Profit 24/7 review: SCAM SCAM SCAM!!


So you are here after receiving an email that tells you how amazing is Profit 24/7 and you are wondering if it’s a big opportunity or just another scam?

Just read this quick review to know the whole truth behind profit 24/7

What is Profit 24/7?

Profit 24/7 is a brand new product that has been released a few days ago that claims that you can make real money fast.

I have reviewed a bunch of Clickbank products like this one like SmartMoney.Click and most of them sell you low-quality products that you can find them for a very low price online or even free.

When I received the email and after watching the promo video I had so many questions like: How the members supposed to make money when the product has been released a few days ago?

Personally, I don’t trust new products because most of them turn into scams or a waste of time.

How does it work?

Profit 24/7 is a ClickBank product so you have to expect lots of upsells, of course, you can not buy them but they make you believe that if you buy them you will earn more but the truth is that the real earner is the owner.

Another thing I want to mention is that there are no testimonials or something that proves he is telling the truth.

And the most ridiculous thing is they don’t allow you to try things out for free they just want you to spend your hard earned money directly.

Even the owner is not giving enough info about himself he’s just using a fake stock picture and fake nickname to stay safe.

Trust me I’ve reviewed a lot of ClickBank products and all of them are just a waste of time as they just want to make some money fast by selling you some basic training that doesn’t worth any cent.

The only good thing about ClickBank products is that you can get back some of your money but come on who wants to waste all this energy without getting anything in return?

Is Profit 24/7 a scam?

Yes, I will say it’s a scam because there is nothing that proves that the spokesperson is telling the truth and also it’s a new product….

It’s a cookie cutter website!

Profit 24/7 is nothing but another cookie cutter website, the owners of these kind of products are just using the same scam but with different names like: Tube Profit Sniper and and Tube Crusher.

To conclude Profit 24/7 is nothing but a waste of time so please stay away from it and also try to avoid all ClickBank products because they just want you to spend as much as possible without getting anything in return.

I’m really glad that you have done your research before getting their product and I hope this article saved your $37 (+upsells).

How about using a real proven method?

Profit 24/7 is obviously a scam they just want you to get their product without even trying it.

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