Brands Need You review: Don’t Waste Your Time!

Welcome to my Brands Need You honest review, I would like to answer all of your questions about this website and give you my honest opinion about it, So without further ado let’s dive in to know what Brands Need You actually is!

Brands Need You Quick Review!

  • Name: Brands Need You
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended? No!

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What is Brands Need You?

Brands Need You is a survey aggregator that claims that you can make $350 or more by taking online surveys.

Sounds too good to be good if you ask me, I mean $350 by taking surveys? that is a lot of money because the most survey companies I know pay $1 to $2 per survey so how can you earn $350?

The first thing that I noticed when I came across Brands Need You is that is so similar to other websites that I reviewed a few months ago Called Smart Dollars Club and Survey Voices

they have almost the same design but with different names as you can see below:



When I found out that you can make $350 with Brands Need You I Knew it was a scam because this is just impossible but I was really curious to try it out and know exactly their intentions.

I joined them with an email that I use to review questionable websites like this one, after joining they will take you through a series of questions to select the right candidate.

The thing that I liked about  Brands need you is that they connect you with some Well-known companies including:

  • Survey junkie
  • Swagbucks
  • One Opinion.

Personally, I’m not a fan of survey aggregators because they push you to join more than two surveys and trust me this is a bad idea because that will confuse you and you’ll waste a bunch of time and energy because you have to complete your profile info everytime you join a new survey.

Another thing I hate about survey aggregators is that each survey has a different cash out limits. You need to deal with different problems when you join different surveys because each company has different payments methods and payout limits.

An important thing I want to mention is that this website is not safe because t

they will just take your info an sell them to third-party websites so you should expect to receive spam emails from them and from other scammers and you will also call you to convince you to give your credit card info or to buy something or something like that.

Luckily I gave them an email that I don’t care about if I gave them my email, I would shortly be bombarded with tons of emails every day.

It may seem harmless, but I have reviewed similar scams in the past and it is not uncommon for people to receive 50+ spam emails the day after providing their email to a data harvesting scam like this.


Can I make $350 by taking surveys?

As I mentioned above you will spend more than 1o minutes on each survey to earn $1 or $2, it’s possible to earn $100 per month plus you won’t qualify all the time because before taking a survey they will ask you some questions to select the right candidate.

and don’t forget that each company has different payments methods and payout limits.

the last and most important thing you need to put in your mind is that if you join more than 3 surveys you will get confused and you will waste a lot of time, We Pay Per Survey wants you to join as many surveys as possible because they will earn more if you do so.

Don’t get me wrong surveys are perfect for extra cash but they require a lot of time and energy which is must of the time not worth it.

Is Brands Need You a scam?

It’s not a scam it’s 100% legit but it’s not something I would trust because they will sell your info and don’t make you as much money as they promise.


  • free to join.


  • you won’t make $350.
  • They will sell your personal info to third party websites and spam your inbox.
  • They want you to join more as many companies as possible so they can make more commissions.
  • each company has different payments methods and payout limits.

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