What is Zukul Trader? Is it another Pyramid Scheme?! (Updated For 2021)

Welcome to my Zukul Trader 2021 review

What is Zukul Trader? Is it legit Or just another pyramid scheme you should avoid?

These thoughts might be going in your mind as contemplate whether to invest in this company or not.

If this is your concern, then this content is just for you!

In this review, I will provide you an analysis of the company and help you determine if it’s a good investment or should you search for other business opportunities.

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Zukul Trader Review

  • Name: Zukul Trader
  • Website: zukul.com
  • Founder: Michael Bloom and Jeremy Rush
  • Price: Membership packages starts from $10 to $185.
  • Recommended?: Nope!
what is zukul
what is zukul

What is Zukul Trader?

Zukul Trader is a company that offers cryptocurrency trading. Yes, they do not have any merchandise in which the representatives could resell for profits.

As I see it, this, to me, makes them more of a pyramid scheme than a Multi-Level Marketing.

what is zukul

They are around since 2014 and were founded by Michael Bloom and Jeremy Rush. Also, it has undergone several reboots or rebranding throughout the years.

During its inception, its brand name was only Zukul. It flopped initially.

For this reason—they tried to remodel themselves as a legal Ponzi scheme (take note though that Ponzi’s are illegal in general).

And then, it flopped again, and they rebranded the business to Zukul Gold. It eventually collapsed and pretty much over in 2017.

But as you might have guessed, they rebooted the company and called it the name we know today—Zukul Trader.

I also reviewed MLM or Pyramid Schemes engaged in cryptocurrency in the past. You may check them out if you like—Tradera, Kangot, Million Money, ClicXAds, Unitex Capital, and Fluorescent Sand, just to name a few.

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Let’s continue and analyze whether Zukul Trader is different from others or just the same…

The Zukul Trader business opportunity

The hallmark of Multi-Level Marketing is its complex and almost incomprehensible compensation plan.

They are so convoluted that it seems like you’d need an expert financial person to decipher the entire thing.

You only have to bear in mind two things when dealing with MLMs or Pyramid Schemes—

  • Retail Commission – this income is based on retail products sold.
  • Recruitment – it is the lifeblood of MLMs and pyramid schemes because it is the basis for most of their commissions and bonuses.

In addition, one of the distinguishing factors of an MLM is that they also operate as a direct selling company. It is what sets them apart from pyramid schemes.

Zukul Trader has no retail products to offer. What they have are investments. In my opinion, they are more of a pyramid scheme than an MLM.

Pyramid Schemes mainly relies on recruitment and monthly membership from their recruits. Such a business model is very unstable, that could collapse eventually if no new investors come in.

what is zukul

The registration process

For you to become a Zukul Trader member and benefit from their investment plans, you to avail affiliate packages which are translated to units—

Silver Level Package

This package costs $10 per month—maximum trading at $300.

Gold Level Package

This package costs $35 per month—maximum trading at $1,500.

Platinum Level Package

This package costs $85 per month—maximum trading at $3,000.

Diamond Level Package

This package costs $185 per month—maximum trading at $6,000.

Binary Option Bot

This package costs $40 per month—maximum trading at $1,500.

As you might have guessed, you have to make a higher investment to earn a higher income.

And such investments are high risk because the only guarantee they give you is a promise of high returns.

Now, the problem here is that such a business model is based on recruitment, which is not a stable source of income.

For one thing, it could collapse anytime when no new recruits are brought into the organization. I will explain more about this in the following sections.

But if you’re looking for a less risky and more reliable source of income, you have to check out the following description—

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What are its income streams?

There are several ways to earn income with Zukul Trader, and includes the following—

Fast Start Commission

Zukul adapts a unilevel model of network marketing. What this means is that all MLM representatives that you personally enrolled will be under one line.

So unlike the binary model, unilevel has no spillover.

To give you a better understanding of how unilevel network marketing works, here is a quick overview—

  • The first level – comprises all of your personally recruited MLM representatives.
  • The second level – it is the level where your personal referrals’ recruits are located.
  • And the list goes on…

Fast start commission is earned every time your personal referrals or those they’ve recruited were able to bring in new investors.

The summary of the fast start commission is as follows—

  • The first level – the investor is promised to receive a 25% commission on the initial investment.
  • The second level – the investor is promised to receive a 10% commission on the initial investment.
  • The third level – the investor is promised to receive a 5% commission on the initial investment.

Residual Commissions

Recruitment is the bread and butter of Multi-Level Marketing. Or to put a more accurate term, it is their lifeblood because the entire structure once the lower network was unable to recruit sufficient people into the network.

But it seems that Zukul is more of a pyramid scheme than an MLM, which is much worse than the latter.

For one, an MLM requires retail merchandise to sell, which Zukul doesn’t have. I will explain more about this in the next sections.

For now, let’s focus on the residual commission offered by Zukul.

The company also adopts a matrix of 3x10. This means that your first level should have three networks, and then it divides again into three and so forth, and so on.

This commission is applicable up to ten levels deep.

The residual commission is based on the investment made by your lower network. And the summary of the commission rate is as follows—

  • The first level - the MLM representative shall earn a 10% commission for each of the three personally recruited investors.

  • The second level - the MLM representative shall earn a 4% commission for each of the nine personally recruited investors.

  • The third level - the MLM representative shall earn a 3.5% commission for each of the 27 personally recruited investors.

  • The fourth level - the MLM representative, shall earn a 2.5% commission for each of the 81 personally recruited investors.

  • Fifth and Sixth level - the MLM representative shall earn a 1.5% commission for each of the 972 personally recruited investors.

  • Seventh level - the MLM representative shall earn a 1% commission for each of the 2,187 personally recruited investors.

  • Eighth to the Tenth level - the MLM representative shall earn a 0.5% commission for each of the 85,293 personally recruited investors.

Matching Bonus

They also provide a 50% matching bonus that’s based on the residual commission earned by their personally recruited investor.

It may sound all dandy, but take note that in MLMs, the likelihood of losing money is higher than earning any income.

Turn to the next section, and I’ll explain why you shouldn’t invest in MLMs. So much more if the company is a pyramid scheme…

Is Zukul Trader a Reliable source of income?

Success in MLMs is extremely rare. Just ask the Federal Trade Commission about it.

According to their study, they found out that 99% of people who join MLMs are more likely to incur losses than gain any profits.

This was elaborately discussed in Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

It was further added that MLMs fail to meet expectation because of two things—


Have you heard of the term Garage Qualified?

It is a special definition used to describe MLM representatives that tend over-purchase for the sake of improving or maintaining their personal volume.

In the case of Zukul, there are no retail products to resell. And one way we distinguished an MLM from pyramid schemes is the retail merchandise.

With no clear, tangible products to offer, it makes Zukul more of a pyramid scheme than an MLM.

Although it is unclear, it implies that you need to settle monthly membership fees based on how they collect the residual income.

This can become problematic, especially to the investor, if there isn’t enough income coming in but are still obligated to pay the monthly fees.

As a result, it will eventually lead to them becoming inactive and quit the business opportunity altogether.


As I discussed in the earlier sections, recruitment is the foundation of pyramid schemes.

Without any recruits coming in, it will eventually cause the bottom network to leave the investment because they aren’t earning anything.

And then, this cycle will continue to the next level and so forth and so on…

It will continue up until the network collapsed.

This is the reason why pyramid schemes are banned in many areas around the world.

Some countries that illegalized pyramid schemes include Albania, Japan, Turkey, The United Kingdom, and The United States, just to name a few.

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Is Zukul Trader a Scam?

With no retail products or services to offer, and what they only provide is a promise of high returns, then Zukul, it operates more like a pyramid scheme than a Multi-Level Marketing.

A primary marker of an MLM is that they also function as a direct selling company. It is where they can resell company products for profits, which Zukul does not have.

It is for this reason that I do not recommend Zukul as a potential investment.

It is a high risk, and the chances of losing money are much greater than earning any profits. Therefore, I suggest that you look for more opportunities.

There are better options out there. One of which is my best work-at-home recommendation.

What I Don't Like About Zukul Trader

Success is recruitment-based

Your success is depended on recruiting investors.

It is essentially a pyramid scheme

Although the company is labeled as a Multi-Level Marketing, they are more of a pyramid scheme because it doesn’t have any retail products to offers.

No BBB credentials

The Better Business Bureau, or simply the BBB, is one way most do to check the credibility of a business.

Not having one doesn’t necessarily mean that the business is fraudulent in any way, but it may significantly impact the decision-making of potential investors.

What I Like About Zukul Trader

I didn’t find any positives about Zukul Trader. I think it’s best that you search for other income opportunities.

Final thoughts

I hope my content has provided you sufficient information in answering the all-important question—what is Zukul Trader? Is it a legitimate investment? Or are they a scam?

In whatever the case may be, I do not recommend Zukul Traderor any pyramid schemes or MLMs for that matter.

As I mentioned, the potential for earning any significant is low and loses more probable than anything else.

mlm vs affiliate marketing

Continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom online…

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Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my "Zukul Trader 2021 Review"

I hope to see you next time!


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