Is Smart Dollars Club a scam? TRUTH EXPOSED!

Making money by giving your opinion is cool and there are a lot of famous survey websites that give you cash and rewards but is Smart Dollars Club one of them? Can you really make $100 per survey?

Luckily, you landed on my honest review so I can show you why Smart Dollars Club Does not worth your time

  • Name: Smart Dollars Club
  • Website:
  • Owner: Hidden.
  • Price: Free.
  • Recommended? NO!

What is Smart Dollars Club?

Smart Dollars Club is a survey platform where you can make money by answering surveys. and are the same thing: the owner changed the name because got exposed and a lot of websites wrote about it including our website


Personally, I’m not a big fan of surveys because they are not the best way to make money online and there are famous companies that only pay $5 to $10 per survey.

When I found out that you can make $100+ per survey with Smart Dollars club I Knew it was a scam because this is just impossible but I was really curious to try it out and know exactly their intentions

I joined Smart Dollars Club with a secondary email that I use to review questionable websites:

When I clicked the start survey button to get my first $100 reward I was sent to a sports betting website, and after trying again and again I ended in a link that tried to install a virus on my computer.

Smart dollars Club reminds me of a lot of scam websites like PayWall and InstantWorking and DoEarning and Moneyoung… they are all free to join but they are all scams.

The common thing between these scams and smart dollars club is that the owners sell your personal info in  third-party websites so they can promote their stuff

Smart Dollars Club just want you to put your personal information so they can sell it on third-party websites.

I’ve reviewed a website called Paid Club and it looks exactly like Smart Dollars Club, and Paid Club is not the only one who has the same website design and here is the proof:

Please stay away from these websites because they are all the same scam with different names 

Is Smart Dollars Club a scam?

Smart dollars club is nothing but a HUGE SCAM and the thing that you should put in your mind is that there is no way that you can make a living with a survey unless if your opinion is going to change the world.

As I mentioned above and are the same scam but with a different website design.

Smart Dollars club is just going to sell your personal info and spam your inbox so please stay away from it and aware your friends on social media so they don’t put their personal info in risk.

 A legit survey that will make you some extra cash!

if you have much time on your hands and don’t know how to spend it then I highly invite you to try SWAGBUCKS.

Swagbucks is very famous and it’s the highest paid survey but it’s only available in USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, and Australia.

Remember that you can’t make a living with a survey but no one will mind some extra cash.

Surveys only make you pocket change

How to make a living online!

if you’re serious about making money online then the first step of succeeding online is to STOP falling for these half-baked scams and realize you need to put in a lot of effort to make money online.

The best way to make money online is with affiliate Marketing (How to make money online with Affiliate Marketing)

Before I introduce you to my recommendation I want you to know that the truth about making money online is that you need a good training because you can’t make money online without any knowledge under your belt don’t let scammers fool you.

The training that I use is called Wealthy Affiliate it’s an affiliate marketing training that is going to teach you how to build an affiliate site from scratch.

You will learn everything, how to write articles, how to bring traffic, really everything and the best part there is tons of support and help inside.

It’s free to join( No credit card required) and you will get 10 free training lessons you have absolutely nothing to lose just give it a try and you will see what you have been missing.

Check out my recommendation for newbies

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19 thoughts on “Is Smart Dollars Club a scam? TRUTH EXPOSED!”

  1. Thanks for the thorough review of Smart Dollars Club Miriam! It’s so frustrating and sad that there are so many companies like this out there taking advantage of poor and desperate people trying to make money online. Are there any specific survey websites that you would recommend or is the whole survey industry just one big scam?

    Thanks for your insight!

    • Hi Jon !

      Thanks for your comment, Yes of course there are legit survey websites but there is no way that you can make a living with a survey but some extra money won’t hurt anybody so  if you have much time in your hands and don’t know how to spend it then I invite you to try Swagbucks!

      Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Very good review. Thank you for revealing the scams out there and the truth of the survey. I always wondered about surveys and how well they really worked.
    Your information was good. Your introduction to your affiliate program was a bit abrupt but still well worded.
    I think with a bit more developing and time this will be a great working site for you.

  3. Ya you are absolutely right about that common thing.I too got hint from that .Thanks Mariem, your advice is really appreciable.You are doing really a very nice job.Your every effort to provide inormation is worth of it.Keep going ,have a good day ☺

  4. Hey there Mary,

    I have stumbled acroos Smart Dollars Club in the past, however I never dedicated my time to learn more about them. Although I did hear some bad things about them. Thankfully I have found Your review so I can finally disocver the truth behind them. First of all, I want to say that I found Your review to be very informative & helpful, thanks a lot! As far as Smart Dollars Club goes, well… I am not surprised honestly. Unfourtunetaly, today’s world is filled with scam and lies, especially online making money niche, therefore it is crucial to be prepared and not fall for this type of scams. That’s why people like You do a very important job of protecting us, as a community from such bad things happening to us, thank You! Keep up the great work Mary 😉

  5. Well the moment I saw the claim that you can make over $100 per survey – I knew I was onto a ‘bad one’. What company earns enough to pay it’s members $100 a survey – most survey sites struggle to pay their members over a dollar for a survey completion! 

    Another phising website setup to steal then sell on your info – very sad! 

    You say this is not the first time this company has surfaced – did you become a member and test the older site out?

    • Thanks for commenting Chris !

      Yes as I mentioned this company had another Website with the same name but a different design!

      Before reviewing any website I make sure to join them with a secondary email that I use to review questionable websites and I’m not going to lie when I came across Smart Dollars Club I knew it was a scam I only joined them to get more info for my post 

  6. It makes me sad that there are so many people out there that are making a living on scamming other people. Everyone wants to find a way to make some extra money in this time when practically every thing costs money and things are getting more expensive. And then there are those that take advantage of that.

    I try to stay far away from anything that promises mountains of gold. Thanks for warning us about these scammers, save me a lot of time.

  7. Another web scam exposed. It’s like they have a factory that produces these scams on a regular basis because with a lot been exposed more are springing up every single day and people who are not aware of these fall victim on a regular basis.

    The catch of making $100 doing surveys is rather eye catching. A lot of people looking to make money online that are not experienced would fall for that. I wish there is a better punishment for those behind these scams than just letting people been aware of them. It’s really becoming too much.

    • Thanks Jay for commenting!

      You are absolutely right these scammers need to be punished! it’s so sad that a lot of innocent newbies fall for them.

  8. Thanks for warning about the smart dollar club.

    It’s ridiculous, you couldn’t even write one survey at that platform? I wonder who is promoting this kind of programs. Is there an affiliate program going with smart dollar club? 

    Rather unlikely when the whole scam is for free. Just collecting email adress and selling them to other scams.

    It’s always good to know there are responsable people out there that expose these scams.

  9. marry thank you.  There are a lot of them survey sites online who ate scammers.  I can’t believe they are going all the way to sell ones information to a third party website.  I have often come across a lot of these survey sites abs really have not seen anything forthcoming despite their claim..  Well I know there is no way you are  going to make $100 from a single survey.  

    It’s purely a scan. 

  10. Wow that was a great review! Thank you for exposing this  “smart dollars club” for what they really are, a huge scam like you indicated in your review!  What’s worst is they direct you to some scummy website that tries to install a virus on your machine!!!  

    It is very sad that people get caught in schemes like this and they get spammed like heck afterwards because they gave their personal info, in the hopes of making $100 per survey!

    Thanks to your review, hopefully less people will get caught in their lies and will be able to make the smart decision of staying away!  I surely will NOT give them any on my personal info.

    Great job!  Especially the part that you give us an alternative to make a living online instead of being scammed!  I will definitely check out your recommendation!


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