Surveys are perfect for extra cash but there are billions of scam surveys online that only waste your time or worst sell your info in third party websites.

I’ve been reviewing these kinds of surveys for months Now let’s dive in and see why I don’t recommend!

What is

Paid surveys is a  platform that connects you with survey companies so you can get paid by taking surveys.

It takes only a few seconds to join and once you sign up you will be given a list of surveys that you can choose to sign up for.

Some of the surveys they connect you with:

Paid surveys say that you can make $300, I don’t think you can achieve that much of money with these surveys!

It’s really hard to make $300 with a survey and it’s almost impossible to make it with a survey aggregator:

You have to complete your profile info every time you join a new company and each company has a different cash out limits and different payments methods.

Trust me you are going to waste a lot of time and energy especially if you join more than 3 surveys and even if you work hard you will hardly earn $100, I don’t think that worth my time

I’ve done some researches to know if these surveys can really make you money and this is what I found :

  • Toluna:

  • Valued Opinions:

  • My Survey:

I’m not saying that these surveys are scams but because they don’t keep their promises  I will call them a waste of time.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of surveys and I have reviewed a lot of survey aggregators like this Smart dollars club and Survey Money Machines and Survey Spotter and Survey Queen.…and most of them turned out to be scams.

Some surveys like SWAGBUCKS are perfect for some extra cash (but don’t expect to get rich or something)  but when it comes to survey aggregators please just stay away from them because they don’t worth your time.

Is a scam?

No, it’s not a scam but as I explained before they don’t worth your energy.

However, if you have been reading my blog, you will notice that online surveys are not my most recommended way to make money online.

There are endless ways to earn money online and my favorite is to build a website and it can be about anything because everything has an audience.

So if you Tired of these useless surveys then I invite you to try my STEP-BY-STEP RECOMMENDED TRAINING FOR NEWBIES.

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