Is Paid Club a scam? THE UGLY TRUTH!!

So you are looking for a legit way to make money online and you came across a website called and you are wondering if it’s legit or not?
In this quick review, I’m going to expose the truth behind!
  • Name: Paid Club.
  • Website:
  • Price: Free.
  • Owner: Unkown.
  • Recommended? HELL NO!

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What is Paid Club?

Paid Club is a survey aggregator that everyone is talking about but there aren’t a lot of reviews about it.
I’ve reviewed a website called Survey Money Machines and it’s also a survey aggregator that recommend you to join a bunch of surveys with the promise of making more money and I explained that joining more than 2 surveys will only confuse you and waste you a lot of time.
The weirdest thing about a Paid club is that there is someone that is using the same website design with different names and here is the proof.:

As you can see it’s the same design but with a different name and I’ve done an honest review about it just in case you want to check it out ( Smart Dollars Club review)


Another website with the same design and the same bullshit but with a different name

  • Survey voices

And another one! same design with a different name

The worst thing about survey aggregators is that they keep sending you random surveys and you have to complete your profile every single time you join a new company which  can cause:

  • they will sell your info: must of these free scams make money from you by selling your personal info in third-party companies so they can promote their stuff
  • you will waste a lot of time and get confused: As I explained earlier joining more than 1 or 2 surveys will only confuse you and waste you a lot of time and energy.

While doing my research on this website I’ve seen a lot is trusting some liars who claim that they made something like $300 with Paid club.

Paid Club is paying celebrities to promote their site!

Not because a celebrity is promoting something it means that is really working because all of them are doing so just for money.

When a celebrity promote a product doesn’t mean that they like it and they want you to try it too, companies are only paying them because they know that if a fan sees his favorite celeb using a product he will go and get it too, so don’t get fooled by this cheap trick 😉

People are complaining in the comments!


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there is no way that you can make that much of money with a survey!

you can’t make a lot of money with a Survey because simply your opinion is not going to change the world.

Surveys are perfect for making some extra money so don’t expect to get rich or something like that because that is just impossible.

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Is Paid Club a scam?


Paid Club will only send you to surveys full of spam because sites like this one only want to sell your information to third party websites and spam your inbox.

I’ve reviewed a lot of similar websites like DoEarning and InstantWorking thy both have the same design but with a different name and of course they are both scams.

Paid Club is not the first or last scam you will find online and it’s really sad how these scammers like this are taking advantage of people with no experience who are trying to make money online.

I’m really glad that you are doing your research before joining this scam and please aware your friends on social media so they don’t get fooled by this liar.

Another thing I want to mention which is never trust a company with a hidden owner because there is no reason to hide your identity unless you are planning to scam people.

Surveys will only make you pocket change

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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