Voices.com Review: Is this platform a good fit for you?

Welcome to Voices.com review!

Do you have experience doing voice-overs?

If so, chances are you might have come across with Voices.com as you search for companies where you can render your talents.

Voices.com is a popular company, and it’s unlikely that they’re engaged in business malpractices, right?

This may be the case—you still wanted to be sure if the company is the real deal for voice-over talents like or should you search for other opportunities.

If these are your concerns, then you have to come to the right place.

In this review, I will provide you a thorough analysis of the platform and determine whether they are a good fit for you.

So without further delays, let’s begin my Voices.com review…

Voices.com Review

  • Name: Voices.com
  • Website: www.voices.com
  • Founder: David and Stephanie Ciccarelli
  • Price: Annual membership fee of $499.
  • Recommended?: For people with experience with voice-overs, YES!
Voices.com review

What is Voices.com?

Voices.com is a company that provides voice-over services in over 160 countries. They also offer income opportunities for voice-over actors or actresses worldwide.

The company was co-founded by the husband and wife duo of David and Stephanie Ciccarelli in 2003. Their base of operation is currently situated in Ontario, Canada.

The website domain was formerly used as a medical journal called “Silencing the Critical Thoughts in Your Head.” It was changed to Voice.com when the spouse purchased the domain.

Their business is one of the largest and most well-known in the industry. In fact, Voices.com may pop up first when you search for voice-over services online.  

The company exponentially grew since it was founded. As of 2015, the company reported revenue over $10 million.

It’s a great place to find quality voice-actors for industries engaged in media or entertainment.

Voices.com initially started with talents that are native English speakers. But when their business began to expand and grew larger, they are also now accepting other languages like Spanish.

For this review, what I will be talking about is the income opportunity offered by Voices.com to voice-over actors and actresses.

I also reviewed other freelance platforms in the past. You can check them out if you like—Userfeel.com, Hiresine.com, Textbroker, and Rapidworkers.

Let’s continue…

The registration process

The registration process is pretty straightforward. There are no complex procedures here, just good old online registration.

You go to the SIGNUP button upon visiting their official website.

After referring to the SIGNUP button, you will be greeted by an option to become a member as a client who will hire talents or as a talent looking for gigs.

Membership and job posting for clients are free. But are obliged to settle 20% service if they managed to hire talent.

So for the voice-over actors and actresses—everything should be free, right?

Well, no. Talents have to pay an annual membership cost of $499.

I think their reason would be they don’t deduct service fees. But still, I don’t think that much money is justifiable, especially if the talent is not getting enough gigs.

This is unlike any other freelance platform which is actually free but does deduct service fees like UpWork or Fiverr.

But the service fee that these platforms deduct is per transaction. And the rate of the service fee isn’t high.

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How does Voices.com work?

After successfully registering into their platform, you’ll gain access to—

  • Audition for job postings
  • Email notifications
  • Unlimited access to their customer assistance
  • SEO service
  • PayPal service

You can also join as a guest if you want just to get the feel of the platform first. But you’ll have limited access as you might have guessed.

In the following section, I will explain how the platform generally works.

Job Postings

If you’re a premium member, you’ll get notifications anytime there’s a new job posting.

After sending the applications, the talent would be notified if the client to transact or need more voice samples.

The client may also require the candidate to read a script provided by them to determine the likely talent they would be working with.

A job posting normally bears the following—job title, language, language, script, gender, budget, etc.

Auditioning for the job

As a premium, you have the ability to audition for a specific job posting.

Although it is not required, you may want to do so since you’re paying $500 yearly, right?

Also, it is likely that the client may require them anyway to hear your speaking voice.

As mentioned, the client may provide a script for you to read. It may also include other specific guidelines that the potential client may want you to accomplish.

When the client finds the talent they like to work with—they can begin talking about payments and schedules and other necessities for the job.

How Voices.com manages the transaction

The finished audio file is stored in the database of Voices.com.

To ensure that the client pays, the company immediately asks for the payment plus service fees and keeps in an escrow fund. It is released as soon as the transaction is accomplished.

They act as the middleman between the client and talent. What this means is that Voices.com will temporarily hold the income earned on behalf of the talent.

Again, the service fee that the client has to pay is 20%.

Payment process

How much they earn depends on the agreement of the client and voice-over talent.

I assume that the more experienced you are—the higher rate you’ll receive.

But to give you a rough estimate of the talents’ potential earnings, refer to the following list—

  • A less than 750 words script (time estimate is 5 minutes only) – the suggested budget for this range of words is $100 to $249.

  • A 750 to a 2,250-word script (time estimate is 5 to 15 minutes) – the suggested budget for this range of words is $250 to $499.

  • A 2,250 to a 4,500-word script (time estimate is 15 to 30 minutes) - the suggested budget for this range of words is $500 to $749.

  • A 4,500 to a 6,000-word script (time estimate is 30 to 40 minutes) – the suggested budget for this range of words is $750 to $999.

  • A 6,000 to a 9,000-word script (time estimate is 40 to 60 minutes) – the suggested budget for this range of words is $1,000 to $1,249.

  • A 9,000 word or higher (time estimate is 60 minutes plus) – the suggested budget for this range of words is $1,250 or higher.

Again, these are just estimates. And you may also consider your experience into the mix.

When you begin working with them, you might notice that the above matrix may differ on your actual earnings. And the reason for such is that the service fee that Voices.com collects from the client.

As mentioned, the payment is put in an escrow fund when both parties have agreed on the transaction. The escrow system that they use is called SurePay.

After the accomplishment of the transaction, the payment is made either through PayPal or check sent via courier. 

The payments are typically sent every week. There are also instances when it is a week behind.

Is it a reliable source of income?

I believe that it is a reliable source of income. But as you might have surmised, it is not for everybody.

If you have experience doing voice-overs in the past or confident that you can do this type of job, then you can maybe give Voices.com a try.

One factor in earning higher and reliable income is if you have returning clients as a result of them liking your previous work.

Therefore, it is important to always give your best when you’re given a chance. This is especially true if you’re a beginner.

But take note also that Voices.com is a large company, which means that it may be extra-difficult for newcomers competing with seasoned voice-over actors and actresses.

So these are the things that you might have to think about in deciding whether to join the platform or not.

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What I Don't Like About Voices.com

Membership fee

They require a $499 membership fee.

High service fee

The 20% service fee is a little bit high.

Limited gigs for newbies

Newcomers may find it hard to compete with experienced talents.

What I Like About Voices.com

Positive ratings on BBB and Sitejabber.com

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB and Sitejabber.com is one way people check the credibility of a company they wish to join in.

And Voices.com scored a positive overall rating for both sites, which says a lot about how they handle business.

Voices.com review
Voices.com review

Tons of positive comments from talents

Some examples of the positives comments are as follows—

Voices.com review
Voices.com review
Voices.com review

Potential high income

It can be a source of reliable income if you have experience and as you gain more experience with the company.

Is Voices.com a scam?

No. Voices.com is definitely not a scam.

You are perfectly in good hands if you decide to join them.

However, the only downside of the platform is the $500 membership fee for the talent and 20% service fee.

Final thoughts

I hope my Voices.com review has provided you sufficient information in determining whether the platform is a good source of income or not.

But as I mentioned, the platform is not for everybody.

Continue to final section if you’re not sure with Voices.com and want a better alternative…

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Thank you for taking time off and reading my Voices.com review!

I hope to see you next time!


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