is Survey Queen a scam? My honest review

You came across a website called Survey Queen and you are wondering if you can really make money with it or it’s just another scam?

First of all, I’m glad that you are doing your research before joining because this is the best way to save your money and time from online scams!

What is Survey Queen

Survey Queen is a survey aggregator that sends you to different surveys so you can earn money by answering them.

I’ve reviewed similar websites like Survey Money Machines and Survey Spotter and Aussie Paid surveys.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of surveys and what I don’t like more than surveys are the survey aggregators because they keep sending you to random surveys and you have to complete your profile info everytime you join a new company.

My experience with Survey Queen 

I joined Survey Queen with an email that I use to review questionable websites.

When I subscribed they gave me a list of surveys to sign up for and the first survey I spotted was Survey Voices.

They want you to sign up to any survey website out there no matter if it’s legit or scam!

Survey voices: is a cookie cutter site that has been copied over and over and it has the same website design as Smart dollar Club and Paid club they are all the same scam but with different names

If you join survey voices they will sell your personal info to third party websites and spam your inbox trust me you are not going to earn any cent with this one.

Get paid to try: is just another scam that has lots of complaints.

is Survey Queen a scam?

I don’t want to say it’s a scam but it’s not trustworthy because they just want you to signup for companies without carrying if they are scams or not.

This is why you should avoid survey aggregators they just want you to join as many surveys as possible because the more you join the more they earn.

To conclude I don’t recommend Survey Queen because they will connect you with SCAMS!

Surveys are good for extra cash but they are not the best way to make money online so if you have much time in your hand I invite you to try SWAGBUCKS  because it’s the must legit survey you can find out there. But don’t expect to get rich or something because that can’t happen with a survey.

Similiar survey aggregators you should avoid

My #1 Recommendation

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I was a newbie as well and I was scammed to many times that I even started to believe that making money online is just impossible until I came across this amazing community.

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2 thoughts on “is Survey Queen a scam? My honest review”

  1. I would go further than just “not trustworthy.” They commit Consumer Fraud. I started wondering how come I wasn’t being paid for my survey work and months later, by a quirk, I found the checks I had been waiting for on the dashboard of Survey Queen. Not only those but also my Stimulus Check. WHAT??? How did that happen. I will be reporting them to the FTC as well as others that collect funds from fraudulent companies who commit Consumer Fraud. These Sweepstakes companies who commit to pay you if you win their contests, etc., and weeks and months later…not one penny. It is shameful.


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