Easy Cash Concepts Review: Easy Cash or Scam?

So you came across Easy Cash Concepts and you are wondering if it’s a scam or legit?

I’m glad you landed on my honest review so I can show you what I found about this website and why you should avoid it at all costs.

Easy Cash Concepts Quick Review

  • Name: Easy Cash Concepts.
  • Website: easycashconcepts.com
  • Owner: Hidden
  • Recommended? No!

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What is Easy Cash Concepts?

Easy Cash Concepts is a website it’s a news report that talks about how Jamie Taylor is making thousands per month by only working 15-.18 hours per week from the comfort of her home.

Anything you click on the website will take you to another page that asks for your personal information

They don’t give you any details they claim that you can turn your smartphone or computer into a money making machine and you will get paid by companies like Amazon Overstock Alibaba, Using social media…

And the best part is that you don’t need any prior experience just some basic typing skills are enough, that sounds too good to be true if you ask me!

I’m not going to lie, as soon as I landed on their page I knew it was a scam because I’ve seen this before an as someone that reviewed so many programs like this before I can tell that Easy Cash Concepts is no better than the following:


This is just Fake and there are many ways I can prove that! let me show you how this scam actually works

 How Easy Cash Concepts Actually Works

The real question is does it work? I mean how I’m going to make money? They don’t give you any details they just keep talking about how amazing is this program and all you need to do to make 5 figures per month is to “Fill out a short form” really?

I’m sorry but things don’t work as they claim,  whatever is said on this article is just a hype to convince you to put your personal information in the other page.

You may be wondering why they need them right? well, the truth is that the owners are going to make money from you by selling your personal information to third party websites, scam artists…

If you fill out the form that nothing will happen they will just take your info and disappear but you will expect to receive spam emails from them and from other scammers and you will also call you to convince you to give your credit card info or to buy something or something like that.

Scammers need your info and especially your email so they can build a large email list full of people so if they promote their useless programs/products the percentage of his email list will definitely buy them.

Below I will share with you some big red flags.

Who is Jamie Taylor?

The article says that Jamie Taylor is a regular mom that lost her job but after an unsuccessful story she found started working online and the first step she took is to fill out a form “the same form they want you to fill out”.

This story is not real and Jamie Taylor is not real either, the picture is just a stock photo 


 The Testimonials Are Fake

The testimonials are very important because they help you decide if the product is trustworthy or not but unfortunately a lot of scammers use fake testimonials to convince you to believe their lies.

A lot of scammers hire fake spokespersons from a website called Fiverr.com for a tiny price and others just use stock photos and invent a story to convince you they are telling the truth.

There are two people that are sharing their stories about how they hit success thanks to Easy Cash Concepts but after a quick research I found out that their pictures are stock photos either

The Comments Are Fake Too

Comments are important to convince you too, in the fake article you can read some people who tried it

The comments are fake because when you Click on them they won’t take you their respective users they are just rehashed from other scams

Is Easy cash Concepts a Scam?

I think Easy Cash Concepts is a 100% scam because of the following:

  • fake news article
  • Full of lies and hype.
  • Fake owner, Fake testimonials, Fake comments…

Final Thoughts

don’t usually call everything a total scam because most of the products/programs that I reviewed give you something in return even if it’s not as good as they promise but Easy Cash Concepts just take your personal info and they disappear.

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