Is Hiresine a Scam? 3 Reasons why you should avoid this platform! (2021)

Welcome to my review! (Updated for 2021)

This freelance platform is something I am familiar with even before I’ve known Fiverr, UpWork, or my personal favorite People Per Hour.

However, I didn’t join them because they are overwhelmed with reviews indicating that they are a scam.

Some of the claims further stated that the company disguises itself as a freelance platform to conceal whatever agenda they have.

With this in mind, some of you might be asking—is a scam?

I will be discussing this issue in this review and help you determine whether to invest time and effort into the platform or not.

Also, I have reviewed similar platforms in the past. It is as follows if you want to check them out—MegaTypers, Music Xray, Dabbl App, and 3Play Media, to name a few.

So once again, is a scam? Or are they a legitimate source of income?

Without further delays, let begin…

Hiresine Review

  • Name: Hiresine
  • Website:
  • Founder: Undisclosed
  • Price: Free-to-join
  • Recommended?: No!
Is Hiresine a scam
Is Hiresine a scam

What is is supposedly an online marketplace for freelancers. Other similar platforms include Fiverr, UpWork, or People Per Hour.

When we say freelance platforms, it means they offer sorts of online jobs that include content writing, graphic designing, copywriters, data encoding, typing, etc.

I even found people offering songwriting services on certain platforms.

However, unlike other credible freelance platforms, the company is not openly willing to disclose basic information such as founder and date of foundation.

Is Hiresine a scam

The only information that they give you when you visit their official website is that the business is currently residing in Gurugram, Haryana, India. But that’s not it apparently.

This is because when you use WHOIS and search for any information about the company, it reveals that their owners are concealed, and it shows another address, which is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Uhmm… you can sense that something is fishy just by referring to this simple data.

I have heard of since 2017 or 2018. When I searched for online jobs, they were the ones that first pop up.

But as I said, the claims that it's a scam are overwhelmingly high, so I ended up joining instead (it’s a freelance platform in the Philippines that was eventually shut down). is essentially considered a scam by many because there is no real work within the platform.

They are loaded with advertisements. It is also misleading because it would put you in a continuous loop where you’ll be landing on the same page over and over again.

The company is obviously profiting from those clicks so long as you keep on clicking them.

You might even be tempted to engage eventually as a result of the persistent advertisement.

Is Hiresine a scam

How do works?

Like any other freelance platform, you have to sign up for a membership to apply for gigs or market the services you offer.

This is how freelance platforms supposed to work, right?

But as it turns out, the registration process is too unclear, and it would just land you from one advertisement to another advertisement.

Some might find it frustrating that every single click that they make redirects them to another unrelated page.

After five minutes of a seemingly endless loop, they will finally let you sign up. And then, after all this time, you will only need to provide basic personal information like name, email address, and contact number.

So after this, you’ll get job listings and apply for them, or create a gig to promote your services, right?

Well, the answer is no.

You don’t get anything! Zero opportunities! What a waste of time!

It’s pretty apparent at this point that they are just trying to upsell.

Also, they earn per click, which makes them more scammy, considering that you have to tickle a lot of buttons.

And after you’ve signed up, there are more advertisements to come.

From the looks of it, is apparently practicing dishonesty for its own benefit.

If you’re looking for a legitimate business to work with, is definitely not the place to go.

Check out the description below and learn how you can earn income online from a credible source—

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Is it a reliable source of income?

As you might have surmised by now, is not a reliable source of income.

They are not even a legitimate business, to begin with.

Although you won’t get scammed for money, you’ll definitely get fooled, believing that there’s a job waiting for you after the registration of the process.

You won’t really get anything from them. What you get instead is an advertisement after advertisement leading to nowhere.

You don’t get to earn anything, but certainly, they would have a chance of earning. From the clicks alone, they are already earning.

They’ll earn even higher income if you finally succumb to their trap and purchase whatever they are offering. is actually abusing a legitimate and legal business called Affiliate Marketing.

This platform is one of the hottest trends today in terms of earning money online.

There is a much better way how to do Affiliate Marketing. Without needing to deceive people.

If you want to know how to do Affiliate Marketing properly, then you have to check out the following description—

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3 Reasons Why I don't Recommend

There is no doubt that this company is a scam. Now, here are some of the reasons why you should stay away from them:

Company background is not fully disclosed

The company concealed and even provided inaccurate information about the platform.


They do not actually create work but redirects you to an advertisement and on to another, and it goes on for five long minutes.

And after going through this process, you really get anything useful from the.

Fake testimonials

Well, of course, testimonials from real people make the platform more credible.

It gives some sort of assurance to the potential new member that the business is legitimate after all, right?

You might be surprised that the platform has testimonials.

But it is hard to distinguish whether a testimonial is from a real person or fake—like you can easily manufacture an account that has a profile picture from stock images.

If you are a fake platform, then you have to make fake testimonials as well to create fake credibility.

What I Like About (if there are any)

No positives for this company. Stay away from them and never engage.

Is a scam?

If the company is honest and has no intention to do ill, then why aren’t they willing to fully disclose basic company information to the public, right?

The fact that they conceal current owners and even attempted to hide even their inception date is a bit sketchy if you ask me.

Also, and as I repeatedly emphasized, the platform just puts you within a continuous loop of advertisement. And after all this time, there’s really no work waiting for you.

They eventually gain if, by chance, you got enticed by whatever they are promoting.

So the bottom line is that you just got fooled by them. And yes, they are a scam.

Final thoughts

I hope my review has provided you sufficient information you need in answering the question—is a scam?

And I hope by now the answer is clear. Never consider this platform. They are a scam.

You will waste a lot of time and effort on this platform. Thus, don’t even bother trying them.

If you’re looking for legitimate and credible freelance platforms, then try Fiverr, UpWork, or People Per Hour.

But if your desire is a more reliable and higher source of income, then continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial success online…

How I earn income online

As I mentioned earlier, have misused Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is perfectly legal and legitimate, and the earning potential is high if you know the right tools.

Also, take note that there is a proper way in the business without using deception and taking advantage of others.

Let me explain first Affiliate Marketing briefly.

This business allows you to earn income by promoting other people's/companies' products or services.

The best part about this business is that you don't need to buy any product!

You just need to join the company you want to work with and they will give you affiliate links so you can promote their products/services through them and earn delicious commissions!

Interested? Click on the button below to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my 2021 updated review!

I hope to see you in the next reviews!


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