Is Taking Work a scam? REAL TRUTH REVEALED!

So you are wondering if you can really make money with or they just want to scam you?

If it’s so, Int this quick review I’m going to expose the whole truth behind TakingWork so let’s dive in to know why I don’t recommend it!


  • Name: Taking Work
  • Website:
  • Price: Free.
  • Owner: Hidden.
  • Recommended? No.!

    What is TakingWork?

TakingWork claims that you can make money fast by only following some easy steps.

They also claim to best the best job online and that they send thousands of dollars to their members every month.

they don’t give enough info and there are no testimonials or proofs and even the owner is hidden his identity.

What TakingWork actually is

Taking work reminds me of two websites called (DoEarning review) and (InstantWorking Review) and the weird thing is that they both have the same website design but with different names.

I’ve reviewed this two websites and they are both scams, and of course, before reviewing them I joined them with an email that I use to review questionable websites.

My experience with

DoEarning was the first similar website that I reviewed, it took me only a few seconds to join and all I needed to do is to put my email and a password, and then they gave me a referral link so I can share it on social media and get $10 for each person that clicks on the link.

I asked some of my friends to click on the link but as I expected I didn’t get any penny and they started sending me some surveys and those surveys are not even free.

I didn’t take any of these surveys because I know that you can’t pay to give your opinion surveys are free and if someone asks you to pay to take surveys please just run away!

Is TakingWork the same as DoEarning?

Unfortunately YES, and there are no doubts because they both have the same design and the same bullshit.

Another important thing I want to mention is that these websites are very unsafe because all they want to do is to sell your personal info to third-party websites so they can make some money.

Third party websites use your info to promote their products, and this is how these scammers get money from you.

when I was doing my research about TakingWork I found out that there are a lot of websites that have the same design.

this is the list of the websites that have the same design:

This is the list of the websites who have the same design and content so please stay away from it and aware your friends in social media.


Is TakingWork a scam?

Yes, taking work is a scam that you don’t want to mess with because the owner will sell your personal info to third-party websites and spam your inbox.

sadly there a lot of scams like this online and like Smart Dollars Club and Paid Club they both are the same scams with the same design and lies but with different names.

I’m really glad that you are doing your research before joining this scam and the advice that I can give you is don’t trust an unknown company with a hidden owner.

Personally, I would never trust a website with a hidden owner because there is no reason to hide unless you are trying to scam people.

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