What is Izea? Is it a reliable source of income? Read this before joining!

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The potential income may have triggered your interest and wanted to know more about how the platform works.

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In this review, I will help you determine whether Izea is a good fit for you, or should you search for other online money-making platforms.

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Izea Review

  • Name: Izea
  • Website: app.izea.com
  • Founder: Ted Murphy
  • Price: From free memberships to $5 a month.
  • Recommended?: As a source of extra-income, YES!
What is Izea
What is Izea

What is Izea?

Izea is a platform that connects businesses with bloggers or social media influencers.

As for the blogger, it is a great way for them to monetize their content. On the other hand, businesses could cut costs by giving social media influencers to promote their brand.

It was founded by an entrepreneur named Ted Murphy.

What is Izea

According to its BBB profile, the company was established on May 31, 2006. It is currently headquartered in Winter Park, Florida.  

Izea is within an industry called Influencer Marketing, which is a type of promoting a business through social media.

It is sort of similar to Affiliate Marketing wherein you promote the brand using an affiliate link.

However, the difference with Influencer Marketing is that you are paid to do a review of their products or services and promote the brand.

In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is better because there is no bidding involved. What this means is that you need to bid for a gig before you can represent them. I will explain more about this in the following sections.

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The registration process

For this review, I will be focusing on the platforms’ income opportunities for bloggers and social media influencers.

The registration process is relatively easy and straightforward—it wouldn’t take much of your time.

Upon visiting their online portal, go to “Sign In.” And then, select “I’m a Creator.”

And to become a member of Izea, choose “Create a Creator Profile.”

What is Izea

And then, you’ll have the option to create a profile via your Facebook account or create manually.

In my case, I am not comfortable providing my Facebook account unless I am sure with the platform. So I would rather create an account manually if I’m not sure with the platform.

But that’s just me. You may use your Facebook account to sign in at your own risk.

Afterward, you also have to choose the membership plan you like.

  • Free membership – three bids per month
  • Basic membership - it would only cost you $1 per month with unlimited bids
  • Professional membership - it would only cost you $5 per month with unlimited bids and priority support.

Let’s continue to the next section and summarize how this platform works…

How Izea works?

As mentioned, your main responsibility is to promote a brand using your website or social media account.

As soon as you become a registered member of Izea, you’ll get a chance to bid for certain gigs.

The free membership only gives you five bid per month. If you want unlimited bids, then you can just avail of the basic or professional membership plans for only $1 to $5, respectively.

I would go for the paid membership plans if I were you because it is very cheap.

To explain what bids are, it is how many times you can apply for a gig.

So if you avail of the free membership, then you can only apply for three jobs a month.

But take note that requesting for one gig to another doesn’t guarantee anything. A potential client may review your online site first and negotiate with you. And then, they’ll relay other information and determine whether you agree with them or not.

If they accept your proposal, you will receive a notification via email.

I believe that Izea is a good way to monetize your online site.

You have to bear in mind that you full control of how you promote the brand through your social media accounts or website contents.

But if you’re looking for a better alternative, one that yields higher and more sustainable income, then you have to check out the following description—

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The payment process

Your potential earnings depend on your negotiation with your clients. But paid posts or reviews should range anywhere from $10 to $400.

The minimum withdrawal threshold also depends on your availed membership plan.

  • For free membership plans, they have a minimum withdrawal threshold of $100.
  • For basic membership plans, they have a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50.
  • For professional membership plans, they have a minimum withdrawal threshold of $25.

If you decide to withdraw all or part of your earnings, you can request for a fund transfer to your PayPal account.

Is it a reliable source of income?

I think earning reliable and significant income from such a platform is possible. But it is definitely a good way to monetize your passion for creating content.

Take note that how much you earn will depend on the quality of traffic being driven into your website, and viewership if you own a YouTube channel.

Also, you have to bear in mind that engaging in such a platform isn’t a “Get Rich Quick” scheme.

If you hear any self-proclaimed guru’s or teachers online tells you otherwise, then they are not truthful with their claims.

It may take a few months or even years before the blogger or social media influencer earns the income and sustainability they’re visualizing.

You don’t just create content or channel and then promote any brands you want. You also have to strategically consider factors like how you are planning to drive traffic into your content.

The reality is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Through perseverance and hard work, you will get the fruits of your labor in due time. Therefore, do not rush the process.

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It is a platform that can help you save money, time, and heartbreaks.

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Is Izea a scam?

No. Izea is definitely not a scam!

They are a legitimate platform that specializes in Influencer Marketing.

You are definitely in good hands if you decide to try out Izea.

What I Don't Like About Izea

Filter feature missing

The only negative note I could find is that they don’t have a filter feature. This means that you have all of the job offers compiled in one dashboard.

What I Like About Izea

Cheap membership fees

Membership to their platform is not free, but it is not expensive as well. It is very, in fact—from free membership up to just $5.

A convenient way to transfer earnings

They use PayPal in events that you want to withdraw your earnings.

Email notifications

They send an email notification whenever there’s a new opportunity available.

Complete control over your contents

You can freely express how you’re going to promote the products or services offered by your client.

However, it may also depend on your negotiations with your client.

But supposedly, they shouldn’t intervene with what write as long as you provide the result they wanted.

Final thoughts

I hope my content has enlightened you on several issues and have answered the all-important question—what is Izea? And is it a reliable source of income? Or should you search for other opportunities?

Izea is a legitimate platform in which you could potentially earn significant and stable income if you have an online site that’s driving quality traffic.

For me, however, the downside of Izea is that you have to bid for a gig.

Although they offer unlimited bids for cheap membership fees, your chance of you getting chosen still depends on the discretion of your potential client.

For example, other bidders may have a higher quality of traffic than yours. Therefore, it is likely that they’ll choose them over you.

If you’re looking for a better way to monetize your website or vlogs, then continue to the next section…

How I earn income online

Affiliate Marketing is a way better alternative than any online money-making schemes out there. I say this because of a few apparent reasons—

  • Higher and more stable source of income
  • No biddings
  • Unlimited income because you can essentially promote as many businesses as you like

Yes, like Influencer Marketing, you will also promote a brand.

But for Affiliate Marketing, you will be using an affiliate link and strategically place it on your content.

And then, you earn commissions anytime someone uses the link to purchase the products or services offered by the brand you’re promoting.

Of course, your success in this endeavor relies on the quality of traffic being driven into your online.

If this is your concern, then I have the perfect solution for you…

Unlike Izea, the description below will also teach you how you can create a stunning website that’s creating a lot of traffic from scratch—

Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my content that tackles what is Izea.

I hope to see you next time!


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