Is Survey Money Machines a scam? ALL FAKE!

Making money by taking surveys at home? in this article, I will give you my honest review of Survey Money Machines and how it works.

What is Survey Money Machines and how does it work?

Survey Money Machines is a website owned by Hailey Gates who claims that you can make money by giving surveys and for free. Well making money that way is so real and it’s normal that it’s free because you can’t pay to give surveys.

Survey Money Machines is a website where she just sends you random of surveys to make you join them so Hailey Gates paid.

There is nothing illegal here it’s called affiliate marketing and she is a member of an affiliate network that’s why she recommends you to join three surveys because the more you join the more she earns.

Joining more than 1 survey is a waste of time

It’s normal that this lady keeps telling you to join more than 1 surveys because she will get paid but I only recommend you to join one or maximum two so you don’t get confused.

Surveys won’t make you rich but some extra cash will not hurt you, there is a lot that can make you money but the best are:


can be downloaded or you can easily sign up directly in the website it’s a survey company that gives you free gift cards after you earn points by watching videos or downloading apps and you can also get some cash back when you shop online.


Mysurvey is a website that will reward you and pay you by giving surveys.


Just like Mysurvey you get paid by giving your opinion about products and services.



I was a little curious to know who is she but when I searched with her picture in google image search I found her in a lot of websites so the picture is fake, the thing that gave me some trust issues.

Is Survey Money Machines a scam?

It’s not a scam even though the owner’s picture is fake she just wants to make extra cash by making people join a lot of surveys and there is nothing wrong with that but it’s not something that I recommend though.

Surveys don’t really deserve to waste all your energy on them and also you will only get confused if you join more than one survey.

A better way to make serious cash

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