PetBacker Review: earn a few dollars just by dog walking!

Welcome to my PetBacker review!

Leaving your beloved pets behind is hard. You may entrust them with your loved ones or friends, but that feeling of uncertainty and worry is still there.

Now, this is where pet care services come into the picture. They will help you with such needs and take care of your pet while you’re away.

Although they may be experts in the field of pet care, you may still have worries about the matter because you’re leaving them in the hands of people you don’t know.

If you search online for legit pet care service, it’s likely that you may have come across with PetBacker. They are quite popular with more than 100K active users.

As you go through its background, you may also find that they also offer an opportunity to earn income as a pet sitter.

Yup, you can earn some extra cash by pet sitting.

PetBacker is also convenient in the sense that they have a mobile application. It means that if you’re a pet sitter, you’ll be notified anytime a nearby client needs a sitter.

Or if you’re a pet owner, you’ll quickly find someone to walk your dog.

If you’re contemplating becoming a pet sitter, you might wonder whether PetBacker is a good source of income or not.

If this is your concern, then you have come to the right place. In this review, I’ll attempt to put those doubts away and help you determine if PetBacker is for you.

So without further delays, let’s begin my PetBacker review…

PetBacker Review

  • Name: PetBacker
  • Website:
  • Founder: Vernon Tee
  • Price: Free-to-join
  • Recommended?: As a source of extra income, Yes!
PetBacker Review

What is PetBacker?

PetBacker is a pet care service provider. It is a perfect solution if you need someone to look after your beloved dogs or cats while you’re away for work or business trips.

PetBacker Review

PetBacker was founded in October 2016 by Vernon Tee.

Its service is available in over 50 countries, and aside from their official website, they also have a mobile application that makes it more convenient to connect pet owners and pet sitters.

The business is a popular pet care service with over 100,000 active users from both their website and mobile applications.

You can easily download the application through Google Play Store and App Store for iOS users.

You may also find similar services like those offered by Barkley Pets, Wag, and Rover, to name a few.

PetBacker Review

PetBacker offers several services that would help you put your mind at ease, anytime you’re away from home. Some of the pet care services they offer include—

  • Dog Walk
  • Veterinary Services
  • Pet Training
  • Pet Taxi
  • Grooming Services
  • Pet Boarding
  • Pet Sitting
  • Daycare Services

The mission of the company is to provide pet care services that are stress-free for our furry companions and make sure that they are well-taken care of.

For the pet sitter, PetBacker is as good as a source of extra income.

However, I find it hard to visualize making any reliable income from the company if you’re thinking of making it a full-time job—considering that the payout is that low and actual pet sitting would normally last 30 minutes per visit. I’ll explain more about this in the next sections.

I’ve also reviewed other online money-making platforms. You may read them if you’re interested. It includes Dabbl App, Idle-Empire, Gain.GG, Test.IO, Lazybucks, Rebatesme, Azobux, and GamerMine, to name a few.

The registration process and how much will it cost me to join?

If you’re contemplating on signing up, you need to meet certain qualifications first.

To qualify, the candidate must be at least 18 years of age, submit their selfie, and must pass a background evaluation.

As a pet sitter, you may also need to check local rules and guidelines regarding your offerings of such services if there are any.

This is to ensure that you are not violating any rules since each country and state in the United States has different provisions regarding the subject matter.

PetBacker will verify the identification you have submitted. They’ll also check and verify your contact information because clients are expected to go to you directly once confirmed.

After registering basic information, you may now choose which service you would like to offer.

If you’re familiar with how services are offered in freelance platforms like UpWork or Fiverr, then PetBacker is sort of similar in a way that you also have to name your service.

In the service information, you also have to provide your rates and area covered.

It is not necessary to upload pictures onto your profile, but it is a huge plus when you put any that’s associated with your line of service.

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How do PetBacker works?

After filling the necessary information, you can now wait for potential clients to check out your profile and hopefully hire you.

How it practically works is straightforward and was pretty much explained in the beginning.

When somebody needs a pet care service, all they have to do is to use the mobile application or visit their webpage.

The program will then search for nearby pet sitters, and then the client chooses their preferred sitter.

As for the pet sitter, they receive notifications whenever their profile is chosen. The notification is sent directly to the application or your personal email.

But like other freelance platforms out there, you may also apply or sent proposals to clients through PetBackers’ internal messaging system.

That is basically how the platform works. The job offerings aren’t that hard, and the actual work may only last for a few minutes to hours per day (which is 30 minutes on average).

As simple as it is, the income is not that high either.

The average earnings in a day are about $20 to $40.

You have to take note that pet sitting is not a regular job, which means that you have to wait for a certain period before you could get a job.

In addition, PetBacker will get a sort of commission fee from you, which is at 15% to 25%.

It means that you get a total of $17 when they charge you a 15% fee. Or let’s say that they charge you 25%, so you only get $30.

The rate goes higher anytime the pet sitter violated some of the rules and guidelines of PetBacker.

Is it a reliable source of income?

Income from pet sitting is only as good as a source of extra income.

If you’re thinking of making a living out of pet sitting, then you’re making a huge mistake.

Although you have control over your pricing, I think nobody would hire you if you charge, let’s say, $100 per pet sitting.

The average income is $20 to $40. But let’s say that you were able to get generous clients and you managed to make $50 in a sitting.

After then, you still have to consider service fees of 15% to 25%. Also, you have to take note that the job is not regular. There will be some waiting period before you can pet sit.

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What I Don't Like About PetBacker

No BBB credentials

The Better Business Bureau is one way people check the credibility of a business.

Not having one doesn’t immediately rule that the company is fraudulent in any way, but it may affect consumer decision-making if they don’t have one.

There may be problems with the application itself

The application may have some errors, or their guideline wasn’t clearly explained to the client or pet sitter, as seen in these comments—

PetBacker Review
PetBacker Review
PetBacker Review

Click here to view the full ratings.

What I Like About PetBacker

Satisfied clients

PetBacker has received numerous positive comments from clients—

PetBacker Review
PetBacker Review

Click here to view the full ratings.

Is PetBacker a scam?

No. PetBacker is not a scam.

They are a legitimate business that provides pet care services.

Final thoughts

I hope my PetBacker review has provided you enough information to determine whether the platform is a good use of your time.

Although PetBacker is legitimate, the potential income is very low, that it can’t help you support your monthly expenses.

As you may have seen, the income per day session is only $30 to $40.

But you also have to take into consideration the 15

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  • It yields a higher and more reliable source of income.
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Thank you for taking time off and reading my PetBacker review.

Until next time!


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