Entre Institute Review: Is it a Scam? Or is it Legitimate?

Welcome to my Entre Institute review!

You might have come across Jeff Lerner’s course as you’re searching for legitimate programs that can teach you online entrepreneurship.

For some reason, it might have aroused your curiosity and want to know more about the program.

If this is your concern, then you have come to the right place!

In this review, I will help you determine whether it’s worth your time and money, or should you search for other opportunities.

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Entre Institute Review

  • Name: Entre Institute
  • Website: entreinstitute.com
  • Founder: Jeff Lerner
  • Price: Courses ranges from $39 to about $29,999.
  • Recommended?: Nope!
Entre Institute Review
Entre Institute Review

Who is Jeff Lerner?

Before I begin discussing what Entre Institute has to offer, let me introduce you first to its founder.

Jeff Lerner is an entrepreneur and author, but he is mostly known as a motivational speaker.

Entre Institute Review

He started his online career way back in 2008. He was pretty successful to that end and earned over $50 million in sales from his works.

In the beginning line of his LinkedIn profile, it was mentioned that he used to be a broke Jazz musician before reaching the pinnacle of success as he is known today.

And it is for this reason that many can relate to him, and he provides some sort of inspiration that they could accomplish the same feats as well.

As of the moment, he is actively participating in speaking events and appearing in specific TV shows while managing his Entre Institute program.

He also owns and co-founded other businesses such as—

  • Seven Mile Digital – A company that offers services on consultation and lead generation.
  • Xurli – An agency that provides digital marketing services.

If you want to know more about Jeff Lerner, then you can visit his LinkedIn profile yourself by clicking here.

Let’s continue and learn more about his training course…

What is Entre Institute? And what does it offer?

Just by referring to the background of Jeff Lerner, you could immediately surmise what he offers.

Entre Institute is a personal empowerment training course that aims to help entrepreneurs or career individuals to reach their full potential and become the successes they imagine to be.

The word Entre strongly suggests its purpose: to produce the best entrepreneurs in their chosen niche.

Entre Institute Review

The summary of their product line is as follows—

The Entre Blueprint

I feel that it’s more of a motivation program that relays the philosophies of Jeff Lerner that made him an entrepreneurial success.

The training course is valued at a one-time payment of $39.

The Entre Nation Elite

It’s a community-based program that is focused on both traditional business and online entrepreneurship or eCommerce.

What it does is it grants members access to their weekly webinars. The event is managed by Jeff Lerner and selected members of his team.

The training course is valued at $49, which you have to pay on a monthly basis. Or you can opt for the yearly payment, which will cost you $348.

The Entre Digital

For this training program, Jeff Lerner will teach you the proper way to conduct the three of the most popular online income-generating platforms online.

It includes Affiliate Marketing, Digital Consulting, and eCommerce.

The training course is valued at a one-time payment of $1,997.

Entre Results

To make sure that you only receive the best advice and effective techniques, he also offers 1-on-1 training sessions.

However, this isn’t clear for everybody because it will cost you $15,000 a year.

Entre Inner Circle

For this training course, Jeff Lerner will provide you his five pillars in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

If you enroll in this program, it is said that you will receive 12-month access to his so-called Virtual Intensives.

What this means is that it includes exclusive training opportunities from Jeff Lerner and his team.

Does it sound good?

It may sound interesting, but it will cost you a whopping $29,999 a year!

That’s not an oversight! That’s almost $30K!

Entre Mastery

The last module gives you to get in touch with the man himself.

As you see, you may need to get all of the products offered if you want to get the full benefit of Jeff Lerner’s course.

Also, I’d like to point out that the programs are very expensive, and apparently it doesn’t suit everybody.

You may get the same level of quality in other training programs around if you diligently look for them.

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Is it worth your money?

You have to take note that there are no guarantees of success if you join any training courses online—may it be about Affiliate Marketing, online entrepreneurship, etc.

There will be people who would be saying that the program did indeed work, while others might say that it didn’t do them any good.

You shouldn’t fall into the hype created by marketers or the so-called entrepreneurial gurus. You have to bear in mind that there’s no such thing as sure-fire or guarantee of success in any training courses.

Although what some of the programs are offering is legitimate—do not entirely depend your future on them.

Like any businesses around, you may still encounter uncertainties as an online entrepreneur.

The training course offered by Entre Institute can only provide you techniques and techniques from personal experience and learnings.

However, you’re still pretty much on your own. It is still your decision to make. You can’t really depend on them, and you have to carve your own path to success and financial freedom.

Being an online entrepreneur is still a trial and error as far as I am concerned.

In addition, it feels that there’s an upsell involved because you can only benefit from his program when you purchase his entire training course—not to mention how expensive they are.

If you don’t mind the risk, and spending from $40 to $30K regularly doesn’t bother, then you could maybe try Entre Institute at your own risk.

But if you’re looking for a source of income that is less risky and affordable, then check out the following description below—

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Is Entre Institute a scam?

No. I did not find any reason to believe that the Entre Institute is a scam,

I think that Jeff Lerner offers a legitimate training course that offers modules on how to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Yes, the program does offer quality lessons, but some of the courses are really expensive—I mean, $30K expensive!

If you don’t have the budget, then you have to fret because there are options out that are less costly but can provide you the same or even superior results.

Click here if you’re wondering about the best options.

What I Don't Like About Entre Institute

Expensive programs

Although the entry program is relatively cheap, you may have to spend a hundred and even thousands in the following sessions if you want to fully benefit from his training courses.

Too much talk

Some of the training videos are long by have too much discussion in them that don’t seem to be relevant. They may have to minimize them and include the important things only.

What I Like About Entre Institute


If you’re thinking of signing up for their training courses, then you’re in perfectly good hands

Final thoughts

I hope my Entre Institute review has provided you sufficient information about the training course and helped you in determining whether it a good use of your time or should you search for other programs.

Although the company is legit and relatively cheap, I still don’t feel recommending them if I were you.

If you’re looking for more extensive lessons on online entrepreneurship, then Entre Institute may not be the best training course to invest in.

Continue to the next and last section if you want to achieve financial freedom online…

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Thank you for taking time off and reading my Entre Institute review!

I hope to see you next time!


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