Wealthy Affiliate (Honest) 2021 Review: The Good & The Bad!

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate 2021 review 🙂

You are probably here because you are not sure if Wealthy Affiliate is actually the #1 as their members claim or it's a massive scam you should avoid?

In this review, I'll show you the good, the bad, give you my honest opinion about WA, and help you decide whether it's the right place for you or not.

So what is Wealthy Affiliate? is it a scam or actually worth your time? you'll find the answers below 🙂

What is Affiliate Marketing?

before we get into this Wealthy Affiliate Review, let me show you what affiliate marketing is, in case you have no idea.

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting people's (or companies') products and whenever someone buys what you are promoting through your unique so-called affiliate link you earn a commission.

This is how Affiliate Marketing works, and there are a lot of companies that are going to pay you to promote their products including Amazon and eBay.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and the best part about it is that it's cheap and way more profitable compared to other opportunities like MLMs.

Here is a post where I explained why affiliate marketing is the best online business for beginners just in case you need more details.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate 
  • Website: WealthyAffiliate.com
  • Founder: Kyle & Carson
  • Price: $0 to start - $49/month - $39/month if you go biannually - $29/month if you go yearly.
  • Recommended?: Yes!
wealthy affiliate review

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a community that teaches you how to build your own online business using the affiliate marketing business model

This community has been around since 2005 and was created by Kyle and Carson. (kyle and his family on left, Carson and his family on right)

                Wealthy Affiliate (Honest) Review: The Good & The Bad!

According to the owners, Wealthy Affiliate is the best Step-By-step training to build an incredibly successful online business!

Is that true?

Let's find out!

Inside Wealthy Affiliate

1- Training

There are two main courses

1- Online entrepreneur certification: this is for members who want to pick their own topic and learn how to make money with it.
2-Affiliate Bootcamp: this is for members who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

the basic training has five courses and each course has 10 lessons.

These lessons contain explanations, videos, and step-by-step instruction.

And there will be a task for each lesson so you implement what you learned right away.

There is also a discussion under each lesson where you can ask people questions regarding the lesson, in case you don't seem to understand something,

And not only that!

There is a weekly live training by Jay, Wealthy affiliate's training chief.

Wealthy Affiliate (Honest) Review: The Good & The Bad!

Jay teaches various topics related to internet marketing such as email marketing, youtube marketing, and a lot more.

Another great thing about WA is that they allow their members to create their own training inside the community in return WA offers them credits depending on the engagement of the training.

So besides the main WA training, you will find tons of valuable info shared by the members

2- Tools

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform, so when you join you don't need to worry about where to get hosting or a keyword tool because WA will provide you with all that.

Here is what you'll get

  • Website builder
  • web hosting
  • website domain registration
  • keyword research tool
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Custom business email address
  • Thousands of free themes for your website.

Apart from your domain name, there is no additional charge for these tools and services.

And it only costs around $14-$16/year to get a domain name (your sites' URL)

3- Support 

What makes Wealthy Affiliate unique is its great 24/7 support.

Wealthy Affiliate (Honest) Review: The Good & The Bad!

Here is the support you will get when you join.

- Site Support

If you have any technical issues with your site, you can go to the site support, describe your problem and they will fix it!

- Live Chat

Wealthy Affiliate has a live chat that runs 24/7, where you can stay in touch with affiliate marketers from around the world.

So if you need a quick answer to your burning question, or if you need an instant fix just go to the live chat and you will find someone who will help you out.

- Private Message

This allows you to request help from any member of the community, so if you don't want to post your question publicly or you need help from a specific member, you can send them a private message.

- Access To The Owners

Another cool WA feature is that you can actually message the owners of this community (Kyle & Carson)if you need their help!

Kyle & Carson love what they are doing and they are very active inside the community!

- My Personal Support

If you join WA using a member's affiliate link you will have a dedicated person to help you!

So if you want to join Wealthy Affiliate, then I will be glad to be your mentor and help you with literally any problem you run into. 😊

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership options, which are:

Starter Membership (free):

The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they allow you to try things out for free and you don't need to give your card information.

You can set your account and go through 10 free lessons that show how things work,

With the starter membership, you can build a website using WordPress, search for keywords, and write content for free!

Premium Membership:

If you signup using any link or button in this article you will get a 59% discount for your first month and you will only pay $19.

The second month will be $49, with the premium membership you unlock the rest of the training, tools, and services.

There are also other options that allow you to save money which are the annual and biannual memberships.

If you choose to go biannually you will pay $39 (which means $234 for 6 months)

And if you choose to go yearly you will only pay $29,92 ($359 for 12 months) just imagine building an online business for less than $1 per day!

That's a heck of a deal!

Note: the biannual and annual costs are paid upfront!

Are there any Hidden Upsells?

Wealthy Affiliate has absolutely no hidden upsells

So besides the premium membership cost the only thing you need to pay for is a domain name for your website (your site's URL) that costs around $14-$16/ Year

And that's it!

There're no hidden costs or Upsells at all!

What you get with the starter membership

  • 10 free training lessons
  • 1 free website
  • 30 free search with Jaxy (keyword tool)
  • 7 days of free live help
  • 1-on-1 coaching available for 7 days
  • Affiliate program (21-24% commissions)

What you get with the premium membership

  • Unlimited live help
  • Unlimited private messaging
  • 10 websites
  • Website Backup
  • Websites security package
  • Full access to the beginner training course
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (all phases)
  • Live video classes
  • All walkthrough videos
  • Affiliate program (up to 49% commissions)
  • 1-on-1 coaching (unlimited)
  • Private access to Webinars
  • 24/7 website support
  • website feedback platform
  • Unlimited keyword search
  • and more

How To Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate

I've read a lot of negative reviews from people who haven't even tried this community saying that (tHey WiLl OnLy TeAcH yOu HoW to ProMotE tHeir AfFiliate ProGram)

That is not true at all!

Wealthy Affiliate has a great affiliate program that pays up to $49% commission and a lot of affiliates are making good money promoting it.

But there are also A LOT of affiliates who made success outside the "Make Money Online" niche!

Success story #1:+$1000 Promoting Amazon's Products

Read The Full Post

Success story #2: +3000/month From a Travel Blog

Read the full post

Success story #3: +$15,765.97/month From a Fitness Blog!

Read the full post 

Want more proof? here is a huge list of WA members who made success outside the "MMO" niche!

A lot of Wealthy Affiliate members are making money promoting our favorite companies' products like Amazon, Apple, eBay, Alixpress, Home Depot, and a lot more.

So if you are not interested in helping other people to make money online (like I do)

Then I recommend you stay away from the "make money online niche" because you don't have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to make money.

Your site can be about anything you want and there is no such thing as a not profitable niche!

Everything has an audience and no matter what your site's about you'll definitely find affiliate programs to partner with, and customers ready to buy what you are promoting.

The Screenshot below shows how you are going to make money.

What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate.

  • All In One Platform
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Free To try (no credit card required)
  • Cheap & Cost-Effective
  • No Hidden Upsells
  • 24/7 Support
  • Make Money With Your Passion
  • They've been around since 2005
  • Experienced Affiliates Share Super Tips All The time!

What I don't Like About Wealthy Affiliate.

As promised, I will also show you the bad!

I love WA but of course, they are not perfect so here are the things I don't like About this community:

More for Beginners

Although the site says that WA is designed for Affiliate Marketers of all levels, I personally think that it's more for beginners.

wealthy affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate is the best place for new affiliates, and I know that the majority of WA Members are new in the affiliate marketing world,

But I would love to see advanced training provided for those who have more experience!

So in my opinion, their training won't help you if you are an experienced Affiliate, but you can use their affiliate program to create an additional income stream.

You can also benefit from this platform by hosting your website because WA offers free SSL Certificates to all their Premium Members.

They Don't have the best refund policy

Wealthy Affiliate doesn't have the best refund policy, but fortunately, they have a free membership that allows you to try WA for free and without giving any card information.

But if you upgrade to premium you can't get a refund.

You can cancel your membership any time you want but once paid it won't be easy to get your money back.

So I recommend you try WA for free to have a feel of the community before giving your money.

No International Love!

Another thing I don't like about WA is that their free membership is not available worldwide.

Here is the list of the non-supported countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Morocco(My country of origin 🙁 )
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Kenya.

According to Kyle, there is a lot of spam and fraud from these countries, so they are excluded to protect WA.

However, people from these countries (except Nigeria) can join the premium membership (no discount on the first month) if they are really serious about learning from WA.

But don't worry my Nigerian friends, you can still use a VPN To join if you are interested in learning from WA!

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

A lot of people are making a fortune online thanks to WA but of course, this didn't happen overnight.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme and these members had to work hard and smart for months to achieve that.

Building an online business takes time and hard work and there are absolutely no shortcuts!

Wealthy Affiliate (Honest) Review: The Good & The Bad!

Wealthy Affiliate (Honest) Review: The Good & The Bad!

Wealthy Affiliate (Honest) Review: The Good & The Bad!

These are just a few of hundreds of success stories and the success rate is only raising at WA!

You can read more success stories here!

Wealthy Affiliate VS Competitors

Compared to A LOT of affiliate marketing training platforms and courses, Wealthy Affiliate is very affordable and cost-effective.

You don't believe me?

Here is a list of some of  WA competitors and their costs:

  • My online Startup costs $497 (Keyword tool and hosting are not included)
  • AWOL Academy costs from $99 to $8,810 (no hosting or keyword tool)
  • Super Affiliate Network costs $37 to $12,497 (no hosting or keyword tool)

Wealthy Affiliate for that price is a blessing especially for beginners,

Also, the keyword tool and web hosting that Wealthy affiliate include in their premium membership alone already worth more than $50/month

And if you don't believe me, you can check out the pricing of the third-party web hosting, keyword tools, and things like that, to see what I'm talking about

Final Worlds - Do I Recommend WA?

According to my opinion and my experience, Wealthy Affiliate is well worth joining and I do recommend it with confidence because of various reasons including the following:

It's free to try:

I've been doing this for more than 2 years and I've seen a lot of business opportunities and so many of them ask for a lot of money to start.

Personally, I won't waste my money on something without knowing if it's right for me or not.

But in WA case you have nothing to lose! you can try it and see for yourself if it's good for you or not.

A lot of free stuff!

There is a lot of free stuff  included with your membership that will help you grow your business including:

Inside Wealthy Affiliate 

Step-By-Step Training Lessons (+$899 Value)

  • Learning the basics of affiliate marketing!
  • Help you find a profitable niche!
  • Help you build a money-generating website from scratch!
  • Drive unlimited traffic to your website for free!
  • help you Find affiliate products to promote!
  • Start Earning delicious affiliate commissions!

Support, Services, Tools... (Value +$3906)

  • Free WordPress Optimized Hosting (10 sites): $100+/month value.
  • SSL Certificate (free): (+$60/Year Value)
  • Free SiteSpeed feature for super-fast loading websites.
  • Spam Filter (free).
  • Member-generated training (+$997 Value)
  • The ability to network with over 1.9 million entrepreneurs (+$850)
  • Free Enhanced Website Security: ($250+/year value)
  • Free Keyword Tool: (+$50/month value)
  • Real-time help and support within the training  (+$1899 value)
  • And a lot more!

Total Value: $4.897

Your Investment Today:

Only $19!

You can't grow your online business without these things, and trust me they are so expensive outside Wealthy Affiliate!

It works!

Wealthy Affiliate works!

My experience and the success stories are the proof!

Their amazing training thought me how to build affiliate websites and earn money from them which never happened with any scam or low-quality products that I fell for in the past!

I highly recommend you join WA if you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing the right way!

And if you want me to be your mentor and help you with any problem you run into, then create a free account With WA by clicking the button below:

I hope this Wealthy Affiliate review was helpful, and if you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to drop a comment below 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for not being biased with this article. Seriously, I appreciate this so much because I have been looking for some non-biased information and some informative articles on wealthy affiliates but nowadays it is hard to find them and I can see that you were article goes into everything that people need to know both good and bad and I appreciate that

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed an awesome platform that will provide you with world class training and superb support from the community and Site Support. You have mentioned several testimonials from members that have already achieved success with Wealthy Affiliate. If you follow the training and implement it, you can make a success of affiliate marketing. Wishing you success in your online journey.


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