Daily Cash Siphon Review: A Scam Or $395 Per Day?


So you are looking for a way to make money online and you are wondering if Daily Cash Siphon can really make you a $395 a day or it’s just another online scam?

First of all, let me Congratulate you for taking your time and doing your own research before buying this suspicious product.

Without further ado, Let’s dive in to find the reasons why Daily Cash Siphon is NOT the best way to make money online.

  • Name: Daily Cash Siphon
  • Website: Dailycashsiphon.net
  • Price: $37 + The Upsells
  • Recommended? Nope!

Before I start, I just want to mention that I’ve written an article that explains how making money online really works so if you are a newbie and you don’t know anything about making money online then please read it (Click here to know the truth about making money online)

What is Daily Cash Siphon?

Daily Cash Siphon is a digital product that is being sold through Clickbank that will make you a lot of cash fast by simply copying a step-by-step method that even a beginner could do.

I’m not going to lie I found this suspicious after a few seconds of watching the sales video because I’ve reviewed lots of products like this on this website and trust me it doesn’t work like William claim.

William and all the owners of the Clickbank products that I’ve reviewed make their products look like they are out of this world, they tell you whatever is good: Making money fast, everything is done for you all you need is to get their product, work only a few minutes a day…

But when you buy it all you get is DISAPPOINTMENT, because nothing in life comes easy, if you don’t work hard on something, don’t expect any good results.

How daily Cash Siphon actually works

Daily Cash siphon won’t make you money as fast as they tell you.

I just don’t understand why does William want to keep his life-changing method a secret, I mean he said in the sales video “if you earn money we will earn more money” imagine how much money he will make if a lot of people buy his ebook? just wondering…

It’s just another “get rich fast scam”  there’s no reason some random hidden person in a video will share with you their shortcut to millions of dollars that they just discovered.

A legit product or system doesn’t just tell you that you could make money with their system, they actually show people how it’s done and how it works.

And if you think that the screenshots and the Clickbank account on the video are the best proof I’m sorry to disappoint you again because these screenshots are so easy to fake.

This video shows how Clickbank earnings can be faked easily:


Is Daily Cash Siphon A Scam?

I will say yes it’s a scam because their training won’t help you make money they will just keep pushing you to spend as much as possible on the upsells, in other words, the real winner is the owner of this BS.

  • The upsells

After spending $37 you will be pushed into 3 upsells:


and it doesn’t end there because you are still going to lose more money purchase third-party hosting to start your blog, Personally, I can’t spend all that money on such a product.

  • Fake owner:

The spokesperson in the sales video is using a pen name to stay safe Just think about it for a minute why would you hide your identity unless you are doing something illegal

To conclude all the ClickBank products that I’ve reviewed turned out to be scams and the weird thing is that they all have the same price tag ($37), You can read some of my CB products reviews below and see what I’m talking about:

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