Best CBD Affiliate Programs in 2021: which platform suits your preference?

Welcome to my “Best CBD Affiliate Programs” article! (Updated For 2022)

The CBD market is a fast-growing industry.

As many regions worldwide are now starting to legalize CBDs and realize their beneficial effects, you can still expect rapid growth for the next few years.

However, they’re not the only ones with the opportunity to take advantage of this booming industry.

You and I can also benefit from them through affiliate marketing.

In this post, I listed some of the best CBD affiliate programs that you can try!

So without further delays, let’s begin…

The Best CBD Affiliate Programs

CBD Essence

In terms of CBD extraction techniques, CBD Essence is probably one of the best at that.

best cbd affiliate programs

They offer a lot of CBD products to offer. Some examples include topical creams, vape liquids, pet treats, oil tinctures, and CBD edibles, to name a few.

You might also be happy to hear that they are quite well-known.

So if you are thinking of joining their affiliate program, then you won’t regret it because they have many followers.

For the affiliate marketer, they offer a 180-day cookie aside from their 20% to 40% commissions.

This means that the affiliate marketers have the potential to earn commissions for that long continuously.

  • Commission percentage – 20% to 40%
  • Payment – monthly basis
  • Cookie Duration – 180 days

Joy Organics

The business was founded by Joy Smith with the intention of providing quality CBD products to the masses.

best cbd affiliate programs

In 2020, Joy Organics was recognized as one of the fastest-growing CBD brands. Their affiliate program is also considered one of the best.

They offer CBD products like oil tinctures, CBD chewable, energy drinks, soft gels, etc.

Joy Organics offers quality yet affordable CBD products. Therefore, they are definitely a good choice for consumers and affiliate marketers alike.

  • Commission percentage – 25%
  • Payment – monthly basis
  • Cookie duration – 60 days.


They offer a variety of CBD products that comes in different sizes as well. Some of the products include CBD chewable, topical cream, and tablets, to name a few.

best cbd affiliate programs

Unfortunately, CBD chewable is the only edible product that the company is offering.

Also, unlike other CBD companies, NutraCanna doesn’t offer CBD products for use in vaping or pets.

This may be the case—they’re offering quality products that consumers may find useful and effective in either way.

It’s also noteworthy that the products are simple. And this is so because NutraCanna is conscious of providing safety more than anything else.

Therefore, you can be assured that their products are 100% pure and manufactured legally.

The products are excellent for people who are newbies to CBD oils.

I believe that NutraCanna products are an excellent way, to begin with.

  • Commission percentage – 15%
  • Payment – monthly basis
  • Cookie duration – 30 days

CBD Medic

CBD Medic is a provider of hemp oil extracts and other natural emollients.

best cbd affiliate programs

It includes products like acne cream, massage oil, eczema ointment, muscle, and joint spray, etc.

CBD Medic is a widely recognized brand and one of the best around.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be receiving a commission for up to $50 on each sale made as a result.

  • Commission rate - $50 per customer purchase
  • Payment – monthly
  • Cookie duration – 60 days.

Green Wellness Life

The philosophy of Green Wellness is to provide quality CBD oils to improve holistic health. And the business was the brainchild of Brandy and Jim Palmer.

best cbd affiliate programs

It certainly comes in handy anytime you need relief from diseases or soreness.

Or if you just want to improve your overall health, then Green Wellness can definitely assist you with that.

They also offer a fair commission of 10% on each sale the affiliate marketer makes.

If you’re particular about website presentation, you may find that their site isn’t particularly aesthetic.

But don’t judge the book by its cover, right? This is because Green Wellness has one of the highest conversion rates of 19.8% for its affiliate program.

  • Commission percentage – 10% per sale.
  • Payment – monthly
  • Cookie duration – 90 days


Vaping is one of the hottest trends today. It is one of the popular methods in which smokers break their nicotine addiction.

best cbd affiliate programs

Therefore, an affiliate program that involves selling vaping is a promising endeavor.

AirVape is definitely a good option if you’re looking for an affiliate program to pursue.

The designs of their vapes are also noteworthy— it is aesthetically pleasing and conveniently portable.

Part of their affiliate program also includes banners and other promotional stuff to boost advertising.

  • Commission percentage – 15% per sale
  • Payment – monthly
  • Cookie duration – 30 days.


CBDFX is a relatively company compared to its competitors.

best cbd affiliate programs

This may be the case—they are still one of the most well-known CBD retailers online.

You may hear the company claims to have the purest CBD extracts. Their claim, however, is founded because it is GMO-Free and 100% organic.

Another notable characteristic is the wide range of products that contain cannabis terpenes.

It is the flowering bud of the cannabis plant that’s believed to possess more antioxidants that could further benefit the user.

In terms of the affiliate program, they offer a 20% commission on every sale the marketer makes.

When payday arrives, payment is made through PayPal, check, or bank transfer depending on what the marketer prefers.

However, a ceiling of $1,000 is observed for payments made through bank transfers.

  • Commission percentage – 20% per sale
  • Payment – monthly
  • Cookie duration – 30 days.

Direct CBD

The company offers a variety of CBD products that include tincture, hemp oil drops, relief cream, chewable, and many others.

best cbd affiliate programs

Direct CBD is a fast-growing company. Thus, you can’t go wrong if you decide to represent their products.

In terms of their affiliate program, they offer a high percentage of 30% per sale you make.

On top of that, the duration of the cookies is for a lifetime!

  • Commission percentage – 30% per sale
  • Payment – every other week
  • Cookie duration – LIFETIME.

CBD Pure

CBD Pure was established in 2016 and is under another health and wellness company called Nutra Pure.

best cbd affiliate programs

Every CBD provider would tell you that their product is the most effective around, and simply the best.

It doesn’t look that there’s much of a distinction.

I couldn’t say that CBD Pure is the best, but I certainly can say that the product is good—and that they are a brand that you can proudly represent.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, however, I think you’d be excited to know that they offer one of the highest commissions of 40%.

In addition, their products aren’t that expensive and fairly affordable.

This means that selling the products isn’t as hard compared to their pricey counterpart if you find the right people to sell them.

  • Commission percentage – 40%
  • Payment – monthly
  • Cookie duration – 90 days

Lola Hemp

Lola Hemp is an American-based company that was incepted in 2018 by Joey and Susan DiFrancesco.

best cbd affiliate programs

The business doesn’t offer that much, but it seems like they had focused more on pet treatment.

Also, the business currently offers three different sizes of CBD oil tinctures like 15ml ($29.99), 30ml ($44.99), and 60ml ($69.99).

As an affiliate marketer for them, you would earn a commission rate of 20% per sale you make.

  • Commission percentage – 20%
  • Payment – every other week
  • Cookie duration – 30 days.

 I Created My Own Online Business At Just 20!

(With no Experience or Degrees!)

Making it as a CBD Oil Affiliate Marketer

CBD is a great niche to increase your income!

And the best way to do so is through Affiliate Marketing. this business model has helped many to achieve financial freedom while doing the things they love.

Affiliate Marketing simply means selling other people's products/services through affiliate links.

And you earn commissions anytime someone engages the link and avails the products or services offered as a result.

But of course, you don’t just select the brand you want to represent. It also depends on your field of specialization or genre.

For example, if you’re in the health and wellness niche, then it’s just appropriate to choose brands that are in the same field.

It is as simple as that… Well, kind of…

The purpose of this review is to provide you which brands suit your preferences.

First and foremost is the philosophy of the business. In my opinion, it’s hard to advertise any businesses that you don’t agree with.

And then, there’s the cookie duration, commission percentage, and payment period.

Researching which company you want to represent may be time-consuming, but crucial if you want to succeed in this type of business.  

Final Thoughts

I hope this best CBD affiliate programs article has provided you with sufficient information about the said topic.

The health and wellness niche, particularly CBD oils, is definitely very competitive in affiliate marketing.

The industry of CBD is growing exponentially. Thus, you can expect CBD companies to look for ways to market their products. And of course, one of the best ways to do so is through affiliate marketers.

If you want to take advantage of this fast-growing industry, then check out the description below and learn how you can create a profitable affiliate website from scratch.

Thank you for taking time off and reading my 2022 best CBD Affiliate Programs updated article.

Until next time!


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