Is a scam? THE UGLY TRUTH!

So you are wondering if you can make money with PayWall or it’s just a scam? in this review, I’m going to answer all your questions !

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What is PayWall?

Paywall claims that you can make money by completing online tasks and completing surveys and you can also get $10 instantly if you join them.

There are many ways you can earn with PayWall such as downloading apps and promoting products and sharing posts on facebook… interesting! but can we really trust it?

They are telling you everything you want to hear: easy work, a lot of money fast… and this is why a lot of people get scammed because scammers know how to make you fall in their traps.

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What PayWall actually is

If you are a newbie and don’t have any experience you will probably think that is legit but it’s not and here is why:

This company has a minimum payout limit which is $100, and it looks easy to reach because you will get $1 for every referral and $5 per task and $0.5 per valid post on facebook…

When you reach $100 and ask for your money they will simply tell you that you can’t get paid because you cheated or created fake accounts to earn referral credits (even though you know that you didn’t cheat).

And if you want to complain about that, the company will never answer you and they don’t have any phone number or email and the owner is not shown, in this point, you will know that PayWall it’s just a HUGE SCAM!

I’ve reviewed a lot of websites like this one before such as Smart Dollars Club and DoEarning and Clout Cash Club…etc, they all claim that you can make a bunch of money but the real earners are the hidden OWNERS.

How they make money from you 

PayWall is just wasting your time for its own good because they will make money from you by selling your information to third party websites so can promote their stuff.

I hope you didn’t join this website yet and please beware your friends on social media so they don’t put their info at risk.

People’s complains

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Is PayWall a scam?

Yes, it’s a scam because they don’t pay you and they will sell your info to make money, so I highly recommend you to stay away from it.

Making money online is so real but is not as easy as these scammers promise, but if you work hard there are no limits on how you can earn online.

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How to actually make money online

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