Review: Be Aware of this Fake Amazon work-from-home Job!

It’s so exciting to hear that you can make thousands of dollars by only working a few minutes a day but is a scam you need to avoid? could you really make money without doing anything?

In this honest review, I will show you the truth about this system and reasons why it’s not the best way to make money online as they want you to believe. Quick Review

  • Name: Retail recruit
  • Website: they create a bunch of fake news articles
  • $47 then $120 then $321….
  • Owner: Hidden
  • Recommended? No

What is

You probably received a call from Sarah who claimed that you have been selected for a work-from-home job opportunity and all you need to do is to visit Retailrecruit. org for more details.

Retail Recruit is a news report that is talking about how Chris is making thousands of dollars by only working a few hours a day from the comfort of his home.

They claim that if you want to be “lucky enough to be invited to beta test of this program”  like Chris all you need to to do is to:

  • Apply for Real Profits Online
  • Fill out the form
  • Wait to see if you qualify

They don’t show you how this system works, they just keep repeating that you are going to make thousands of dollars and you don’t need any prior experience.

Sounds too good to be true if you ask me because I think that a legitimate product/system is supposed to show people how they are going to make money.

This is a 100% fake news repost and Amazon doesn’t have time to call people and tell them that they will offer them a work-from-home job.

How Really Works

If you didn’t notice no matter where you click it will take you to Real Profits Online.

Basically, Retail Recruit is just a funnel that leads you to buy Real Profits Online.

The spokesperson claim that you can make more than $500 a day by clicking a few buttons didn’t mention how Real Profits Online works he just keeps saying whatever is good to convince you to buy it without giving you any details.

Fake Testimonials

If you watched the Real Profits Online promo video you noticed that there are some testimonials that are claiming that Real profits online has changed their lives.

The truth is those are just paid actors from a website called the owner hired them to convince you to buy his useless product.

I’m not going to screenshot all of them, but you get the point these are just paid actors and you can find them easily in

What Are The Costs?!

To get the work-from-home job you will need to buy a kit/package and Real profits online.

Real profits Online will only cost you $47 to get started but then they will bombard your inbox with promotions (Upsells).

When it’s too late you will find yourself swimming in loads of useless digital products instead of the thousands of dollars they promised you.

Who is Chris? Does he even exist?!!

Chris is a 37 father who lost his job but he was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work from home with Amazon thanks to Retail Require.

Unfortunatly this story is not true and Chris Peters doesn’t even exist, it’s just a stock photo.

The picture is everywhere as you can see in the screenshot below:

Read the fine print to find the truth !!

If you scroll down in Retail Recruit home page you will read that they are not Affiliated with Amazon or any channel.

They are forced to say it otherwise they will get sued.

That prooves that Retail Recruit is a 100% scam 

There are tonsof complains about the Fake Work-From-Home job with Amazon

I did a quick research online and I found tons of complaints

A lot are complaining about the fake work-from-home job and others are complaining about buying the kit/package but not receiving anything.

Looks like a lot of people received a call from Sarah and the must complaints say that after paying up the scammers disappear. is not the only website that is a fake Amazon work from home job

If you want to read all the complaints then CLICK HERE

I’ve reviewed a similar website called a few weeks ago and the weird thing is that they both have the same news report, they are basically the same scam, I’ve made a video about it, you can watch it below:

These scammers created a bunch of fake news article, 
 please Do NOT give out any of your personal information to any of the websites listed below:

Is a scam? is and the other websites that I mentioned above are just using Amazon’s name illegally to scam people.

there is no doubt that these amazon work-from-jobs are fake, everything proves that!

Of course Amazon work-from-home jobs exist and you can find them in their official site but you need to put in your mind that they require experience.


I’ve been fooled so many time in the past and after spending tons of cash on scams I learned that the only way to succeed online is to stop falling for these half-baked scams and realize that you need to work hard to make money online.

There is no such a thing as “Make thousands of dollars fast”. internet doesn’t work like that.

Nothing could make you money quickly.

The more you think this, The more scams you’ll run into

I’m really glad you did your own research before buying this system and I hope this review saved your hard earned money and your time.

No one has ever made money being comfortable.

Personally, my website didn’t start making me money from day one, I had to go through a learning curve, I made tons of mistakes, but now I’m finally making a monthly income online.

To conclude I highly recommend you to check out how I went from a total newbie to someone who actually makes money online

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