ClickDealer Review: Is it Legit? Or a Scam? Read this first!

Welcome to my ClickDealer review!

If you’re looking for a way to earn income online, then there are chances that you have come across Affiliate Marketing.

In fact, it may be the first item you’ll see when you search for legitimate sources of income online.

As you research, you may have seen platforms like ClickDealers.

It may arouse your curiosity, but confuse about how it works. Also, you might want to check their background a little further before you make any commitment.

If this is your concern, then you have come; this content is just for you!

In this review, I will provide you an analysis of ClickDealers’ offering and help you determine whether it’s a good opportunity or you should search for other else.

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Without further delays, let’s begin my ClickDealer review…

ClickDealer Review

  • Name: ClickDealer
  • Website:
  • Founder: GDM Group of Companies
  • Recommended?: It depends (Read on!).
ClickDealer Review
ClickDealer Review

What is ClickDealer? 

ClickDealer is a platform created by the GDM (Global Digital Marketing) group of companies, and they are in business since 2012.

ClickDealer Review

I will explain more about GDM in the next section, but for now, let’s explore ClickDealer and its services.

The platform primarily offers market solutions that aim to help online entrepreneurs around the world. The main concept of their service is to improve a company’s online marketing performance to help them improve profits.

As of today, it is estimated that they are in partnership with over 2,000 companies in various fields such as Telecommunications, eCommerce, Health, Cosmetics, Mobile Applications, etc.

Although the company is already in its eighth year, it is still progressively growing and getting better. In 2019, they now connected with the SmartLink market to aid them in their funnels and boosting the monetization of traffics.

SmartLink is a portal or link that redirects the visitor of a specific to another site that is based on certain demographics like the device used and location and the parameters on click data.

As mentioned, I will discuss the parent company briefly in the following section.

Let’s continue…

ClickDealers’ Key Team Members and background

As mentioned, ClickDealer is in business since 2012. It is currently headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

They also have branch offices around the globe, which include the United States of America, Ukraine, Canada, and Ukraine.

Some of the key team members of ClickDealers include—

ClickDealer Review
  • Henry Whitfield – he is their current Global Head of Supply 
  • Natalya Ptitsyna – she is currently the company’s Public Relations Team Leader If you want to more about the company, you can visit their LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

How does it work?

If you register to their platform, you will find that they mainly accommodate two parties—


It is the company’s affiliate program where you earn by helping advertisers generate traffic to their online site.

Once you become a Publisher, you shall receive commissions based on CPA, CPM, CPC, CPL, CPI, and CPS.

To give you a brief understanding of what they are, refer to the following definitions below—

  • CPA (cost-per-action) – the compensation is based on specific action fulfilled by the client.
  • CPC (cost-per-click) – the compensation is based on every click generated from advertisements.
  • CPL (cost-per-lead) – the compensation is based on every registration or signup made by clients.
  • CPI (cost-per-impression) – the compensation is based on every 1,000 views generated as a result of the publishers’ marketing the offerings of the advertiser.
  • CPS (cost-per-sale) – it is also popularly known as PPS or Pay-per-sale. It is where the advertiser pays the publisher or owner of the website based on every sale generated from his site.

The frequency of payment is made weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly. And it is transacted through PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Paxum, WebMoney, and Check.


If you’re a business owner or advertiser that also possesses that an eCommerce website, then ClickDealer could maybe help you gain traction and help your business grow.

As an advertiser, you would receive the following benefits—

  • They offer a global solution by helping business owners improve the traffic of their website.
  • 24/7 client support.
  • Real-time statistics and analytics that can help you evaluate your business status.
  • Manage your traffic base on what device is used, network carrier, GEO, and operating system.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to promote your products or services around the globe.

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But if you’re still interested in signing up for their platform, then below are some of the things you should consider…

How much is the registration process?

The registration for the publisher will go through four activation phases—

  • Fill out the application form – this is pretty straightforward; you just have to provide you basic information. Also, you need to be at least 18 years old to join. After all, you can’t use online wallets like PayPal unless you’re in the minimum age requirement.
  • Confirm your email – you can do so by going to your email account and clicking the link provided by ClickDealer.
  • Interview from your manager – yes, you will also have a manager to guide you during the entire process.
  • Get access to your account - if you pass the interview, you will now have access to your account.

To become an advertiser, you only have to obtain an account and fill out the necessary information.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate how much the registration costs (if there is any).

But I’m quite sure that you may need to pay if you’re signing up as an advertiser.

Is it worth your time and money?

In general, I believe that joining such a platform could be beneficial to both the publisher and advertiser. And that it may all just depend on the management.

Experiences that were shared by its publishers are a combination of positive and negative comments.

And I also didn’t found any comments relating to the business owners’ side.

So the question of whether it’s a good investment or just a waste of money may depend on your personal experience if you eventually signup to their platform.

Is ClickDealer a scam?

No. I did not find any reason to believe that ClickDealer is a scam as of now.

However, you may also find scam comments on reputable sites like Trustpilot. And some of the statements include pending payments that are in the queue for long periods, affiliate managers blocking the publisher, payment issues, etc.

I’m still giving them the benefit of the doubt, and I still feel that they are legitimate, but some may lead to think that are malpractices involve due to poor assistance and undisclosed policies.

They are in business for eight years now, and they won’t last this long if they are a scam. But I also believe that there’s still room for improvement.

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What I Don't Like About ClickDealer

No BBB credentials

Despite being in the industry for eight years, it seems like they still don’t have a BBB account.

This is essential because the Better Business Bureau is one way most people go to when doing a background check on a company.

However, not having one doesn’t immediately conclude that the business is fraudulent in any way. But it may significantly impact the decision-making of potential new members.

Low rating in well-known rating platforms

As mentioned, the platform received a mix of negative and positive comments. However, the overall rating is not desirable—

ClickDealer Review

Negative comments

Some examples of the negative comments they received are as follows—

ClickDealer Review
ClickDealer Review

What I Like About ClickDealer


If you’re considering signing up, then I believe that you are in good hands. Register at your own risk.

Final thoughts

I hope my ClickDealer review has provided you sufficient information about the platform and helped you in determining whether it is a good use of your time and money or search for other means of income.

Although ClickDealers is a legitimate platform, I still don’t feel like recommending them in any way.

The reason why I believe that this is the case because there are better options you can try if you’re aiming to earn significant income through Affiliate Marketing.

Continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom online…

How I earn income online

Affiliate Marketing is a better option than any opportunity that promise income online for few apparent reasons, and it includes the following—

  • It possesses no risk!
  • No upsells of any sort!
  • It is free, to begin with!
  • It is way more affordable compared to other platforms!
  • You don’t have to worry about any undisclosed charges!
  • Unlimited income because you can essentially promote as many businesses as you like!

Yes, what you’ll basically be doing is to promote a brand using an affiliate link through your online site.

And then, you will receive commissions anytime someone engages the link you’ve provided and use it to purchase the products or services offered on the landing page of the brand you are promoting.

Of course, the success of this endeavor relies on the quality of traffic being driven into your website.

Although ClickDealer in some sense an Affiliate Marketing, I find it hard to recommend them, especially for beginners.

If you’re a complete newbie and don’t know where to begin or already have an idea of how it works but struggling at the moment, then you no longer have to worry any further.

I have the perfect solution to your concerns!

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Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my ClickDealer review!

I hope to see you next time!


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