Is a scam or easy $500? THE TRUTH!

Can you really make $500 per day or it’s just another scam? I’m glad you are here because that means that you are doing your research before joining them, in this review I will answer all of your questions, such as can you really make money with Moneyoung?

let’s dive in to find the truth!

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What is Moneyoung?

Moneyoung claim that you can make $500 per day by following simple steps, all you need to do is joining for free and start referring people by sharing your referral URL with your friends on social media facebook pages, twitter, your blog…

this reminds me of a lot of websites that I reviewed before such as Smart Dollars Club and Clout Cash Club and 500 Dollar blueprint and Doerning they are all promising that you can make that much of money easily but none of them kept their PROMISES!

The common thing between all these companies is that they don’t give you enough info and they are all new and their owners are not showing.

It’s so easy to build a website and write some bullshit on it to make you believe that they are going to pay you, scammers do that all the time and unfortunately if you don’t have any experience you will end up being scammed.

That’s why you should always pay attention to the red flags, and Moneyoung has a bunch of red flags such as:

  • The website is not secured (they don’t have any HTTPS)
  • The owner is hidden.
  • there are no positive reviews about it
  • there is no email or phone number or something to contact the company.
  • It’s a new website.

what Moneyoung actually is

Moneyoung is working on referral programs when you start sharing referral URL you will notice that your income started to increase and you will get $1 for every refer until you reach something like $15 then you will start noticing that you are earning $00.03 for every referral.

You can get your money only if you reach $100 so imagine how much time you need to reach it if you are only earning $00.03.

f you are wondering why they want you to refer others so here is the answer:

the reason why they ask for your personal info and want you to refer others is that they want to sell your info and make money.

negative opinion

To conclude, Moneyoung only want you to invite as many persons as possible to join them so they can sell their info and make money.

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Is Moneyoung a scam?

Yes, it is a scam because you are not making what they are promising the just want to sell your info and make money for themselves.

making money online is so real I make money online and a lot like me do but no one gave me money instantly or without doing nothing I had to work hard and I’m still doing it and I will talk about what I’m doing at the end of this article

all the scammers online try to seduce people with high profits in a short time so they can money from you because they know that everybody wants to make money fast but let me tell you that there is no way you can start earning instantly unless you are doing something illegal.

How to actually make money online

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2 thoughts on “Is a scam or easy $500? THE TRUTH!”

  1. Can you please do a review of
    I haven’t been able to find any reviews of it.
    The company sees to have a good plan, but I cannot find out who owns it. The Domain has a lot of businesses registered under it.Just searching for some truth here.
    thank you very much

    • Hi Juanita!

      Thanks for the comment but we only do reviews about making money online scams.
      I don’t know about this company but personally, I don’t trust it if I can’t see the owner or if I don’t find positive reviews about it.

      good luck 🙂


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