Review: SCAM ALERT!

Did you come across and you are wondering if it’s a scam or legit opportunity?

Sound too good to be true if you ask me because I make money online and I know that making money online is not as easy and fast as they claim.

I’m glad you landed on my honest review so I can show you why you should avoid this website at all costs.

ShopperWeb Quick Review

  • Name: Shopper Web
  • Website:
  • Price: $47+ Upsells
  • Owners: Sarah and Eric

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What Is is a website owned by Sarah and Eric, you probably received a call from Sarah that claimed that you have been selected for a work from home job with Amazon and all you need to do is to visit for more details.

When you visit you’ll find a news report that is talking about how Chris Peters is making thousands of dollars by only working a few hours day from the comfort of his home.

They claim that you can also make money like Chris all you need to do is to apply for Real Online Profits and fill out the short form and see if you can qualify.

You may be wondering if that’s true? well to cut a long story short, this just a fake news report because Amazon doesn’t have time to call people and tell them that they will offer them a work from home job.

Amazon is a trustworthy company and those scammers are just taking advantage of that to make money from innocent newbies.

Before I give you the proofs that this is a 100% scam I will show you how really work to so you can judge by yourself.

How Actually Works is just a funnel that leads you to Real Profits Online which is a 100% a scam.

Real Profits Online claim that you can make from $300 to $500 a day by only clicking a few buttons, this is just to make you spend your hard earned and the weird thing is they ask you to keep this a secret and do not share it with your friends, really? this is just BS trust me.

Real Profits Online is just telling you whatever is good to convince you to give them your credit card info.

This scam cost only $47 dollars to get started but after they will keep pushing you to spend more money on the UPSELLS  and when it’s too late you’ll find yourself swimming in loads of useless digital products that cost you thousands of cash.

I’ve reviewed so many websites like this one before and I can tell that or Real Profits online are no better than the following:

The testimonials are fake

If you watched the Real Profits Online promo video you noticed that there are some testimonials that are claiming that Real profits online has changed their lives.

The truth is those are just paid actors from a website called the owner hired them to convince you to buy his useless product.

Who Is Chris?

Chris is a 37 years old father who lost his job but he was lucky enough to be invited to beta test of this program and now he is making thousands of dollars by only working a few hours a day.

This story is not real, and Chris doesn’t even exist it’s just a stock photo and here is the proof: has tons of Complaints!

I did a quick research online to see what other people are saying about this website and I found tons of complaints.

Looks like a lot have received calls from Sarah and some others say that they have received calls from a person called Eric.

A lot are complaining about the false $27 per hour work from home job and others complaining about buying the package or the kit but without receiving anything.

Most of the complaints say that after buying the kit the scammers disappear.

If you want to read all the complains then CLICK HERE

Read the fine print!

work from home opportunities has been featured on big channels but not because it’s a scam.

If you read the fine print you will read that they are not affiliated with any of these sites, they are forced to say that otherwise they will get sued. and that proves that is a 100% scam is not the only website that is a fake Amazon work from home job

These scammers created a bunch of fake news articles! watch out from these fake work from home Amazon jobs and please Do NOT give out any of your personal information to any of the websites listed below:

Is ShopperWeb A Scam?

As I mentioned Above is just taking advantage of the big reputation of Amazon To lead you to Real online profits to sell you their scam.

The news article is 100% fake, Amazon jobs exist and you can find them in their official site but you have to keep on your mind that they require experience and making money with the real Amazon jobs is not as easy and fast as these scammers claim.

To conclude I recommend you to stay away from these scams because of the following:

  • It’s a 100% fake article report.
  • They lead you to buy a big expensive
  • They are using Amazon’s name illegally to make some money from innocent newbies.

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8 thoughts on “ Review: SCAM ALERT!”

  1. It’s amazing how so obvious scam websites still exist and people fall for them. It seems that necessity blinds people to see the real truth behind all these make quick money schemes. Some scams are much better hidden than others but anyone and I mean anyone that claims that you can make 500 dollars a day just like that is a red flag without having to check anything else. As in real world there is money to be made online. But as in real world it needs a lot of hard work and patience. Bo magical button can earn you so much money overnight. Thank you for exposing all these fakes for us.

    • Thanks for commenting Stratos K

      A lot of people don’t have any experience and these scammers are taking advantage of that I used to be a newbie and I used to fall for a lot of scams because I used to think that making money online is faster and easier than making money in the real world.
      Hopefully, some prefer to do their own research before buying any product/system and that is the best way to avoid falling for scams.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this great review on shopperweb.There are many scams online these days and I always feel bad when my friend is scammed.Fortunately there are websites like this which expose some of those scams and this will help us in choosing the legit sites.

    Shopperweb is a powerful scam but many people fall for it and lose their hard earned money for nothing.

    Keep exposing scams to help innocent people.

    • Thanks for commenting Julienne I’m glad you found this helpful and yeah unfortunately there is a sea of scams online and the best way to avoid falling for them is to do your own reserch.

  3. Hello Mary, and thank you for this wonderful and thorough review. It was really helpful. I am really surprised to see programs like this are able to pass controls and are actually published by Clickbank or simlair “trustful” companies. I’ve seen so many of this fake products, especially on Clickbank where they actually get you in by really small joining fee and than you realised – you need to spend more to actually have any use of the system.

    I really appreciate how you exposed the fake testimonials, pictures and earning claims. People like you help others stay away from scams like these.

    Thank you so much.


  4. Thanks Mary for saving us from another damn scammer online.  

    I check the information in your post and visit the website of Shopperweb.  I am very much thankful that I timely read this article.  You really save my time and money from getting away with Shopperweb.  

    I will check your site again in the future.  Please keep up the good work.  



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