Is a scam? 2020 Updated Review!

Welcome to my “is a scam?” post!

Answering surveys is a very famous way to earn online and there are a lot of survey sites out there that will pay you to share your opinion.

But in case, this company claims that you will earn $300 per month by filling surveys, is that true?

Can you really make that money on or it’s just a scam?

In this article, I will give you the 4 reasons why this site is no good and why you should avoid it!

And I will also give you why better alternatives to make money online!

my recommandation

  • Name: Aussie Paid Surveys.
  • Website:
  • Price: Free.
  • Recommended? NO

What is Aussie Paid Surveys?

Aussie Paid Surveys is a website that connects you with other surveys so you can join them and earn money by giving your opinion.

I’ve reviewed similar websites a few months ago called Survey Money Machines and Survey Spotter.they are both survey aggregators like this one.

The first thing that I personally hate about survey aggregators is that they keep sending you to random surveys and you have to complete your profile info every time you join a new survey.

How Does Aussie Paid Surveys Works?

Aussie Paid surveys is an Affiliate Website where the owner is earning a commission every time you join a survey you recommend by clicking their link.

there is nothing wrong with that it’s a 100% legit business!

Aussie Paid Surveys wants you to join as many surveys as possible because they will earn more if you do so.

But if you join more than 3 surveys you will get confused and you will waste a lot of time,

And you need to deal with different problems when you join different surveys because each company has a different payment method and a payout limit.

5- Reasons Why You Should Avoid Aussie Paid Surveys

Although is a legitimate site it has a lot of red flags and below I will give you 4 reasons why I don’t recommend it:

#1 Your Inbox Will Get Spammed

I’ve seen sites like this before, whenever you join one of their partners you’ll need to agree to receive emails from them.

so if you join Aussie paid surveys then get ready to get a bunch of spam in your email.

#2 It’s almost impossible To Make $300 Taking Surveys!

Aussie paid surveys has a limited earning ($300) although this website tells you that you will earn $50 per survey that’s not true because each survey has a different cashout limit.

Most surveys that I know only pay you $1 to $2 per survey and it will take you forever to reach $100 or $200 per month and personally, I don’t think that’s worth your time.

#3 The members are fake!

aussie paid surveys fake reviews

In The home page there are some reviews “they claim” they are from their members which is totally false.

I did some digging online and I found none of these reviews on sites like TrustPilot  and SiteJabber or any sites of trust which means, the reviews are fake!

#4 The Owner Of Is Hidden

Another huge red flag that makes this site not trustworthy is that there is no info about the founder of this company which is not normal!

I mean there is no need to hide if your website is 100% legitimate, right?

Is Aussie Paid Surveys a scam? It’s a 100% legit website because you will make money with it but as I explained above you can’t make $300 taking surveys.

Especially with survey aggregators because you need to complete your profile everytime they connect you with a survey company.

Another thing that you should expect is that sometimes you’ll spend more than 10 minutes answering a survey and instead of getting paid you’ll get a message that reads: sorry you are not qualified

So don’t expect to make that much money answering surveys.

 Is There a Better Alternative?

I recommend you to stay away from this website and if you are looking for a legit alternative to make some extra cash taking surveys then I recommend you to join Swagbucks!

Swagbucks Is one of the best reward sites that will pay you to do different tasks including taking surveys.

And the best part about this company is that you’ll get a free $5 just for signing up!

Surveys are just for extra cash so don’t expect to get rich or make a living answering them!

But if you are looking for a more profitable way to earn online then I invite you to check out my #1 recommendation

My recommendation will show you how to make money online with an amazing business called Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply selling companies products through affiliate links and earn commissions!

The reason why I recommend this business model is simple

  • Free To start!
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  • You can promote anything and earn big commissions!

If  you are  interested  then  check  out  my  free  step-by-step   make  money  online  for newbies  below:

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