they are a legitimate Multi-Level Marketing that sells self-defense items.

However, some of you might argue that MLMs are essentially a pyramid scheme that disguises themselves as a direct selling company.

Although I agree to some degree, they are technically different regarding legality—Multi-Level Marketing is legitimate because they also function as a direct selling company.

They provide something of value in return for your investments. And these values are in the form of retail merchandise which the representative can sell for profits.

On the other hand, a pyramid scheme is considered illegal in certain areas around the globe because they do not exchange something in return. What the investor gets is only a promise of high returns.

In fact, a pyramid scheme is banned in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Albania, Romania, etc.

What I Don't Like About Damsel in Defense

Success is recruitment-based

Your success relies on recruitment.

Limited market

Their product line focuses more on their women audience than men.

Loses are more likely

The chances of individuals experiencing loss as a result of joining MLM is more likely than gaining profits.

What I Like About Damsel in Defense

Great products!

Being able to defend ourselves from potential attacks is essential.

And the items offered by Damsel in Defense would especially be a hit for individuals desiring to improve their self-defense.

Final thoughts

I hope my Damsel in Defense review has helped you in determining whether this MLM is a good investment or should you search for other income opportunities.

Although the company is technically legitimate, I still don’t recommend Damsel in Defense or any MLMs for that matter.

It is not reliable, and incurring loses is more likely than gains, as explained by the Federal Trade Commissions

Continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom online…

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Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking the time off and reading my Damsel in Defense review!

I hope to see you next time!


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