Is Bemer Group a Scam?! Read this review before you invest!

Welcome to my Bemer Group review!

Is Bemer Group a scam?

This might be going in your head as you contemplate whether to invest money and effort into the company.

You might have heard of Bemer therapy anywhere online and found that machines have a scientific basis. Thus, you might also have the impression that it has potentials for profits.

But there’s one problem—its price. It is very expensive!

You might just want to take the chance but wonder if the Bemer group is the right company to do business with.

If this is your concern, then you come to the right place.

In this review, I will provide you all the things you need to know to come up with a conclusive decision at the end.

So once again, is Bemer Group a scam? Or are they a reliable source of income?

Let’s begin by Bemer Group review…

Bemer Group Review

  • Name: Bemer Group
  • Website:
  • Price: Initial membership fee of $290, annual fees of $144, and starters' kit that ranges from $4,000 to $6,000.
  • Recommended?: NOPE!
is bemer group a scam
is bemer group a scam

What is the Bemer Group?

Bemer Group is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) that specializes in selling Bemer Technology.

Upon reading some sources online, they were stating different foundation dates. But for the sake of formality, I will use the one stated in their BBB profile, which is March 08, 2015.

I will no further discuss their products since our main focus here is their business opportunity, whether it’s a reliable source of income or not.

But one thing I can tell you is that although the Bemer therapy has a scientific basis, the machines are very expensive that ordinary people can’t afford it.

I have reviewed similar MLMs that also sell expensive machines that are claimed to improve your overall health and wellness—Enagic.

is bemer group a scam

What is Bemer Therapy?

Bemer stands for Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation. It is a medical device that is believed to trigger the body’s healing mechanism by stimulating the molecular activity within the cells.

It is also said that it has no side effects or whatsoever. The technology is said to improve your overall wellbeing and believed to increase blood flow by 30%.

is bemer group a scam

The Bemer Group business opportunity

The hallmark of Multi-Level Marketing is their very complicated compensation plans.

It is so convoluted that it seems like you might even need an expert to understand the entire thing completely.

The compensation plan of Bemer Group is no different. It is as complicated as you can get.

In reality, however, MLMs only works on two things—

  • Retail commissions – their income is based on retail sales.
  • Recruitment – it is the lifeblood of MLMs, and where most of its income is derived from.

For the sake of simplicity, I have summarized their compensation plan for better understanding.

It is as follows…

What are its income streams?

Commissions from direct selling

It is where the direct selling feature MLMs comes into view—it is where the consultants earn commissions by selling the company’s products.

The commission percentage is from 17% to 28%. The accompanying rate shall depend on the consultants’ rankings—the higher the rank, the higher the commissions.

The products offered by Bemer Group are very expensive, which is around $5,000 plus. This means that a retail sale would give you about $1,000, at least.

Does this sound exciting? Do you think it’s a sweet deal?

Well, hold your horses.

As expensive as they may, I doubt that you would be able to sell Bemer products that easily.

As discussed earlier, the purpose of Bemer machines is to improve overall health conditions by stimulating the restoration of natural systems, restore energy, and ease physical discomfort.

I think the machine would be useful to people with constant physical discomfort like low-back pain or osteoarthritis of the knees.

Although the purpose of the machine is good, I can’t find any reason why an ordinary individual would purchase the machine.

First of all, it’s impractical because you can get these health benefits through simple and inexpensive means, and that is by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Residual Commissions

This type of commission is derived from recruitment and how large your lower network is.

Needless to say that recruitment is the bread and butter or lifeblood of MLMs if you will.

Such instance is also what sets them apart from a regular direct selling company. This is because some of them do not try and recruit new members and create a network.

Bemer Group adapts a unilevel structure of compensating its members.

As always, the consultants’ commission shall be based on their rankings.

I wasn’t able to find any PDF file of the compensation plan of the Bemer Group.

Refer to the following video if you want to know more about how the business opportunity works—

How much will it cost me to join them?

The initial membership fee would cost you $290. Its basic feature gives full access to the company’s commissions and bonuses.

And then, the consultant must also pay for annual fees that cost $144.

Lastly, they also have to pay for membership packages that are at least $4,000, while the maximum amount is around $6,000.

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Can you make a reliable income from Bemer Group?

The success rate in Multi-Level Marketing is extremely. Just ask the FTC about it.

According to research conducted by the Federal Trade Commissions, they found out that 98% of people who join MLMs are more likely to lose money than earn any profits.

It leaves roughly only a 2% success rate. I believe that this 2% are the founding members of the network company. Or these are the people that have availed the business opportunity close to the inception of the company.

This instance was detailed and explained extensively in Jon Taylor’s book, “Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked.”

It was further discussed that MLMs fail to meet expectations because of two things—


Are you familiar with the term Garage Qualified?

It is a special term used to describe MLM consultants that tend to over-purchase company products for the sake of improving personal volume.

As they do so, they end up losing money as they continue funding the business. Often, they become inactive and quit the business altogether.


As mentioned earlier, recruitment is where most of the consultants’ commissions and bonuses are derived from.

Thus, the larger your lower network is, the larger the commissions are.

For a newly recruited MLM consultant, the first group of people that they may try to recruit includes family members, family, and several acquaintances.

However, there are still no guarantees that they would avail of the business opportunity even if they know the consultant.

It may lead to annoyance and even resentment if the consultant persistently pushes it to them.

The most challenging part comes when he runs out of prospects they know whom they could recruit. And then sell the business opportunity to people who are complete strangers to them.

Being not able to recruit sufficient people under you can be frustrating. Thus, as a result, consultants end up becoming inactive and eventually quitting the business altogether.

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Is Bemer Group a scam?

I didn’t find any reason to believe that Bemer Group is a pyramid scheme or a scam.

I believe that the company is a legitimate MLM company that specializes in selling Bemer therapy machines.

I think that one of the problems of the company would be facing is their high price products and lack of market.

Therefore, some might conclude to them saying that the business is a scam if they don’t sell as expected.

Also, some might also argue that MLMs are essentially a pyramid scheme that disguises themselves as a direct selling company.

Although I agree to some degree, I think they are different on the grounds of legality.

MLMs are technically legal because they provide something in return for your so-called investment. And these values are in the retail merchandises which they can sell for profits.

On the other hand, a pyramid scheme is illegal because you don’t receive anything upon investing money into the company. What you get is only a promise of high returns in the future.

As a result, pyramid schemes are considered as high risk and ruled as illegal in specific countries like the Philippines, Albania, Denmark, and the United States of America, to name a few.

What I Don't Like About Bemer Group

Success is recruitment-based

Your success in the field is dependent on how well you recruit.

Very Expensive

The machines are very expensive, which you may find it hard to search for a market.

What I Like About Bemer Group

Positive overall rating in the BBB

The company gained an “A” rating in the Better Business Bureau.

However, garnering such a grade in the BBB doesn’t immediately indicate that the company is credible.

There are companies in the BBB with an “A+” rating but turns out to have backgrounds of malpractices. Does the company AdvoCare ring a bell?

This was also elaborately discussed in CNN’s online portal, "Slammed by the Government, A-rated by the Better Business Bureau."

Final thoughts

I hope my review has provided you sufficient information in answering the all-important question—is Bemer Group a scam? Or are they a legitimate source of income?

Although the company is technically legitimate, I still don’t recommend them or any MLMs for that matter.

As emphasized earlier, I don’t think buying such a machine is practical. I know some people would also feel the same way.

I think it’s going to be difficult to sell it since there’s not a lot of market about the product and considering how expensive it is.

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Why I chose Affiliate Marketing over Multi-Level Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way better option than Multi-Level Marketing or any online money-making schemes for a few apparent reasons—

 Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than MLMs Because...

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✔ You Don't Need To Recruit or Harass Your Friends To make Money!

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In Affiliate Marketing, what you’ll basically be doing is to promote a brand using an affiliate link that would be provided by the company.

The affiliate link is then attached to your online site. And then you earn commissions as soon as someone engages the link and eventually avails the products or services offered.

Of course, the success of your endeavor also depends on traffic being driven into your online site.

If this is your concern, then worry no longer.

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Thank you for taking time off and reading my Bemer Group review!

See you next time!


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