Is Clout Cash Club a scam? (honest review)

Can you really make money with Clout Cash Club or it’s just another scam?

Here I will share with you my honest review and also my experience with Clout Cash Club just keep reading.

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What is Clout Cash Club?

Clout Cash Club is an online survey aggregator, where members get access to high paying surveys according to them.

the thing that I know and I hate about survey aggregators is that they waste a lot of time and energy especially if you join more than three surveys.

The weird thing about Clout cash club is that they promise you that you can make more than $70 per survey which is something impossible.

Surveys are perfect for extra cash and the best surveys I know can make you $5 to $10 per survey so don’t expect to make a living with a survey because this is just impossible.

I was curious to know this is different than scam surveys that I reviewed so I signed up with an email that I use to discover questionable websites.

How does it work?

I insert my email and then I confirm it to get my survey bonus of $75-150 when I clicked the link I’ve been told that I have been chosen and I will start earning $350+ a day.

when I clicked the begin survey button I’ve been sent to a sports betting website.

This reminds me of Smart Dollar Club they say the same things and they both websites send you to the same sports betting website.


Is Clout Cash Club a scam?

First of all, it’s normal that Clout Cash Club is free to join because it would be weird if you pay to take surveys.

Clout Cash club looks exactly like some scam surveys like Taking Work and Smart Dollars Club and Paid Club.

This kind of surveys just want you to put your personal info so they can sell them to third-party websites so they can promote their product

Never expect to get that much money with a survey, making a living online is so real but it takes your hard work and passion.

Please Stay away from this website because you are not going to make any money you will just waste your time and put your personal info in risk and also aware your friends on social media so they can avoid it.

Surveys will never make you that much of money so don’t be shocked you may make some few dollars if you are lucky but it will only waste your time.

Making money online is possible and the best way is to build a website and it can be about anything you like because everything has an audience.

building a website is not as hard as it sounds thanks to the step by step training that helped me to start my own business online.

How to actually make money online

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