Quickpaysurvey.com Review: You Can Do Better!

Welcome to my Quick PaidSurvey review, So you came across this website and you are wondering if you can make some extra cash with them?

Luckily you landed on my honest review so I can answer all of your questions and show you why Quick pay survey is not the best way to earn online.

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Quick Paid Survey Quick Review

  • Name : Quick Paid Surveys
  • Website: Quickpaysurvey.com
  • Price: Free
  • Recommended? NO

What is Quick Paid Survey?

Quick Paid Survey is a GPT website that offers amazing ways to make extra cash including:

Completing surveys:

Quick Paid Survey connects you with some survey companies as they earn a commission every time you join a new company.

Cash Offers:

These cash offers require that you complete a wide range of tasks ranging from downloading apps, watching videos, signing up for free trials…

Earn points:

All you need to do is to join websites that are partnered with Quick Paid Survey and complete simple offers to earn points that are redeemable for gift cards.

paid email:

All you need to do is reading emails!  just click to confirm reading each email and earn money.

How Does Quick Paid Survey work?

Quick PAid Survey is an Affiliate Website where the owner is earning a commission every time you join the websites that are partnered with them.

once you join Quick Paid Survey you will get a $3 reward and then you will be given a list of offers so you choose how you want to make money with them.

Member commissions must exceed $15 in order to receive payment  and to reach $15 you need to complete more than 10 surveys and completing them is not as simple as it seems because of the following:

  • you won’t qualify for every opportunity, you will waste a lot of time answering a survey to get this message “Sorry, you are not a good match for this survey”
  • You need to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes on each survey to earn £1 or less so imagine how much time you need to earn something like £5?
  • each company has different payments methods and payout limits.

The complaints:

Users have reported often getting disqualified from paid surveys. This is because Quick Paid Surveys has a very loose demographic screening process, therefore you may find yourself trying multiple surveys before you’re allowed to take one.

Is Quick Paid Survey A scam?

Quick Paid Survey is a 100% legit business but they pay very little I mean you can spend this time and effort on something more worthy that will make you more money.


  • free to join
  • good offers
  • pays via PayPal


  • the owner is hidden.
  • they pay you a little
  • Users have reported often getting disqualified from paid surveys
  • they make you join more than 3 companies if you do, you will get confused and you will waste a lot of time, We Pay Per Survey wants you to join as many surveys as possible because they will earn more if you do so.

Final thoughts

this was my honest opinion about Quickpaysurvey.com and not facts, I reviewed this product before giving my opinion and as someone that tried more than 40 survey companies in the past and reviewed so many of them in this website including Wepaypersurvey.com and Vivatic.com I can tell that this is not the best way to earn online.

My advice to you is don’t accept getting paid a little when you can start your own business online and make a monthly income.

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