Inbound Closer Review: Is it a Scam?! Or is it Legitimate?!

Welcome to my Inbound Closer review!

You might have come across Inbound Closer as you’re searching for ways how you can earn at the comfort of your home.

It might have caught your attention and want to more about the training course that they offer.

If you want to know the answer, then you come to the right place!

In this review, I will provide you an analysis of the program and whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

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So without further delays, let’s begin my Inbound Closer review…

Inbound Closer Review

  • Name: Inbound Closer
  • Website:
  • Founder: Payton Welch
  • Price: $97
  • Recommended?: It depends (Read on!).
Inbound Closer Review
Inbound Closer Review

Who is Payton Welch?

Before I begin discussing Inbound Closer and whether it’s a good fit for you, let me introduce its founder first.

Inbound Closer Review

Inbound Closer is the brainchild of Payton Welch.

On the other hand, Payton Welch is a businessman that aims to share his knowledge in closing deals that involves high ticket programs over the phone. I will explain more about his course in the following section.

As you might have guessed, you could immediately conclude that he is a pretty good telemarketer.

In addition, he is also the digital marketing consultant and senior advisor for Traffic and Funnels. It is a company that primarily provides an eCommerce training program

It was co-founded by Chris Evans (not to be confused with Chris Evans of Captain America) and his brother, Taylor Welch.

And it is for this reason that you would see Chris Evans and Taylor Welch in some of the promotional videos of Inbound Closer.

Now, let’s continue and learn more about this training course…

What is an Inbound Closer? And how it works?

As mentioned earlier, Inbound Closer is a training course that helps you in improving your skills in closing high ticket deals over the phone. It’s a 21-day program that teaches you just how to that.

Inbound Closer Review

In other words, it’s sort of telemarketing, so to speak.

After the 21-day training period, it is expected that you should be able to talk your way to success. To give you a better understanding of what you’ll achieve afterward, refer to the following—

  • Improve your ability to make sales

  • A person who is able to generate leads

  • Learn how to utilize Affiliate Marketing to your advantage

  • And probably it most important lesson is to become a closer, or a person closing deals

But do take note that you won’t be just making cold calls. You might be making calls to references that are already in your sales funnel. In other words, these are the people that have shown interest in a previous product or service.

Inbound Closer could be especially beneficial to individuals who are making constant communication with clients and profiting from selling through phone transactions.

Anyway, refer to the following so you’ll have an overview of what to expect during the duration of the training course—

  • The Daily Commission Check Blueprint – it’s basically a two-module part that provides a step-by-step guideline on how to get your first high paying clients in just a matter of one week or less.

  • The Inbound Closing Accelerator – For this part, Payton discusses his techniques and breaks it down for you. This is so that you can have a better understanding and benefit you as a result.

  • Post-Call Recording and Breakdown – in this part of the module, he teaches you how to record your own success. It’s sort of a journal of your path to success if you will.

  • Access to the Inbound Closer Mastermind Group – it involves planning and strategizing on how you can close deals through the phone.

  • Taylor’s Personal Network of Online Entrepreneur – it’s where Taylor Welch provides a job opportunity for closers who took Inbound Closer classes. You will be notified anytime as soon as there’s a job vacancy.

Training courses, as such doesn’t provide any guarantees of success. Although it worked for them, it doesn’t necessarily translate to success for every person that uses them.

But if you’re curious about how to join them, then let’s continue to the next section…

The registration process

To sign up with Inbound Closer, you have to provide them a one-time payment of $97.

Upon doing so, it will give you access to his training course that includes a six-page eBook script of what you’re going to say during a telephone call. And then, they will also provide other essential learning materials to help you become a successful closer.

The $97 may not be that expensive to some, but you can find better deals—one that is more affordable yet yields significant results; then you have to check out the following description—

 I Created My Own Online Business At Just 20!

(With no Experience or Degrees!)

Is it worth your money?

Like in any other training courses, seminars, or workshops around, there are no guarantees of success when you decided to join one.

Indeed, there would be persons who would experience success and felt that it had worked for them. On the other hand, there will also be people who would feel that it didn’t do any good for them.

It is important to bear in mind that you shouldn’t fall into the hype of online marketers or those that call themselves gurus that could help you achieve financial freedom through their methods.

Although some of the training programs you’ll find are legitimate, it doesn’t necessarily mean that each one of them could provide the results you have in mind.

Always try to be a keen observer so you would avoid any unnecessary stresses caused by unmet expectations.

All Inbound Closer can provide are techniques that were based on their personal experience and learning, and also client support whenever you have queries, but that’s basically just it!

And the bottomline is that you are still pretty much still on your own and have to carve your path to success.

As far as I am concerned, it is still a trial and error if you decide to join them eventually.

You also have to bear in mind that spending this much may seem impractical, especially if it doesn’t offer guarantees of success if you put it in proper perspective.

It could especially be a waste of your time and money if it didn’t meet your expectation, or the course failed you altogether—it is an expensive way to fail if you think about it.

However, if you have sufficient budget to accommodate losses if it indeed happens, or just willing to take such risk, then you could maybe give the training course offered by Payton Welch a try.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not against any seminars, or workshops, online training courses—anyway, the higher the risk, the higher the return, right?

But you have to remember that not all high-cost investments would automatically translate to high profits. And some of them would even result in significant losses.

My point here is that there’s a better way to minimize the risk yet achieve financial stability and earn a high income.

There are better alternatives out there!

Check out the description below and learn how you can earn a higher and more stable income online—

Here Is My Best Work At Home Recommendation For Newbies!

Is Inbound Closer a scam?

No. I did not find any reason to believe that Inbound Closer is a scam.

They are a legitimate course that offers training on how you can effectively close deals.

What I Like About Inbound Closer


The training course is legitimate.

If you’re contemplating on joining them, then you are in perfectly good hands.


The $97 initial registration cost is relatively cheap.

Refund Policy

It was mentioned that they have a lifetime money-back guarantee.

What I Don't Like About Inbound Closer

No guarantee of success

Take note that even if you have the best teacher in the world, your success in the business still relies on your own efforts.


There is no such thing as a fast way to achieve success.

No BBB credentials

The Better Business Bureau or simply the BBB is one way most people do to check the credibility of a company or training course for this matter.

Not having one doesn’t immediately conclude that business is fraudulent in any way, but it may significantly impact the decision-making of potential new members.

Final thoughts

I hope my Inbound Closer review has provided you sufficient information about this income opportunity and helped you in determining whether they are a good use of your time and money, or should you search for other programs.

Although Inbound Closer is legitimate, I still don’t recommend them. For one thing, I don’t believe that it would be helpful to everybody.

Also, even though it was made by an established and experienced person in the field, it doesn’t mean that it would work for everybody.

There is a better and more affordable way of earning income online…

Continue to the next section and discover how you can achieve financial freedom online...

How I earn income online

Affiliate Marketing is a better option than any online money-making schemes for a few apparent reasons, and it includes the following—

  • It yields a higher and more stable income!
  • No upsells!
  • It’s free, to begin with!
  • No risks!
  • It is way more affordable compared to other platforms!
  • You don’t have to worry about hidden charges!
  • And most importantly, it offers unlimited income because you can essentially promote as many businesses as you like!

Yes, what you’ll basically be doing is to promote a brand using an affiliate through your online site.

And then, you earn commissions every time someone engages the link you’ve provided and use it to purchase the products or services offered on the landing page of the brand you’re promoting.

Of course, the success of this endeavor relies on the quality of traffic being driven into your website.

If you’re a complete newbie and don’t know where to begin or already have knowledge of how it works but struggling as of the moment, then you no longer have to worry any further!

I have the excellent for you!

Tickle the description below and learn how you can create a stunning website that’s attracting lots of traffic from scratch—

Well, I guess that’s just about it!

Thank you for taking time off and reading my Inbound Closer review!

I hope to see you next time!


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