What Is Fluorescent Sand? Is it a scam or legitimate?

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The technology industry is exponentially growing ever since.

New gadgets and apparatuses are continually being developed and made available to the public to supposedly help them to make their lives more convenient.

Thus, technology is one of the most profitable industries around.

And one of the new developments today is the 5th generation network or as popularly known as 5G.

Its predecessor (4g) has been around for a decade now, and 5G has been making buzz a few years back, but it’s finally here.

In this case—it is no surprise that few businesses today take advantage of the profit potential of this new technology.

Fluorescent Sand is one of those businesses that have jumped on the bandwagon.

So what is Fluorescent Sand, you might ask?

As you’re surfing the internet, you might have seen a company named Fluorescent Sand that’s linked to technology products.

For me, when I hear the word Sand, I immediately associate it with arts and crafts or travel agencies. So the company name Fluorescent Sand is a bit unique, in my opinion.

Anyway, although they’re taking advantage of the technology, they aren’t exactly selling any of it per se.

They offer investment opportunities… Uhmm… It may have aroused your interest.

Technology is a big thing right now, so investing in such a company might be a good idea. But there are also a lot of investment scams around, so yeah, you might also be doubtful whether the business is legit or not.

In this review, I’ll attempt to help you set those doubts aside and determine whether Fluorescent Sand is a scam or a legitimate source of income.

So once again, what is Fluorescent Sand? Is it an investment scam? Or are they legitimate?

Let’s find out…

What Is Fluorescent Sand

Fluorescent Sand Review

  • Name: Fluorescent Sand
  • Website: banyanhill.com
  • Founder: Ian King
  • Price: Membership is from $47 to $129.
  • Recommended?: No!

What is Fluorescent Sand?

As mentioned, Fluorescent Sand is one of the businesses that are attempting to take advantage of the profit potentials of new technologies.

The company is the brainchild of Ian King and currently being promoted in his publication called Automatic Fortunes newsletter.

Before we go further, take note that Fluorescent Sand is essentially 5G fiber optics.

However, the investment opportunity they’re offering is not clear and rather vague, but they stated amazing opportunities on such technological advancements.

He further says that technological advancements could help improve or even change lives.

He even backed it up with statements from reputable WIRED columnist, Susan P. Crawford. In which she said, and to rephrase her, that such new technology is an important development for this generation.

The investment opportunity offered by Fluorescent Sand, however, is somewhat misleading. This is because what his online publication is selling is a subscription to newsletters and training courses he referred to as Automatic Fortunes.

Now, when you visit his online publication, you may notice that it is under another online publication called Banyan Hills.

This publication is controversial because of the many complaints it has received.

Although Fluorescent Sand is apparently related to Banyan Hills, there may be a chance that they are still legit. Like who knows, right?

Let’s further investigate in the following sections.

I’ve also reviewed other platforms in the field of finance if you’re interested. It includes Money Map Press, Auvoria, Tradera, Kangot, and Forsage.

Who is Ian King?

Ian King is an expert cryptocurrency trader. He used to work as a hedge fund manager with 20 years of experience under his belt.

What Is Fluorescent Sand

He is also a former clerk for the Salomon Brothers and then worked his way up to become the head trader of Peahi Capital.

Today, he is working as one of the leading instructors for the Cryptocurrency Trading course at Investopedia Academy.

Also, he is the editor of the Cryptocurrency Profit Trader section of Banyan Hill Publishing and has appeared in numerous TV shows, including Fox Business News.

How does it work?

By now, you might have surmised that Fluorescent Sand is all about investing in the new 5G network technology.

As explained earlier, Fluorescent Sand is essentially a fiber optic device that would supposedly maximize your 5G experience.

When I started researching about this business, it was confusing as to what he’s trying to sell.

Is it the fiber optic cables, the business opportunity, his newsletters and training course, or all of them?

I did not find any physical fiber optic cables as of yet. But before you can grab on learning how you can invest in the 5G technology, you have to register for his newsletter first.

To tell you ahead of time, it is not free. You have to pay monthly subscriptions for the newsletters that would supposedly teach you not only the potentiality of the 5G network but also the following—

  • 12-month Newsletter – it’s a business analysis provided by Mr. Ian King himself.
  • Weekly updates – as the term implies, it is a weekly update regarding the business world.
  • Subscriber’s area – how it works is rather vague. It just says that all the subscribers’ needs are in this section.
  • Gain access to Ian King’s portfolio activities – it is an access right given to subscribers that enables them to see Mr. Kings’ trade activities.

If you’re confused with how their investment opportunity works, so am I.

But it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t recommend Fluorescent Sand at all.

As mentioned earlier, there are many more companies that would take advantage of the technology potentiality. Companies that are less risky and more reputable.

But if you’re looking for a more legitimate source of income, then you have to check out the following description—

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How to join?

As discussed earlier, you have to subscribe to Automatic Fortunes for you to gain access to what is Fluorescent Sand is all about.

The subscription fees are as follows—

  • Standard – the subscription costs are $47. The subscription-only includes digital access.
  • Deluxe - the subscription costs are $129. The subscription includes digital access, and hard copies delivered regularly.
  • Premium - the subscription costs are $179. The subscription includes digital access and newsletters delivered to your home address.

In addition to the subscription fees, new subscribers are also given a free book authored by Ian King himself, titled, “The $5 Stock Leading the 5G revolution.”

I don’t recommend Fluorescent Sand in any way, but if you’re locked on investing in them, then by all means.

Can Fluorescent Sand help you achieve financial success?

It is not clear what Fluorescent Sand is selling. But based on their initial statement, it seems that they’re pushing stock investment.

I believe that there is some potential in their newsletter subscriptions if the member knows what he is doing.

The purpose of the newsletters and advice on its other offerings are supposed to help subscribers to make the right decision on stock investments.

Sure, some people made a lot of money in the stock market, but success is still no guaranteed even if you follow his advice.

The stock market is risky and filled with uncertainty that even the most seasoned traders are still struggling.              

And if you’re a complete newbie, then you may find it even harder to catch up with how the business is done.

You must really know what you’re doing to at least survive in the stock market. If you don’t do your homework, then it may end up in disappointment.

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Is Fluorescent Sand a scam?

I’m not sure how to answer this, but their vague marketing strategy makes me doubtful.

At first, you might have imagined it as an investment plan, but only to find out that Fluorescent Sand is nothing but fiber optics.

I think you ought to search for other opportunities if I were you.

What I Don't Like About Fluorescent Sand

Vague investment plan

As mentioned prior, the investment plan that they are offering is not clear.

Banyan Hill is marred with numerous complaints

When you look for Fluorescent Sand or Automatic Fortune in the BBB, it’ll redirect you to Banyan Hill Publishing.

Although the publishing house has a BBB profile, it is unrated and unaccredited.

Also, Banyan Hill is receiving a lot of complaints in the BBB alone.

What Is Fluorescent Sand
What Is Fluorescent Sand
What Is Fluorescent Sand

What I Like About Fluorescent Sand

Honestly, I don't like anything about this company,

Final thoughts

Some people made huge profits in the stock market. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the same for all of us.

Even receiving advice from the so-called financial expert is still not guaranteed.

If you’re looking for a more legitimate source of income, one that’s reliable and yields high income, then continue to the next section…

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Thank you for taking time off and reading my Fluorescent review.

I hope it offered valuable insight regarding the company.

Until next time!

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