Is Color Street A Scam? 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This MLM!

Welcome to my Color Street Updated Review!

You probably come across Color Street and you are wondering whether it's a legit MLM company or a pyramid scheme you should avoid?

Before I start this review I want to mention that I'm not promoting Color Street and I'm in no way affiliated with this company.

I just want to give you my honest opinion, and help you decide whether to join their opportunity or not!

So is Color Street a scam? Another pyramid scheme? or actually worth it?

You'll find the answers inside this Color Street updated review 🙂

Color Street Review

  • Name: Color Street
  • Site:
  • Founder: Fa Park
  • Price: $129 (+ $9.95/month & other expenses)
  • Recommended? Nope!
Is Color Street A Scam? 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This MLM!

What is Color Street?

Color Street is an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) company that specializes in nail strips made with real nail polish.

This company was founded in 2017 in New Jersey by Fa Park who immigrated from South Korea to the US in the 1980s.

Fa says that he came up with the idea after seeing a woman putting nail polish in the back of a cab while he was sitting in his bus stuck in traffic.

He then came in with a "better way" which is The Color Street's nail polish strips that need no waiting no blowing and that lasts up to 10 days.

You can read more about Fa's story here

How Does Color Street Work?

Like any MLM, the idea is to sign up, buy products and try to sell them to your friends and family.

However selling the products alone won't make you much,

So to boost your income you'll need to convince "everyone you know" to join under you so you earn commissions on their sales too.

Color Street Products

Color Street products include the following:

  • Solid Colors
  • Glitters
  • French Manicure
  • Glitter Designs
  • Nail Art Designs
  • Glitter-Dipped
  • Clear Nail Art
  • Pedicure

And the price ranges from $11-$13.

Is Color Street A Scam? 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This MLM!

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There are 2 ways to get started with Color Street, you can be a "host" or an "Independent Stylist".

You can start for free as a host, but you can only get discounts and free products when you host a "nail bar" party.

So to actually make money with Color Street, you need to become an "Independent Stylist".

To start as an Independent Stylist (aka consultant) you need to buy a $129 starter kit that includes the following:

  • 13 Full sets of nail strips
  • 1 French, 2 Solid, 2 Glitter, 5 Design, 1 Pedicure, 2 Petite
  • 72 Testers
  • 40 remover pads (2 boxes)
  • 100 Prep Pads (1 box)
  • 2 Large Nail Files
  • 2 Nail Buffers
  • 60 Mini Files
  • 50 Cuticle Sticks
  • Tote bag
  • 25 Catalogs
  • 25 Colorful Opportunity Brochures.

Click here to see the updated kit because the site says that it changes from time to time.

In addition, you must sell $300 worth of products in one month every 6 months to "stay active"

And if you don't sell that much you'll need to buy it yourself.

You will also need to pay $9.95 every month to keep "your" website open, so people can buy products through it and you can earn commissions.

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How Much Will You Make Doing This?

Like any MLM there are 2 ways to make money with Color Street, which are:

  • Sell the Color Street Products and earn commissions.
  • Recruit people and earn bonuses from the sales they make.

Here are the retail commissions you can earn:

  • All the personal retail sales you make: 25% commission
  • $600 - $1,199: extra 3%  commission
  • $1,200 - $1,799: extra 5% commission
  • $1,800 - $2,399: extra 7% commission
  • $2,400+: extra 10% commission

There are 10 ways to earn money from Color Street (they all fall under one of the 2 methods I mentioned above) and 8 out of these 10 ways require you to recruit people!

  • Jump Start Bonus (bonus from hitting some goals when you join)
  • Base retail Commission (25% of your personal volume)
  • Enhanced retail commission (earn from 3% to 10% in extra commission when hitting monthly targets that are between $600 to $1.199)
  • Enroller Matching Jump Start Bonuses.
  • Enroller bonuses
  • Leadership Level Bonuses
  • Leadership Depth Bonus
  • Team Bonus
  • Generation Bonuses
  • Car/Lifestyle Bonuses

If you want more details then here is the full Color Street compensation plan.

What I Like About Color Street

1- Interesting products!

The thing that I liked about Color Street is that they have interesting products and a lot of people seem to like them.

2- Inexpensive Start-up Cost

Compared to other MLMs that we've reviewed like Zilis and Ascira, Color Street's start-up cost is not expensive.

5 Reasons Why I Don't Recommend This Company

1- Expensive products

I did some digging and I found that Walmart and Ulta Beauty sell the same product for less.

The funny part is that Fa Park owns these two brands (screenshots below) called Incoco Nails & Coconut Nail Art as well. 

Is Color Street A Scam? 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This MLM!


Is Color Street A Scam? 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This MLM!


Why buy these nail strips through a consultant when you can get the same product for less at Walmart?

Smells like a pyramid scheme...

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(With no Experience or Degree!)

2- Recruiting is Required!

This is 1 of the many reasons why I don't like MLMs and why I don't recommend them to my readers,

They focus a lot on recruiting!

 (8 out of the 10 ways to make money with Color Street require recruiting)

3- They Have a Big Fat "F" Rating on BBB

I don't know about you but I would never trust a company with such a terrible rating!

Color Street is not BBB accredited and they have an F rating as you can see below

is color street a scam

The reason why they have an F rating is that they don't deal with their customer complaints.

You can read some of the complaints here.

-2023 Update:

Color Street is still not BBB accredited but they have an +A Rating instead of F in 2023 which means that they are dealing with their customers' complains now.

4- Is Color Street a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is when a company only focuses on recruiting other members.

Fa owns two companies that sell the same products much cheaper and of course, no one in their right mind will buy something that is 50% cheaper elsewhere!

That means that Color Street focuses more on recruiting members than selling the products.

They are not a pyramid scheme because you can make money selling the products too.

But to make a decent income you need to recruit, recruit, and recruit!

5- Low Income Potential 

You are going to make commissions off products that cost $11-$13 which means that you are not going to be making much per sale.

Plus, you can't make a decent income by only recruiting your family and friends and the problem is that this is the only way MLMs teach you.

Is Color Street a scam? A Pyramid Scheme?

Color Street is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme but I don't recommend it because of the following reasons:

  • You can get the same products for less at Walmart and Ulta.
  • They are not BBB accredited and they have an F rating.
  • The earning potential is low and you need to recruit a lot of people to make a decent income.

Conclusion + A Better Way To Make Money Online.

I'm not an MLM fan, and I would never recommend them to my readers because it's really rare to find success in this business.

73% of people who participate in network marketing don't succeed

Plus 99% of the people you'll try to recruit will refuse, so be prepared mentally to hear "NO" all the time.

Is Color Street A Scam? 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This MLM!

So yeah this is my honest Color Street review now it's up to you to decide if you want to join this MLM or not!

And if you want a better online business opportunity then let me introduce you to affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other companies' products/services through affiliate links and earn commissions.

It's a very profitable business model where you don't need to recruit anyone, in fact, people will come to you!

More reasons why I recommend Affiliate Marketing?

 Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than MLMs Because...

✔Cheaper & Way More Profitable!

✔ You Don't Need To Recruit or Harass Your Friends To make Money!

✔No Start-up Costs or Confusing Compensation Plans!

✔ You Don't need to buy any starter kit or product!

 ✔ Promote any Product (or multiple products) you are interested in!

✔No House Parties or Facebook Classrooms!

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14 thoughts on “Is Color Street A Scam? 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid This MLM!”

  1. Hi Mariem, Wonderful review. I was involved in an MLM once. It didn’t do well for me. I wonder if they are all the same? As for Color Street nails, did you find any information on whether the nails damage the real nail? I heard they did but wondered what you found.

    • Hi Laura Thanks for commenting

      I personally think that MLM’s opportunities are all the same because they all focus on recruiting, but when it comes to your question (if they damage the real nail) I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer to that because we focus more on the business opportunity than the products:)

    • Hi Laura,
      I sell Color Street for a little pocket money (less than $100/month) and never try to recruit people under me. Just recently, July 2, they removed the requirement to sell a certain amount every 6 months in order to remain active. However, if you don’t

      As far as the product itself, I use it and it’s actually helped my nail grow. I don’t know how or why, but they grow and they’re stronger than before I used them. The only time I’ve damaged my nails with the product is when I pulled off the polish rather using polish remover.

  2. Hi Mairem,

    Just an up date regarding Colorstreet. They recently did away with required monthly quotas. It think this happened in May or June of this year.

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  4. The product lasts maybe a year from the day it’s manufactured. So going from factory to rep to customer could be whatever amount of time.

    An if ur nails do fail. your not going to go complain to your friend f they havnt quit by the time they fail. you’ll just take the loss. Which is what I think they bank on.


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