Zero to Brand Review: Read this before you register!

Welcome to my Zero to Brand review!

If you’re looking for a legitimate work-from-home gig or planning to sell on Amazon, then there’s a good chance that you might have come across Zero to Brand.

However, you might have felt to do a little background checking first before you engaged in them.

If you’re looking for answers about whether this training program is legitimate or a scam, then you have come to the right place.

In this content, I will provide you an analysis of their courses and help you determine if you should invest in their program.

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So without further delays, let’s begin my Zero to Brand review…

Zero to Brand Review

  • Name: Zero to Brand
  • Website:
  • Founder: Matt Loberstein
  • Price: Initial enrollment fee of $997
  • Recommended?: It depends (read on!)
Zero to Brand Review

Amazon FBA, in a nutshell

Before I begin explaining who Matt Loberstein is and Zero to Brand is all about, I think I need to briefly discuss first what an Amazon FBA is.

It is in this way that you can get a clearer overview of the online training program being offered.

Now, FBA actually stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. To give you a simple definition, it is the relationship between Amazon and the seller.

So how it basically works is that—

  • You, as a seller, will send Amazon your products.
  • The products are stored in their warehouse and become visible to Amazon customers on their website.
  • When a customer made an order, Amazon performs the following actions—he picks the specific product, packed, ships, and tracks transactions on your behalf.
  • They will also handle returns and refunds.

Of course, this service comes with a cost that includes fulfillment and warehouse storage fees.

If you’re a seller, why use Amazon Prime?

I guess the answer is pretty obvious. There are over 300 million people actively using Amazon worldwide.

And 90 million Amazon Prime subscribers are in the United States.

And customers using Prime spends more money compared to subscribers using the platform for free. In comparison, a regular account user is spending an average of $700 in a year, while a single Prime subscriber is averaging an average of $1,300 yearly.

With this being said—using Amazon FBA is essential because it improves your visibility and increases your chances of making sales.

To know more about this online business model, click here.

So before we go to the actual training program about Amazon FBA, I have to introduce first its founder…

Who is Matt Loberstein?

Zero to Brand Review

Matt Lobster is the founder of the Zero to Brand program. And he is very prominent in the field of Amazon FBA.

Aside from managing his online courses, he also has a YouTube channel under the same name and currently has 27.4k subscribers at the time of this writing.

You can clearly sense that he is very knowledgeable on a specific topic when you hear him speak.

Although there are comments saying that there is a lot of clickbait, I think that overall, he offers good content on his channel, in my opinion. And it could be helpful to anyone looking for inspiration in the online industry.

Zero to Brand Review
Zero to Brand Review

What is Zero to Brand?

As you might have already surmised, Zero to Brand is an online training program that teaches you how to utilize Amazon FBA to your advantage.

Zero to Brand Review

Once you’ve become a member, you will benefit from over 100 videos about the said topic and earn from the largest online merchant in the world.

Below is a summary of their module—

Introduction and Mindset

If you decide to take Zero to Brand classes, you are essentially planning to undertake the online business venture, and having the right mindset is essential for you to succeed in your chosen endeavor.

This module primarily involves conditioning your mind and learning to manage your thoughts before the actual lessons are provided.

Business Fundamentals

The core lessons are not yet taught here.

Instead, he discusses the legal aspects of creating an online business before you can actually use Amazon FBA.

Some of the things you’ll learn include information about insurance, LLC, tax, etc.

Amazon Fundamentals

Now, this is where he teaches you the basics of selling your products on Amazon.

Some of the things you’ll learn will include creating an Amazon account and the fees you can keep in mind.

Product Selection

For this section, he’ll teach you how to select products and what to avoid in a 20 part video.


For this part of the module, he will guide you on where to source your products.

It involves finding suppliers and how to communicate with them effectively.


He will teach the basics of shipping, and import duties, shipment costs, and shipping methods.

In addition, he will also provide how you can save from shipping.

Building your Foundation

As the term implies, it is all about building your foundation.

It includes pricing, creating product descriptions, and choosing the proper images to use.

In addition, he will also teach you email marketing and keyword search.

Launch Day

As for this module, it involves how to prepare for your launch day.


For this part, Matt will teach you how to optimize your product listings and improve conversion rates.


This module provides you training on sales funnels, using social media platforms to your advantage, hiring online workers, etc.

The registration process

To enroll in his Zero to Brand courses, you need to settle a membership fee of $997.

It is definitely expensive, but this actually cheaper compare to other Amazon FBA courses, believe it or not.

A plus of their program is that they offer a 30-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied with their program.

But in any case, the $1,000 enrollment is still very expensive, and not everybody can afford it.

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Is it worth the money?

You have to remember that like in any other training programs or seminars—some may feel that it worked while others may feel that it didn’t do anything for them.

Also, you shouldn’t fall into the hype created by online marketers. Although they are legitimate, there are still no guarantees of success.

All they can give you are advice, guidelines, software, or tools, and you will still pretty much curve your own success in whatever endeavor you engaged in.

As far as I am concerned, it is still a trial and error. And making expenses of about $1,000 is impractical, especially if the enrollee fails altogether—an expensive way to fail if you will.

But if you have a sufficient budget and then mind spending this much, then you could maybe try investing in such training programs.

Don’t get me wrong here; I am not against with online training programs—the higher the risk, the higher the return, right?

But remember that not all investment yields to profits; it may result in epic losses as well.

What I’m trying to say here is that there are ways how you can minimize the risk and achieve financial stability and earn a significant income.

There are better options out there!

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Is Zero to Brand a scam?

No. I am positive that Zero to Brand is not a scam.

If you want to sign up with them and learn more about Amazon FBA, then you can fully trust them.

What I Don't Like About Zero to Brand

Amazon FBA is difficult

The Amazon FBA can be challenging at times and costly.

What I Like About Zero to Brand

30-day refund policy

Zero to Brand has an excellent refund policy that gives your money back if you’re not satisfied.

Legitimate creator

Matt Loberstein is a prominent individual in Amazon FBA, so you’re in good hands in case you join them.

Final thoughts

I hope my Zero to Brand review has provided you valuable insight into the company and helped you determine whether it’s a good investment in helping your online business grow or should you search for other programs.

Although it is legitimate, I still don’t recommend them or any expensive training program for that matter.

Continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom online…

How I earn income online

Affiliate Marketing is a better choice than any online money-making schemes around for few apparent reasons—

  • It is free, to begin with!
  • No upsells!
  • It is risk-free!
  • Very affordable!
  • Unlimited income because you can essentially promote as many businesses as you like!

Yes, what you’ll basically be doing is to promote a brand using an affiliate link through your online site.

And then, you earn commissions every time someone engages the link you’ve provided and use it to avail the products or services offered on the landing page of the brand you’re promoting.

Of course, the success of this endeavor relies on the quality of traffic being driven into your website.

If you’re a complete beginner and don’t where to begin or already have an idea of how it works but struggling as of the moment, then worry no further…

I have the perfect solution to your concerns!

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Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my Zero to Brand review!

I hope to see you next time!


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