Project 303 Review: LEGIT or SCAM?Read this before you sign up!

Welcome to my Project 303 review!

You might have come across a newsletter that particularly focuses on trading options called Project 303.

It might have got your attention, and want to do a background check a little further before making any decisions.

If this is the case, then you have come to the right place!

In this content, I will help you determine whether you should invest in their newsletter or should you search for other opportunities.

I also reviewed other newsletters of the same nature in the past. You can check them out if you like—it includes Money Map Press and Weekly Blitz Alert.

Let’s begin my Project 303 review…

Project 303 Review

Project 303 Review

Who is Andrew Keene?

Andrew Keene is an expert options trader and currently the President and CEO of Alpha Shark Trading.

Project 303 Review

The mentioned company was founded in 2011 and was originally named Keene on the Market.

He started his path to success in the clerk-to-trade program of Botta Capital.

Before establishing his own company, he is a former trader in a stock exchange market called Chicago Board Options Exchange.

With all of these achievements, you can immediately surmise that he is good at trading and genuinely passionate about his craft.

In fact, Andrew Keene is known for his trading rooms. He also proudly claims to his teachings have reached more than 50k individuals for the past 4 years or so.

Aside from managing his company and trade newsletter, he is also a regular guest commentator on big-name networks like Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV.

Project 303 Review
Project 303 Review

Also, he has another financial service called the 1450 Club Strategy and a contributor to another financial-related newsletter called Money Map Press, which I also reviewed in the past.

Anyway, our main focus is Project 303 and analyze whether it’s a good use of your money or not.

Let’s continue…

What is Project 303? And how it works?

Project 303 is a subscription-based financial system. You can imagine them as similar to a newsletter where the subscriber receives weekly trading advice.

The term Project 303 actually means 30 minutes and 3 days in a week.

To further explain, Andrew Keene provides exclusive access to what he calls a live trading room. This is basically an online video conference where you could see Andrew make trades.

So the idea behind this is you’ll have the opportunity to learn from his personal techniques and strategies in live-action. As mentioned earlier, this is where he is particularly well-recognized for.

I like to think of it as similar to Facebook live because you can essentially send comments during the live events.

Anyway, his strategy works on a principle he refers to as the “SCAN Algorithm.”

SCAN is actually the acronym for “Spot the tell – Confirm the signal – Automate and execute – Net worth boosted.” And it is what he uses to predict stock market movement that enables him to place better trades in the future.

In addition to the platforms’ offering, the subscriber shall also receive the following perks—

  • Members-only Website – as a subscriber, you will gain special access to their official homepage.

  • Weekly Review – every Friday, Andrew Keene presents his report on how the market performed in the last week.

  • Fast Track to Financial Freedom Training Series – it is a course that is supposed to help beginners how to trade. Basically, it’s an introduction to options trading.

  • Net Worth Boosted Alert – Andrew Keene provides alerts whenever there are any significant movements in the stock market.

  • Live Trading Room – as explained, it utilizes a technique called SCAN.

  • In addition, the members also receive a free subscription to Profit Pregame. Essentially, it is another newsletter, which you guess it, about the options market.

Although the forecast and teachings of Andrew Keene are potentially helpful in options trading, I feel that beginners may find it hard to use them.

The potentiality of earning high profits is great, but there are still no guarantees in such the nature of the investment.

If you’re looking for a better alternative, one that is free of risk yet yields significant income, then check out the following description—

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But if you’re fully committed to subscribing to Project 303, the things you need to know to sign up are as follows…

The registration process

To register, you need to pay the subscription fee of $129, which would give you a year of access to their platform.

Or, you may avail of their two-year subscription plan, which would cost you $199. I guess it’s a huge saving if you’re truly intending on using it regularly.

They also offer an outstanding 60-day refund policy if you’re satisfied with their service, and it didn’t meet your expectation.

It was said that you could request a full refund if your investment did not profit 25 times, at least.

Is it worth the money?

The subscription fee of $129 is relatively cheap if you think about it. But you could still be wasting money if you don’t know what you’re doing, nonetheless.

Andrew Keene is an experienced and successful options trader, and his wisdom could really be beneficial to some.

But this won’t be the case in every person who subscribes to his newsletter. There will be people that would still incur no income or even losses in some instances.

All the platforms can provide is a forecast on how the movement of the market.

You have to take note that success in options trading is not guaranteed, and the risk is still there.

The bottom line is that you still hold the decision whether to purchase additional stock, hold on to it, or sell them.

As far as I am concerned, you will still need to possess financial skills to succeed or to make a better judgment on market movement.

I do not recommend options trading to beginners because they may find it hard to cope in this type of setting.

If you’re concerned that you’re missing out on something, then don’t worry. There are lots of better options out there.

Check out my best work-at-home recommendation below, and learn how you can earn significant income online even if you don’t have experience—

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Is Project 303 a scam?

No! Project 303 is not a scam! It is a legitimate platform that provides a forecast that helps you better predict market movement.

This platform was founded and owned by a well-known personality in the field of options trading.

With this being said—if you’re contemplating joining Project 303, then you don’t have to worry about anything because you are perfectly in good hands.

What I Don't Like About Project 303

Not beginner-friendly

As repeatedly emphasized, it’s not for everybody and not especially beginner-friendly.

No BBB credential

The Better Business Bureau, or simply the BBB, is one way most do to check the credibility of a company.

Not having doesn’t immediately conclude that they are fraudulent in any way, but it may significantly impact the decision-making of potential new subscribers.

What I Like About Project 303

Refund Policy

As mentioned, they offer a 60-day refund policy if you’re satisfied with their forecast and have not met your expectations.

The affordable initial subscription fee

The subscription fee would only cost you $129, which you have to pay annually.

Final thoughts

I hope my Project 303 review has provided you sufficient information about the platform and helped you in determining whether it’s a good use of your time and money or should you search for other income opportunities.

Although the platform is legitimate, I still don’t recommend them or options trading in general, especially if you’re a complete beginner if you will.

Apparently, this newsletter is not for everybody. Unless you’re an options trader, or at least have an idea of how to invest in the market, then subscribing to them to help you earn income won’t make any sense.

Also, take note that there are seasoned traders that are still struggling to find success in this nature of the investment.

The risk is still high as far as I see it.

But if you have a sufficient budget and don’t mind the risk, or just want to receive market updates or recommendation, then you can maybe give Project 303 a try at your own risk.

Continue to the next section and discover how you achieve financial freedom online…

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Thank you for taking the time off and reading my Project 303 review!

I hope to see you next time!


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8 thoughts on “Project 303 Review: LEGIT or SCAM?Read this before you sign up!”

  1. I agree that the premise of the strategy appears to be correct. The problem is that he trades on the TOS simulated platform, meaning that he gets preferential pricing and immediate fills, for the most part. Today was a good example when the recommendation was for CMCSA at no more than $.19. At that very moment, the mark was quoted on my TOS platform at $.22. So, moments later he claims that the trade was a winner, when on his platform it shows a price higher than the $.19, but was still $.22 on the regular TOS. I have followed many of his recommendations over the last several weeks, and overall have lost money. Further, he always talks about trades on the 1450 program (after the fact) when it is impossible to get into those trades late and make any money, for many of them.

  2. This Andree Keene is a unfunny joke. It’s not beginner’s friendly, not BBB credited , here’s the real, All his trade’s tanked, not one trade called for bullish went up, then he says: ” take the trade if you want it’s for the risky trader’s , repeats this 4 times in various verbiage. There is not enough open interest for the trades signal called out, in less than a minute for the price he quoted there are no more contracts for the trade, and He wouldn’t buy them at the price they are now, because the price has gone up. (sic*) These trade signals called out are not associated with technical analysis- meaning no thought process what so ever to qualify the signal called. (sic*) He’s calling out these signals from his special scanner, from the Bat cave, we don’t have access to, but anyway you lay you money down, it’s gone, and he’s a successful trader? Today’s session 3/25/21 is cut short, he has to go to the airport. This is a sham, scam, not even the Royal variety. You don’t find out no technical analysis until your in the program.” Run Don’t Walk to the Nearest Exit.”

  3. I tried wealthy affiliate a few years back. The 2 founders (if I remember right) don’t get involved too much. Tech support is not that great. And most of the time you get help from other members who are just starting out like you. And so what you’re doing is selling wealthy affiliate which is what most members do by reviewing other programs (not actually using them though). Do you have success with other affiliate programs?


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