Is CoinInvest a SCAM? Find Their True Colors Here!

Is CoinInvest a SCAM?

Let's get to know this company in this CoinInvest Review!

They say that they are a reliable partner when it comes to gold and silver investments, are they really?

Let's find the answer inside this CoinInvest review!

What is CoinInvest?

Is CoinInvest a Scam offers you the chance to buy, sell, and invest in rare coins and precious metals easily and quickly.

More so, they stock high-quality and sought-after metals, with products in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

Furthermore, no matter whether you’re looking to invest in bullion for your future, or whether you’re after a special coin to crown your collection, you’ll find it here on.

Since 2019 CoinInvest GmbH has been a part of StoneX Group, a Fortune 500 company, listed on the NASDAQ (SNEX).

More so, their main products are investment-grade coins and bars, which they stock in a massive range of pieces.

Products of CoinInvest

Precious metals are the investors as a “safe-haven” investment.

Thus, by including precious metals in your investment portfolio, you increase diversification.

Furthermore, this can help reduce losses when other asset classes, like stocks, property and currencies, fall in value.

Gold Coins

Britannia Coin

From 1987, the gold Britannia coin is the first European investment coin. More so, they are from the British Royal Mint, they have British legal tender status.

Furthermore, are very popular as they are exempt of Capital Gains Tax (CGT),which makes them a low-margin gold investment.

Is CoinInvest a Scam

Krugerrand Coins

The South African Krugerrand is prized as one of the world’s oldest and most recognizable gold bullion coins.

More so, its pioneering example as the first gold bullion coin accessible to everyone puts the Krugerrand on the pedestal of history and makes it an essential addition for coin collectors and investors.

Is CoinInvest a Scam

Gold Bars and Bullion

Bullion bars have been valued by traders and investors for centuries and they are still extremely popular today.

Also, people invest in gold bars for several reasons, including protection against currency fluctuation or inflation.

Furthermore, they are often considered as "safe haven" investments and even during periods of crisis tend to increase in value.

More so, many investors buy large gold bars to bolster their portfolio, while others enjoy smaller bars or products like the Valcambi CombiBar, which are highly portable and a universally acceptable alternative to cash.

Is CoinInvest a Scam
Is CoinInvest a Scam



Anyone wishing to buy silver is generally advised to choose current silver investment coins, also referred to as silver bullion coins.

The advantage of choosing silver coins is that they can be easily handled by banks, savings institutions, precious metals traders or private investors at any time.

Bars and bullion

This are the most common form of investment for those who want to put money into large amounts of physical silver, as opposed to silver coins.

Investors who want to buy silver bars to diversify their portfolio are spoilt for choice because there are numerous variants for every individual investment purpose. 



Although Gold and Silver are the most famous precious metals, Platinum Coins have quickly found favor with discerning investors and collectors.

Platinum lacks the history of gold or silver as a coinage metal but platinum bullion coins have proven popular since the 1970s thanks to the metal’s greater rarity.


In addition to its rarity, platinum is of great technological interest and is in high demand for industrial use. Platinum spot price is used to set the price of Platinum Bullion for both buyers and sellers.



Coins are an excellent option for discerning collectors or investors as the popularity of the silvery-white Precious Metal continues to grow. 


As one of the world’s rarest precious metals, palladium bars are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

Palladium bars have a millesimal fineness of .9995 and are available in a range of sizes. It’s more economical to invest in larger bars as you can benefit from a lower premium over the palladium spot price.

Reviews and Ratings of CoinInvest

Here are some of the reviews and ratings of CoinInvest:

Is CoinInvest a Scam

What I Like About CoinInvest


Low Prices Products

CoinInvest buys and sells large quantities of coins and precious metals, they are able to offer lower prices than our competitors.

You Can Sell Products to Them

The coins/bullion shown on their website are the coins/bullion they are interested in buying. Their "Buy Price" is the price they would offer you at that moment in time.

What I Don't Like About CoinInvest

Hidden Fees

There are hidden UK delivery fees by UPS to collect your order, such as 20% VAT.

So, that's a downside for the customer.

Difficulty in Reaching Them

Communication with the technical service can be improved, sometimes it is difficult to contact them by phone.

Is CoinInvest a SCAM?

CoinInvest is NOT A SCAM.

They offer you the chance to buy, sell, and invest in rare coins and precious metals easily and quickly.

More so, they stock high-quality and sought-after metals, with products in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

Final Thoughts

CoinInvest offers gold and precious metals. But, if you are looking for GOLD IRAs, I have GOLDCO for you!

Goldco is a leader in the precious metals industry, with over a decade of experience helping customers protect their retirement savings.

If you have an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSP, savings, or similar tax-advantaged retirement account, a Goldco Specialist can help you protect those assets with a Precious Metals IRA.

They also offer direct sales of gold and silver to our customers. If you have a savings account, a Goldco Specialist can help you diversify those funds with precious metals.

Whether you want to roll over retirement assets into a Precious Metals IRA or buy gold and silver directly, a Goldco Specialist can help you navigate each step of the seamless process from beginning to end.

They have a rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Triple-A by the Business Consumer Alliance. 

Their quality customer service, dependability, and ethical business practices result in thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews.

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