Doggy Go App Review: Is this platform a good source of income?

Welcome to Doggy Go App Review!

When I first heard of Doggy Go App, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s another pet care service like Barkly Pets or PetBacker.

But it turns out that the application offers a sort of play-to-win cash scheme.

These types of mobile applications are progressively becoming popular, especially for people who wanted to earn during their spare time.

And one of these apps is called the Doggy Go App. The gameplay is pretty simple, and the mechanics are simple—just breed new dogs, and you earn some cash.

But remember that as easy as it may, the cash that you’re going to receive isn’t that high. Yet, their withdrawal amount is high. I will explain this as we go along with this review.

If you are considering whether to invest time and effort into the platform, but in doubt as to its legitimacy, then you have come to the right place.

In this review, I will provide you a detailed analysis of this mobile application, and hopefully, it’d help you in your decision-making.

So without further ado…

Let’s begin my Doggy Go App review…

Doggy Go App Review

  • Name: Doggy Go App
  • Where to install?: It is available in the Google Playstore and App Store for iOS.
  • Founder: Undisclosed.
  • Price: Free-to-join
  • Recommended?: No!!!
Doggy Go App Review
Doggy Go App Review

What is the Doggy Go App?

As mentioned, Doggy Go is an application that gives you the opportunity to earn real money or cash by playing their game.

The mechanics of the game is relatively simple. All you are required to do is to breed new virtual dogs. But the catch is that the new dog must be created from dogs of the same level.

As you move forward with the game, you unlock a new breed of dogs. And as you do so, you earn virtual cash as well.

It is that easy! But do bear in mind that as simple as they may be, the payout isn’t that great as well. I will explain this in the later sections of this review.

Unfortunately, I was able to locate any company backgrounds. Even the basic information like co-founder, date of inception, and current owners were not disclose.

I have reviewed other online money-making platforms, and most of them didn’t disclose the most basic information as well.

By the way, here are some of my past reviews if you would like them out—MegaTypers, Dabbl App, Idle-Empire, GG2U, and, to name a few.


I’m not sure if it’s a common practice in GPTs and other online money-making schemes. But as for me, it is a little bit shady if a company is not even willing to share to the public the most basic of information.

But don’t get me wrong—it doesn’t mean that the business is fraudulent because there are companies that do this but turns out to be legit.

Doggy Go App Review

How do the Doggy Go App works?

As explained earlier, the Doggy Go App is a gaming application that pays virtual cash, which you can withdraw for real cash eventually.

The application is relatively, and the mechanics of the game is pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is to point and drag one dog to the other. Again, the dogs must be of the same breed or level.

As you advance, you will unlock new breeds. And as you unlock new breeds, you earn more virtual cash.      

You can also buy different breeds and levels using your virtual cash. But do bear in mind that different dogs and levels also vary in prices.

Doggy Go App Review

Another feature of the application is that you’ll be able to walk your dog form city to city.

You have to take note that the number of virtual cash you earn depends on the type of breed you have in your possession.

The level of the breed is another factor in the determinant of how high you earn.

The problem comes when you begin to advance higher into the game. This is because they tend to buy more expensive breeds to earn higher.

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The registration process

It is free to sign up with Doggy Go App.

But you have to download their mobile application to gain access to the platform.

You can install the game through the Google Play Store or App Store for iOS users.

After installation, you can sign up with your Facebook account.

I am a little doubtful whenever there are no other signup options than your social media account.

I usually register using my email or creating an account.

But that’s just me. Signing up using your social media account doesn’t immediately spell scam or your account being hacked.

Is it a reliable source of income?

The typical income ranges from $0.20 to $0.50 anytime you unlock new breeds.

The income from Doggy Go App is that low. And if you’re thinking of quitting your day job to do Doggy Go App instead, then you are obviously making a huge mistake.

I doubt that the income generated from the app is going to be sufficient in meeting your monthly expenses.

You have to take note that as you move forward, you have to spend more as well. As discussed earlier, your income relies on the level and breed of your virtual dog.

Therefore, some may be tempted to incur more expenses for the sake of earning a higher income. As a result, it may turn out that they aren’t earning anything at all.

Bear in mind that the minimum withdrawal threshold is at $30 (which is $20 prior). There were reports that members are getting stuck at the $12 level.

The withdrawal threshold is too high, considering how low the potential income is.

Because of this, I believe that the Doggy Go App is only a good source of extra cash.

If you have time in your hand and wanted to make it somehow productive, then Doggy Go App might be a good option than browsing social media or playing online games.

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What I Don't Like About Doggy Go App

Terms of use not included

Even though we tend to skip this document, it is very important, nonetheless.

It is a document that relays our rights during usage of their application.

High withdrawal threshold

The withdrawal threshold is very high if you ask my opinion. Considering how little the income is, I think it is unjustifiable.

Bug issues

Plus, there were reports from users that application crashes often. As a result, they lose all their earning upon installing the mobile app once again.

To save you time, do not engage in this application. It is better to turn your attention to more effective ways of earning income online

What I Like About Doggy Go App

Membership is free

Registration into the platform is absolutely free if you want to try it out.

A productive way to pass the time

If you have too much time on your hand and wanted to make it more meaningful and productive, then playing the Doggy Go App is a good way to do so.

You may not earn as much, but at least you’re doing something more productive during your idle time.

Engaging gameplay

The graphics of Doggy Go is decently good for a casual game. Also, the gameplay is engaging, in my opinion. They are adding new levels per week, so that’s a plus, I guess.

Is Doggy Go App a scam?

I didn’t find any reason to believe that Doggy Go is a scam. But I can’t also tell if the platform is completely legitimate.

As you have seen, the pay is extremely low, considering how high the minimum withdrawal amount is. Seems a little sketchy to me, it looks like they’re impeding member development as much as possible.

In any case, however, I don’t recommend Doggy Go App or any GPT platforms for that matter.

Final thoughts

I hope my Doggy Go App review has provided you enough information in determining whether the platform is a good source of income or not.

The games itself are not bad. It is somehow fun and engaging.

But if you ask my opinion, I do not recommend this platform if your aim is reliable and sufficient income. And a source of income that is sufficient to accommodate your monthly expenses.

The withdrawal threshold is so high that it may take incredibly long hours before you reach the $30 mark.

As I emphasized earlier, the Doggy Go App is only a good source of extra cash. Or if you want to make your vacant time more productive, then yeah, maybe you could try out this platform.

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Thank you for taking the time off and reading my Doggy Go App review!

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