Is Java Momma a Scam? Can you really earn from them?

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Can you earn money with Java Momma? Is Java Momma a Scam?

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What is Java Momma?

Is Java Momma a Scam

Java Momma Review

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Is Java Momma a Scam

Java Momma is a retailer of a variety of drinks like coffee, tea, and cocoa products that employs multi-level marketing (MLM).

Since coffee and other types of drinks have become essential for almost everyone, applying MLM to it will undeniably be a success!

However, some may think that MLMs are a pyramiding scheme. Is it?

Well, when it comes to MLMs, you earn money by selling products AND recruiting people. However, if it is a pyramiding scheme, you'll only earn by recruiting people and it is banned by the Federal Trial Court.

But before I further proceed, I should first make it known that we are not affiliated with Java Momma and we will review them in a non-biased manner.

Products of Java Momma

Here are some of the products that Java Momma sells:

Artisan Teas

This type of teas is quality-made. Some of its varieties include Short Stack Artisan Tea, Genmaicha Artisan Tea, Yellow Rose Artisan Tea, Narcissus Artisan Tea, and many more. Its price is usually around $7.99.

Is Java Momma a Scam
Is Java Momma a Scam

Cold Brew/Infusion Pods

When we talk about cold brew teas, they are made by combining loose-leaf tea or whole tea bags and water in a pitcher and infusing it for 6 to 12 hours in the refrigerator. 

Some of the cold brew/infusion pods that Java Momma sells are Grapefruit Summer Cooler Cold Brew Tea, Tolkien's Ring Iced Bling Cold Brew Tea, Kaytea Berry Summer Cooler Cold Brew, Mango Tango Green Cold Brew Tea, and many more.

Its price is around $7.99 which comes with 4 pouches - Each quart pouch contains 10 grams of tea. Makes 32 ounces each.

Is Java Momma a Scam

JM Pot Shop

Java Momma also sells pots, mugs, mesh infusers, bottles, pour overs, drip bowls, Moka pot, palm press, and many more. This goes well with your teas, coffee, and other products that the company sells.

Is Java Momma a Scam

The Hive

Java Momma also sells a variety of honey sticks, honey in a jar where some are infused, and granulated honey. The sticks come in different flavors like caramel, peach, root beer, watermelon, and many more. 

Each pack of honey sticks includes 10 pieces and is worth $3.99 while the jar ranges from $3.99 to $12.99. Granulated honey costs $6.99.

Is Java Momma a Scam

Momma's Spice Rack

Java Momma also sells a bunch of rubs and seasoning for your cooking. They have Honey Habanero Rubs, Kansas City BBQ rubs, Flippin the Bird Seasoning, Corn on the Cob Seasoning, and many more.

Each product costs around $6.99 and weighs 61 grams.

Is Java Momma a Scam


Aside from that, they also offer MYSTERY BOXES and MONTHLY THEME BOXES if you want them to surprise you or if you want something that they recommend based on what you like. 

Mystery Boxes have themes like Happy Little Beans Mystery Box, How Does Your Garden Grow Mystery Box, No Place Like Home Mystery Box, and many more.

On the other hand, Monthly theme boxes include Momma's Essential Box, Mug of the Month, and many more.


Let's not forget about the usual! Java Momma offers coffee, tea, cocoa, and mocha drinks. 

They offer a lot of unique coffee flavors that will suit anyone's taste. Some of it includes Raspberry Creme Silk Cold Brew, Momma's Original, El Salvador, and many more. You can read the product's description once you open the product.

On the other hand, teas come in different forms and flavors like Chai Spice Tea Drop, Thai Tea Drop, Rooibos Lemon Cloud Tea, and many more. 

For cocoa, they have it in salted caramel, chocolate truffle, and many more. While for mocha, they have it in french vanilla and in salted caramel.

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How Java Momma Works

Is Java Momma a Scam

Now that we've introduced Java Momma and their products. The question is, how do you get affiliated with them? or how can you earn through Java Momma?

Well, this is what Java Momma calls BECOMING A BARISTA and it comes in four forms.

First, the INFLUENCER KIT (Price= $65) wherein it best suits new baristas and is everything you need to get your Java Momma business going. 

Second, the BUILD YOUR OWN ADVENTURE KIT (Price= $20) wherein you will start with the basics of Java Momma.

Third, the TEA MOMMA (Price= $35) kit wherein you'll get a variety of teas. 

Lastly, the ROASTER'S CHOICE (Price= $40) that best fits coffee lovers (LIKE ME). 

Reviews and Ratings of Java Momma

Here are some of Java Momma's reviews and ratings:

What I Like About Java Momma

Here are some of the reasons why I like Java Momma:

  • They have a lot of products

Well, when we say a lot of products, we really meant it! They are also uniquely named. So, if you are a coffee lover, you'll be sure to have something that you will love from this company!

  • They have an e-commerce site

With that variety of products, having an e-commerce website where you can 'ADD TO CART' your orders is the key to having successful online marketing. You get to directly order products and have them delivered to you.

What I Don't Like About Java Momma

Here's some of what I don't like about Java Momma:

  • Not BBB Accredited

If you are an MLM Company, having yourself accredited is the key to making people engage business with you. So, that's room for improvement for those companies.

  • Complaints on Shipping Delays

Well, after reading some of the reviews of Java Momma, you'll read a lot of complaints about the company's shipping delays. So, I would highly suggest that they would improve this or you'll just have to order ahead of time.

Is Java Momma a Scam?

From the opinions of many and thoroughly reviewing their website, Java Momma is NOT A SCAM. You can legitimately earn from them by becoming a BARISTA. 

They offer different packages where you can choose what would best fit you.

What you will do is that upon purchasing a business opportunity with them, it requires your commitment to offering Java Momma products through online and other marketing channels. That is how you will earn.

The key to earning depends upon your sale of Java Momma products and recruiting other successful consultants.

Final Thoughts

Java Momma is a legitimate company. However, it is an MLM company.

Fortunately, there's something better than MLM! And that is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

It yields higher income and is much more reliable.

Affiliate Marketing is a strategy for businesses to promote their products or service through affiliate links.

It is much better than MLMs, because:

 Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than MLMs Because...

✔Cheaper & Way More Profitable!

✔ You Don't Need To Recruit or Harass Your Friends To make Money!

✔No Start-up Costs or Confusing Compensation Plans!

✔ You Don't need to buy any starter kit or product!

 ✔ Promote any Product (or multiple products) you are interested in!

✔No House Parties or Facebook Classrooms!

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I hope you find this review beneficial! You can leave your comments below!

Thank you!

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