Is Survey Spotter a scam?

Can you really make £300 per month or its just a scam? in this article I will be answering all your questions just keep reading

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What is survey spotter

Survey Spotter is a British company that claims that they collected the best survey opportunities and put them in their website, so once you join them you can select the highest paid surveys and make money with them.

Of course, it’s free to join because it will be weird if you pay to give your opinion, but one thing I want to mention is that surveys don’t make you much money but is this one different?

How does it work

It’s easy to sign up and of course, it’s free and then they give you a list of some companies where you can select the ones you want.

Survey Spotter will not pay you, you will get money with the surveys you will join because they simply make money by recruiting people to join these surveys.

The things I LIKE about Survey Spotter

– it’s free to join

legitimate company

The things I DON’T LIKE about Survey Spotter

-completing your profile info too many times.

-you are forced to join a lot of surveys the thing that will waste you a lot of time and will make you confused.

-there is no way you can make £300 with a survey.


a few years back I tried a lot of surveys that promised me That I will make a living by giving my opinion but none of them kept their promise because surveys make you only a few dollars after a hard work.

Well,surveys are not the best way to make money but if you want to make some extra cash I invite you to use Swagbucks because I have tried it before, it’s the highest paid survey but I stopped using it because I found a better way to make more money and I will talk about what I’m doing later .

Is Survey Spotter a scam?

No it’s not a scam it’s 100% legit but it’s impossible to make £300 it’s just a way they use to seduce you to join them you will make some money but personally, I think it’s not something that worth wasting in your precious time.

Well, surveys are not the best way to make money online because they only make you a few dollars after a hard work but if you really want to make money by giving your opinion in your free time so Swagbucks is the best because I’ve been using it before.

If you really want to quit your job or if you are a student like me who needs to make money at home so you can focus on your studies and don’t be worried about paying your rent or something I will share with you the best method to make serious money online.

How to Make more money


Making money online is awesome there is nothing better than being your own boss and work anywhere and any time you want my method, of course,e won’t make you money overnight but if you work hard in the first months you will see the positive results later.

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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